11-minute episodes? For real?

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    I would really lose faith in this reboot if this information is true...

    It was already discussed here:

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    For me, this is a terrible direction to take. 11 minutes would work better for comedy shows like Looney Tunes but for Ben 10, that's a big no. Considering the type of show that Ben 10 is with all the action and drama and story-telling, 11 minutes is way too short for this reboot. It's not enough time to cover everything that each episode needs to cover. It can't work that way for this type of show. Everything would have to go by very quickly, which can make things hard for viewers to keep up on what's going on in each episode.

    Not only that but Cartoon Network's claim that this is because kids like shorter content is total BS. This is the same length time for each episode of Teen Titans Go, a prominent example of everything, or almost everything, that's wrong with Cartoon Network. This is just Cartoon Network being lazy and cheap. This is Cartoon Network putting little effort into this reboot while also trying to bank off of it as much as possible.

    I believed and assumed that this reboot is more likely going to be a Ben 10 version of Teen Titans Go and that assumption is just getting truer and truer. I feel like I'm now doubting everything that is said about this reboot. That this reboot is for the "new generation of kids" is BS. That Duncan Rouleau saying that older fans will be able to like this reboot is BS. That MOA being as involved as it's said they were is BS. It feels more like MOA is sitting on the sidelines just observing this show and that Cartoon Network really called them back in just to build up hype and excitement for this reboot. That MOA is not there to actually work on the reboot but instead is there just to be used by Cartoon Network to promote it. Maybe a little too extreme to think about but that's what it feels like to me. I also feel that my prediction that this reboot will fail is now guaranteed to happen and I don't even like thinking about that because I don't want another crappy Ben 10 show and neither do other fans that continue to support this series.

    Either way, this is cheap, lazy, and unacceptable. Cartoon Network needs to just give this series to Man of Action and give Man of Action full creative control and freedom. To go back to the drawing board and let Man of Action make the Ben 10 show that they truly want to make.

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    i feel that 11 minutes is not enough time to tell a story i mean 22 minutes was barely enough time i dont know how they are gonna do 11. I feel that theres still a chance the reboot could be ok and i remain hopeful but its not looking good.

  • @Omni-Triforcer 22 minutes is pretty much enough time for an episode. After all, that is the run time for the Original Series episodes and look how great they turned out. Other than that, for shows like Ben 10, 20 to 35 minute run times are usually needed for them. 11 minutes is just too short and quick, though.

    Another thing is that I don't think it would even matter if this reboot is ok or good. This is a reboot of the Original Series, the best show in Ben 10 and the one that started it all. A show that is considered as one of Cartoon Network's best on their channel. Not only that but Cartoon Network ended up making three disappointing and pretty crappy sequels. This reboot basically has to be an improvement over the Original Series in pretty much at least almost every aspect. Maybe that's too high of expectations but the point here is that at a point like this in the series, this reboot has to and needs to impress people and I really mean that it has to impress. If this reboot doesn't deliver, then there's going to be problems here and this series is going to be further damaged to the point where it would likely be shut down and cancelled for good and there would be no more Ben 10. Cartoon Network can't screw this up. They certainly can't.

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    yeah and thats what really scares me ben 10 has been in my life for 10 years i dont want it to go away because its in the hands of idiots.

  • @Omni-Triforcer Again, that's why I'm doing this very effort with the reboot. To convince fans that enough is enough and that they need to tell and convince Cartoon Network that enough is enough and to tell them to make a Ben 10 show that fans truly want and to actually put in some actual goddamn effort into it instead of doing this very BS that so many are so tired of.

  • can we just remember that this is aimed towards younger audiences?

  • @chronosapien234 Can we remember that this is also meant to be for the fans. Can we also remember that Cartoon Network is being cheap and lazy again and that they are trying to BS their viewers again, acting as if we are wrong and they are right, even though it's actually the other way around. If you want me and anybody else to just let this go, sorry but that's not going to happen right now.

  • @admin Alrighty, let me break down the 11 minute decision for you guys;

    As far as I can tell (if the 11 minute format news is true for the Ben 10 reboot), this is an attempt to have uniformity across the board for CN. Many of their shows are already in the 11 minute format so it makes sense that new projects would follow suit for the sake of consistency. It's not because CN thinks kids have a short attention span, that's a misnomer.

    Another important point about 11 minute format shows: yes, there are a lot of comedy-centric shows in the 11 minute format, but no, that does not automatically make the Ben 10 reboot a comedy series. We already know Man of Action is helming this project so we already know it's not "going to turn into the next Teen Titans GO", so stop worrying.

    And even then, 11 minute format shows have a lot to offer, especially with what CN is doing with them. Steven Universe, a show that features equal parts engaging story and comedic/lighthearted moments, is in the 11 minute format and has met huge success. Not only that, 11 minute format shows are also incredibly easier for production teams to produce (and no, that does not mean quality goes down), which means we'll get more episodes to watch on a consistent basis, and since it's CN, we'll most likely have Ben 10 Bombs (which are a week of new episodes every day).

    So yeah, TLDR; It's for uniformity, ease of schedule, ease of production, more episodes for fans, and fan events. Not for dumbing down.

  • @Hawk-Kawaii Just because Man of Action is on board with this reboot doesn't mean that it's going to be good and that we have nothing to worry about. Who knows, Man of Action could be the ones to screw this reboot up themselves. Not everything an artist touches turns to gold you know. Sometimes, it's likely that an artist would make garbage.

    Also, just because the 11 minute runtime format is there for uniformity, ease of production, more episodes, etc does not mean it's suitable for Ben 10. Ben 10 is a different series that requires a different format for their episodes. How do you even know these are the very reasons for the 11 minute episodes format? What if this was done for dumbing down Ben 10 or because CN is being cheap and lazy or something? This is CN we are talking about here.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I think you may just be projecting your own assumptions about what you think the "new generation" of viewers is like. If you prefer to have that bleak an outlook on young viewers, you're welcome to your own opinion, but I'm not looking to make huge assumptions about what CN is or isn't doing.

    And you're right; we don't know what effect the 11 minute format will have on Ben 10, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's /going to be/ negative. It could just as well be a positive impact, and judging by the success of their other programs in that same format and the people working on the reboot (which are former Generator Rex staff and MoA), it's looking to be positive.

  • @Hawk-Kawaii And it could just as well have a negative effect and like I said, just because MOA is working on the reboot doesn't mean it guaranteed to be good. Also, based on what I know about the reboot and CN, this reboot is looking more negative in my opinion.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa People also need to take into consideration, CN itself is not soley in charge of this individual show or any of the network's other reboot.s When you say based on what you know about CN and it's other reboots I assume you're referring to shows like Teen Titans GO and Be Cool Scooby Doo;

    All I have to say about that is that people tend to forget that these shows are made by entirely different creative teams. Something to take into consideration is that simply because these shows air on the same network/platform does not mean they will all be alike. Yes, CN hasn't had a good track record in terms of reboots as of late, but again, let's not automatically assume that these otherwise unrelated programs are going to be all bunks because they're on CN.