How was Cannonbolt's planet destroyed?

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    In OS, The Great One destroyed Cannonbolt's home planet, even though Ben as Cannonbolt defeated him on Earth. My question is, why didn't Arburian Pelarotas fight back? There was a whole planet full of them, and one was enough to destroy the Great One. Are they really not intelligent enough to figure it out that you have to destroy it from the inside?

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    Never thought of that. It really brings up many questions.

  • @xlr8 Most likely yes considering that the planet Arburia still ended up being destroyed in the end. The Arburian Pelarotas most likely did try to fight back but as shown in the actual episode, attacking the alien tick from the outside proved to be very ineffective due to its thick shell. If they did think to attack it from the inside, it was probably already too late and either the Arburian Pelarotas ended up either extinct or endangered or, if capable of doing so, evacuated the planet in order to save their species. I don't think any of the previous shows went into further detail about these aliens so we don't really know a lot about them and how they behave. At least that's my guess on what likely happened.

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    @Tactical-Ochoa No I don't think they evacuated, they're extinct, my guess is that they kept trying to save the planet (but not the right way) and got destroyed along with it. As shown in the episode, the process takes some time so they had enough time to fight. This might imply that they are (were) not the brightest species.
    Also, the Great One's followers/helpers weren't concerned or scared when they saw Cannonbolt (Ben), if the Arburian Pelarotas would've done even at least some damage when the Great One was on their planet, the followers would've been concerned that Ben might figure out how to do it as well. They basically thought the species isn't capable of doing anything to prevent the "cleansing" from happening, a fact that they probably got from personal experience, if you catch my drift.

  • @xlr8 Yeah, I just read up recently on the Ben 10 Planet wiki that in the original continuity, the Arburian Pelarotas were either extinct or endangered as a result of the Great One destroying their planet.

  • They may be inherently pacifist, Ben is not.
    Their armor seems to be mainly defensive but Ben found a way to use it offensively.

  • @car54 That's a good point to make as well. Maybe Arburian Pelarotas are indeed pacifists or at least mainly defensive when faced with danger. One of the first things that also comes to mind when I think about Cannonbolt are armadillos and pill bugs (aka role poly bugs) who use their outer armor/shell to protect them from predators once they roll up into a ball shape.

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    Maybe they thought they're safe in "ball mode" or were unaware (or underestimated) of the Great One's abilities or its plan?

  • I'm pretty sure they survived their planet's destruction. maybe they floated in space in balls until eventually landing anywhere.

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