Is there anything we fans can do to make a better Ben 10 show?

  • I like the Reboot, but its nothing compared to what Ben 10 used to be. Isnt there anything we fans can do to get the show back to its roots? I dont think petitions will do anything good, so what are your suggestions? What can we do to save Ben 10?

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    The only thing that can be done is to change the owner of the show. Which may actually happen years after the death of the show. Who knows...

  • We could also try contacting Cartoon Network and Man of Action and express our complaints and criticisms and whatnot but I doubt that Cartoon Network would listen (they usually don't) and I doubt that Man of Action would listen either. To me, I find that Man of Action lost too much credibility in recent years for me to trust them enough with the Ben 10 franchise. I have to agree with @admin here. Pretty much the best thing that can be done to save Ben 10 would be to have another production company take over ownership of the franchise. One that would give Ben 10 much better treatment than Cartoon Network and Man of Action. I still prefer letting a properly suited Japanese anime production company take over Ben 10 and I still find that going the direction of what the Little Moments fanfic series did would be the best route to take with the franchise.

  • You both might be right. By the way, how do one contact CN and/or Man of Action? Ive been looking everywhere, but I cant find any email adress or something to contact them with.

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    Send them a tweet on Twitter, they (Man of Action) answered me once there. Link to this topic and ask something like: are you willing to discuss this with us?

    As for emails, try:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    There is also CN's contact page on their website ( www.cartoonnetwork.com/feedback ) but I doubt they'll answer there.

  • @xlr8 Now I have contacted both Christina Miller and Man of Action and hoping they respond soon.

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    There's a premium version of IMDb. I've never tried it and don't know much about it. I just know that there are some features which allow you to contact celebrities or celebrities' PRs.

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    I was thinking I wonder if Man of Action give Grandpa Max Tennyson his own cartoon series. Like a Ben 10 spinoff "Life with Grandpa Max" a cartoon series how Grandpa Max Tennyson traveling alone around other cities without Ben and Gwen. And a flashback when Max's life when he was a teenager in high school and in college with friends what else. So what do you think of my idea?

  • Nobody have responded, just as I suspected.

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