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  • RE: Ben Prime Wasn't In The Reboot By The Ink Tank

    I can confirm we reached out to them.

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  • RE: Ben Prime Wasn't In The Reboot By The Ink Tank

    @coreofthesun Interesting. Didn't know TMNT made that. I'll definitely check it out.

    You know, I don't think the UAFOV direction was ever considered originally by MOA. Their direction was seen in the Ben 10,000 episode - Ben becoming an intergalactic Earth-based hero, Gwen not being an Anodite, Kevin being insane. I've always dreamed of seeing another 4 seasons of the OS, done entirely by MOA.

    There will be a backlash, but there was backlash after revealing any of the series. We're going to watch it anyway. 😄

    In the era of streaming services, the opportunities are huge. HBO Max doesn't depend on toy sales.

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  • RE: Ben Prime Wasn't In The Reboot By The Ink Tank

    They repeatedly said that the characters are not from the future, but are from alternate realities. I don't want to speculate, but Cartoon Network's business interest may be extending the original series from now on. The reboot confirms that direction, bringing back the 10yo Ben.

    Disney Plus are extending the SW universe and HBO Max would be a perfect match for Ben 10.

    Using all the Prime Bens may be a hint of retconning the canonicity of AF, UA and Omniverse, so new seasons of the OS would start clear.

    A very strange and not-that-probable theory, but still.

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  • RE: New Ben 10 Club Merchandise

    We didn't see that much of an interest, so we gradually cancelled the merchandise project. Dunno, would anyone else here buy our merch? 😂

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  • RE: Max Tennyson being a plumber

    I really hope to see this element of the Ben 10 franchise in the reboot. It definitely won't give me the same feeling as the OS would, but throwing away the idea of Max having a past of a hero isn't an option for me.

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