Ben 10 Reboot Discussion Part 1: Season 2

  • I have 2 theories...

    1.) What if Glitch Ben is the new form for Upgrade, as in, when Ben selects Upgrade he then transforms into Glitch Ben every time.

    2.) What if every alien in the Omnitrix are bad guys, I mean, Gax was a fraction of a villain and Shock Rock is gonna be the new villain for Season 3, so it'd make sense if all of his aliens were also villains.

  • @jordancon2000 1.) That's an interesting theory, very likely if Ben doesn't get Upgrade back normally. I'd love to see what Ben as Galvanic Mechamorph hybrid can and can't do in more than one situation.
    2.) I had that theory too. If it's true, not only was Vilgax accidentally right during "The 11th Alien" about the Omnitrix responsible for the world's possible destruction, but all of Ben's struggles and doubts about being a hero are gonna become so much bigger.
    At least, we know for sure who Ghostfreak could be, and we can easily theorize who the other baddies could be (Malware for Upgrade, Viktor for Frankenstrike, Liam for Kickin' Hawk, Albedo for Grey Matter). Though it'd mean that there's at least one Arburian (Cannonbolt's species) that wasn't a pacifist and that, like Vilgax, became one of the first criminals of his planet. Creepy.
    That also means that this entire time, Ben was turning into supervillains instead of a hero (which could explain why the Omnitrix gives him the alien he wants almost only when he causes mischief and mistransforms the other times when he really needs a specific one).
    If Azmuth made the Omnitrix as a mobile prison for the villains of each planet, man, I think the reboot officially would've made the concept of the Omnitrix even darker than the Original, and that would be quite a feat.
    It'd also make Ben, as the wielder of the Omnitrix, the only DNA sample that is an actual good guy

  • Also, if that theory is true, Ben could possibly have Eon if he gets Chronian DNA (I know it's unlikely, but it'd be a sweet callback)

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    John fang said that there is a good chance that we would see more classic aliens in the reboot.
    Check it out here

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    Say I wonder when they're aired the brand new Ben 10 Reboot season 2 episode "Dreamtime"? Love to see it.

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    Shock Rock alien world short CN Italy dub

  • amazing! (we gonna have to wait english dub tho or until someone who knows Italian accepts to translate this tho)

  • I haven't watched the reboot since the beginning of season 2 (to be honest I lost interest in it) but I'm surprised that Ben has gotten no new aliens (yet) since Shock Rock. Apparently, 75 episodes of the reboot have aired worldwide and we've only gotten 2 new aliens. Not to mention that Ben lost Upgrade and Gax so we're still at 10 aliens 75 episodes in.

  • tell me about it, at least the "he's now Ben 11" joke works even less than it did (#bringGaxandUpgradeback2k18)

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    @cooljay7 ben will be getting new aliens in season 3 but we will also be losing some aliens from his current line up. Also did you guys see this?
    alt text
    alt text

  • Ben: is up against all these dangers, potentially losing aliens he might really need and going through a lot of emotional pain and suffering

  • @ultimate-omnitri Yeah I saw that it seems interesting. It may actually get me to start to watch the reboot again.

  • @ultimate-omnitri Oh yeah, sure, considering how they handled the rest of the reboot and their lack of an understanding on what made Ben 10 so great in the first place, this is really going to go so well for them. This sounds like such a brilliant idea and direction to go. (sarcasm)

    "the Omnitrix is now a gateway through to where an evil alien empire will invade Earth"
    Wow. What a way to make the Omnitrix seem less like, well, the Omnitrix.

  • To be fair, the sequels weren't far from changing the Omnitrix's concept either: DAA has Ben go inside replicas of the aliens' planets, UA had Ben go inside the Omnitrix because a glitch made Ben's Ultimates become alive, Alien Swarm even had Ben's DNA thrown into the mix to unlock Nanomech.
    Not to mention how OV's Omnitrix works with the digital scroll or the security system that requires Ben giving away personal information if his biometric data changes when it worked just fine in OS. Or that apparently, the "turn-into-an-alien-randomly-every-20-seconds" thing the OS Trix had as a glitch is now a function available in the watch as a "randomizer".
    Honestly, each series had their own take on how the watch is, even Master Control started becoming inconsistent during UAF.

  • @ungrateful-wolf Your examples aren't examples of deliberate changes to what the Omnitrix is. Most of your examples are gimmicks with some of them being a one-time-only thing and some of them not even making any sense. They didn't change what the Omnitrix and its main purpose and function was. Yes, the Master Control became inconsistent during UAF. That was due to the writers having little understanding of the lore and continuity that the Original Series set up. From what I can recall, none of the sequel shows ever went to the extent of making the Omnitrix a "gateway to an evil empire" or something of the likes. The sequel shows certainly screwed up a lot with how they handled the Omnitrix but from what I recall, they never went that far out of left field.

  • @tactical-ochoa said in Ben 10 Reboot Discussion Part 1: Season 2:

    "the Omnitrix is now a gateway through to where an evil alien empire will invade Earth"
    Wow. What a way to make the Omnitrix seem less like, well, the Omnitrix.

    I'm pretty sure that this isn't a permanent change, just a one-time-only thing too. "The Omnitrix is now a gateway" I mean, you could say about Secret of the Omnitrix, "The Omnitrix is now a time bomb that can destroy the entire universe"

    My bet is that by the end of the season finale the Omnitrix will be fully back to normal, and maybe without the Omni-Enhanced aliens (if I'm correct, I won't miss them)

  • @csgt Except the self-destruct sequence on the Omnitrix was one of the many features of it. Not something that deliberately changed what the Omnitrix itself was. It was an addition that was implemented in a way that fitted in well with the Omnitrix.

    After having watched these videos a while back, I doubt that they're making this a one-time-only thing.

  • I am just saying that this isn't the first time the franchise did a "a gimmick" like this one. They didn't change what the Omnitrix was, but some of the things it had in the way it worked.
    I think that by "The Omnitrix is now a gateway", they mean to say that Shock Rock did something in the Omnitrix that forced it to become a portal, a teleporter or some other thing he could use to conquer the world by bringing his army to Earth, like when Ben got transported in the Null Void without his hand because of Sunder's energy weapon. It's not like Azmuth ever intended it to do that, that's just how it reacted when someone messed with it.
    The Omnitrix is one of the most advanced devices in the galaxy, it's not far-fetched to imagine that someone with enough intelligence and skill (like Albedo and Psychobos) could modify it to make it do something it didn't originally have. The Omni-Enhancements and Ultimate forms are a good example of that since Azmuth probably didn't intend neither one or the other, since they were features Ben and Albedo added later on.
    And at least, he's using it in a relatively believable manner as a way for his army to arrive on Earth, not to break through time and space to reach his destination like Eon did with the Hands of Armageddon in "Ben 10,000 returns" by messing with Ben and Ultimate Ben's watches.

  • @ungrateful-wolf And you know what, I hope that this really is nothing more than just a one-time-only thing. Part of me just doubts that given what Cartoon Network Studios and Man of Action have done with the rest of the reboot show.

  • Wasn't there supposed to be some new (well, "new" since that they aired internationally first yet haven't aired in the US yet) episodes of the Ben 10 reboot that were supposed to air in the US a couple of days ago on July 30th?

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