Who wants a original series 5th season?

  • I know its never gonna happen, but wouldn't it be awesome? Continue from where Goodbye and Good Riddance left off instead of making it non-canon. It could be about Ben's life at school and how hes dealing with being a hero and a student at the same time. If they did that, the retcons from the sequel shows would never have existed. And Ben's future would already been set. I bet most of you agree with me.

  • Ben 10 Fans

    I would definitely like to see a 5th season for OS.

  • (cough) Little Moments and Breaking Point (cough)

  • I would LOVE that.

    @Tactical-Ochoa I love Little Moments and Breaking Point to death, it's probably the best stories I have ever read in my entire life (even though BP isn't finished), but I see them as more of a character study of Ben and Gwen than a sequel in OS style (Character study: a work of fiction in which the delineation of the central characters' personality is more important than the plot)

    Of course, a character study is way better than butchering the characters personalities for the sake of the plot, like AF did (cough psychopath Kevin suddenly turned into a good guy cough)

    But I know, the author was starting to touch the Highbreed storyline when Breaking Point went on hiatus, it would probably become more plot-heavy eventually.

  • @csgt That's a really good way of interpreting the fanfics. I also occasionally get in contact with the writer of Little Moments and Breaking Point. The writer is trying to see if they could get back onto Breaking Point and finish it. For now though, there are commissions on Deviant-art that are being made based on the characters of Little Moments and Breaking Point. I made a page on here that covers anything related to the fanfics. The character commissions are really neat. My favorites are Michelle (Gwen's best friend) and Ken Tennyson (Ben's future son). Ken looks really neat most notable considering just how different he looks compared to the design of Ken that we're used to. Here's the link to the page if you're interested in checking it out.


  • Ben 10 Fans

    better than the reboot and everyone should give it bad ratings

  • I honestly don't want another season of OS, they should just do reimagining of Ben 10 with him older as well as being darker

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