I'll Start Watching The Reboot After A Three-Month Pause

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    I've been really busy lately working on the things at school and my side business projects. By saying "lately", I mean the last three months. I was trying to follow the latest Ben 10 trends and stay informed but I'm pretty sure I've missed a lot of stuff.

    I'm starting to watch the reboot again this weekend. Before this, I'd like to know your opinions on the latest episodes. After watching the show, I'll finally be able to competently discuss them with you.

  • I saw some episodes of season 2 but not all of them that have been released so far. To me, it's really just more of the same as season 1. I plan on going back and re-watching the season 2 episodes that have been released and then making a review on them hopefully this weekend. I'm on my last week of my semester over at Mesa College and things are just so busy for me right now so once I get through this very week, I should be able to have more free time to make the review. Other than that, that's what I think of the season 2 episodes so far at the moment. That's my first impression. It's more of the same as season 1.

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    Its hard to really watch Season 2 right now, you're best luck is YouTube considering only Out To Launch (CN App/Website), Animorphosis and the 11th Alien 2 parter (on an asian website) have released in HD.
    There's no particular order except for the Vilgax episodes.
    For now you can either watch all the episodes on YouTube, wait until a proper website like kimcartoon releases it, or wait til more episodes come out next year.

  • @ebomnitrix I haven't seen any Season 2 episodes yet waiting on KimCartoon.

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