I met the creators of ben 10 today at new york comic con 2017.

  • I asked them about On whether if ben will grow up they said they prefer ben being ten forever so it can appeal and relate towards kids. Then When i told them about if they can consider the squeals to be canon they said in a way it is but at the same it could be alternate universe thing. When i asked one of creators about how poorly handled gwens character was handled in the squeal series he told me he was also disappointed about how too girly she is and too much of a damsel in distress she is. In the original series they always intended They wanted to make grandpa less generic by having him be a secret plummer and same goes with gwen being not just a love interest and damsel. They did give other sequel writers approval even if they weren't completely involved in the sequel series.

    Theres one thing they said that came off as controversial when i asked this other question. It was about the bwen ship apparently when i asked about gwen originality being a unrelated classmate. Steven the creator replied saying the creators never intended ben and gwen to be unrelated classmates. And duncan when later meeting him told me the same thing but also told me that they were suppose to be brother and sister in the original pitch but cartoon network scrapped that idea because they didn't want a too close familial relationship so man of action changed them to cousins. This kinda confused me because every single source i found says that man of action originally intended ben and gwen to be unrelated classmates. I even remember watching a old ben 10 dvd commentary interview stating that gwen was suppose to be a classmate. I told them about how every single source i find states this. They told me that its nothing but mis information that fans spread. And duncan is aware of the weird porn art with ben and gwen they even had fans coming up to them admitting they wished ben and gwen would have gotten together and thought not all interactions they had came off as familial.

    They did mention that it took 2 longs years to develop the show so lot of the ideas could have changed. And just because they were consulting the original show, they wren't show runners since they have a habit of working for a show for only a year before moving on to other shows.

    I also got a art sketch of ben and gwen and signing from both creators.
    Whats your take on this?

  • @bwen329 Interesting. Was there anything else that they mentioned or is that it? Also, I would also like to add that it would've probably been better for you if you had that very conversation recorded on a camera if possible. It would help to add to you sharing this experience with other users as we would be able to see this very conversation ourselves. Plus, it would also add to your credibility. Just saying. Other than that, lucky you and this is still pretty interesting.

  • @tactical-ochoa He did say ben 10 was more action adventure show so romance was a never a thing in the original series. I could understand that but i did see gwen romantically interested in ben in some episodes and ben crushing on kai was a huge one episode. And ben showed sadness when he was reminded about the heart crushed from kai.

    As for the credibility I didn't record a camera footage because I didn't think about doing it plus im pretty shy when it comes filming a video that has me in it . But i did get a official sketch and signature from both creators Thats the only proof i can get that i was there and saw them and asked questions.

  • Im very honest about this statement I did take a photograph with duncan to.

  • @bwen329 You don't have to be in the video. You could just ask them questions and record their answers. You can even make edits to suit your liking if you want to. Are you going back to NYCC on October 8th, which should be today for you?

    I'm just stating this because this is pretty important information here that you're sharing so it's very important that you have a lot of credibility to back it up. Even if you are honest, a lot of people may not take your word for it and a picture with Duncan Rouleau and an autograph might not be enough for at least some. It's best that you get video footage of the conversation. I'm not saying that you're lying. I'm just providing some advice and trying to be helpful here.

  • @tactical-ochoa I am going back tomorrow. I might ask them again about the questions. If i do get a recording i might post it on youtube.

  • @bwen329 Yeah, definitely do that if possible. This information is big and certainly something that a lot of fans need to know about. It definitely needs that level of credibility. Best of luck to you.

  • @bwen329 Im also afraid that the video might go viral or spark more controversial i might put it as private. but i can do something to let you guys see the video.

  • @bwen329 Why are you afraid of that?

  • Ben 10 Fans

    If you're gonna ask about stuff, please don't ask more about Bwen stuff, because that's just weird. Just ask stuff like what of Ben's aliens they liked outside the original series, or aliens they don't like.
    Also ask about that the name of that new alien in the Reboot we've been seeing, who's been doing the Omni-Enhancements.

  • @ebomnitrix Well, he's a Bwen fan so of course he's going to ask them about Bwen. There's certainly nothing wrong with that. If that's what he wants to ask MOA about, that's completely up to him.

    @Bwen329 If you want to ask them more about Bwen, go ahead. If there are any other questions about Ben 10, the reboot show, the sequel shows, MOA's cancelled Ben 10: Hero Generation sequel show, etc that you want to ask MOA about as well, keep note of those questions for if/when you meet up with them again if possible.

    I am curious about learning more about Ben 10: Hero Generation but that's up to you to decide whether or not you want to ask them if/when you have another conversation with MOA again.

  • I don't think ben and gwen is weird I could understand why , Like many sources and ben 10 trivia that aired back then said ben and gwen weren't related at first. The left over subtext after changing gwen into bens cousin made the pairing taboo and then made uncomfortable to ship to a lot of people.

    Its like what happened in star wars with luke and leia they also weren't related until the last film. Luke and leia was a pretty popular ship back then until the sister reveal happened. thats what made the pairing icky and awkward.

    It not like writers always intended incest they just made poor writing choice sometimes that leads into incest vibes.

    I don't mind the ship since its fiction But i wished they handled things better maybe people wouldn't have a huge icky vibes towards it.

  • @bwen329 True. Things would certainly be different if it happened the way you described it as. Granted though, I think this shipping would've popped up within the fanbase anyways regardless of how Ben and Gwen are portrayed. This is the internet after all.

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    Nice, I’m actually going today so is there anything you guys want me to ask?

  • @ultimate-omnitri Are you planning to record your interview questions?

  • @bwen329 what time will you be there?

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  • @bwen329

    If any of you can ask things to them, please ask if they were disappointed with how Kevin was handled on the sequel shows for

    1. Being turned into Gwen's love interest
    2. Being turned into Ben's hero partner

    Also, ask them if they have plans to include Kevin and Charmcaster on the reboot (They might not answer this one because of spoilers, that's ok)

  • I want to know which girl Man of Action prefer as Ben's girlfriend. Is it Julie, Ester or Kai?

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    Ask them what happened to the 2017 live-action movie.

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