Addressing the Ben 10 Reboot Part 3: Show/Episode Discussions

  • Here is part 3 of Addressing the Ben 10 Reboot. This page is being made specifically to discuss about and comment on the episodes of the reboot itself along with other things about the reboot such as viewer ratings and the overall reception and whatsoever. For part 2, here is the link but part 2 is going to be locked up.


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    Good idea, too many posts
    But for now, here's Freaky Ben Gwen:

  • So far it was enjoyable

  • Although it confuses me as to why these two episodes popped up first and not Waterfiler and The Ring Leader are the episodes that are supposed to air before these two episodes. Whatever, though. I'm going through watching these episodes myself.

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    So far I'm liking what I'm seeing. It Was enjoyable the comedy scenes were funny there was action (not as much as I would like but enough) and overall it was better then I was expecting can wait to see more.

  • I liked both episodes, they were quite funny while having decent action. I can't wait to see more!

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    Love the Ben 10 reboot episodes I ever saw. Love to see more new episodes soon including Rustbucket RIP so keep them coming.

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    @jondennison72 said in Addressing the Ben 10 Reboot Part 3:

    Love the Ben 10 reboot episodes I ever saw. Love to see more new episodes soon including Rustbucket RIP so keep them coming.

    Same. They were way better then I was expecting.
    I can't wait to see what @Tactical-Ochoa thinks of them.

  • Warning: Spoilers

    The Filth (S1E1): What am I watching here? The Roadrunner cartoon? A good portion of the episode felt as if I was watching the Looney Tunes and not Ben 10 and not in a good way. Also, instead of having to find something to throw at the maggot monster to get that magnet that's holding it together, Ben could've just simply change into Heatblast and burn the maggot monster down. Nothing else to throw at the monster? There's a bunch of barrels lying around that'll work just fine. There's no need to grab the Rustbucket and throw it. I found no jokes in this episode to be funny at all and the action was just average. Ben also cleaned the entire Rustbucket so he should already have finished all of his chores. What else on that list of chores did he have to do when the entire Rustbucket is clean? The joke at the end was just stupid and a pretty mediocre way to end the episode on.

    Overall, that really wasn't a good episode and the story was just weak. The jokes weren't funny. The action was just average. A good portion of the episode didn't even feel as if I was watching a Ben 10 show. The writing was pretty bad. The pacing felt too quick to the point of feeling rushed. The episode was just mediocre.

    Freaky Gwen Ben (S1E2): A tank at a Swap Meet? I don't think that's how it works but whatever though. The Wildmutt reference is ok although if Wildmutt himself doesn't get added into Ben's alien roster, I don't think at least a good bunch of people are going to like that reference; especially Wildmutt fans. Apparently Ben, Gwen, and Max already know about Hex so does he make an appearance in Waterfilter or The Ring Leader or...are these episodes being aired out of order? Or maybe is this reboot making the same mistake that the PPG 2016 reboot made where you have to have past knowledge of the previous Ben 10 shows to understand what's going on? Anyways, so yeah, they're doing "A Change of Face" again just with Hex this time around and not Charmcaster. Well, at least Ben and Gwen are arguing with each other so that's good. Like I said, I find it better for Ben and Gwen to be at each other's throats since that it makes it all the more satisfying when Ben and Gwen do get along with each other and their relationship with each other improves in the short and long run so yeah, that's good at least. Although, Gwen gave up too early and quickly after her initial run with using the Omnitrix for the first time. Even Gwen in the OS was a lot more determined, dedicated, and focused with using the Omnitrix for the first time in "A Change of Face." For the reboot, it felt out-of-character for Gwen to just give up so easily in this episode even though she didn't even do much as Four Arms. Max casting spells? What the hell? The police officer that arrested Hex is an idiot. Yes, destroying a Swap Meet and endangering people's lives is against the law. They just leave the spell book on the ground? What the hell? That was really stupid of them to do that?

    Overall, it was a little better than The Filth. Hex was just ok. The story was ok. The pacing, again, felt too quick to the point of feeling rushed. I didn't find any the jokes to be funny either. The action was a little better than The Filth. The writing really needs improvement though. Really, the only thing that I did like was Ben and Gwen's interactions with each other and their willingness to work together to stop Hex and that was pretty much it for the episode. In the end, I found this episode to just be either average. When compared to "A Change of Face" from the OS though, this episode was just not good and could thus make this episode look at least below average.

  • My overall thoughts on the Ben 10 Reboot after watching the first two episodes:

    It's just okay, but I believe its better than Alien Force Seasons 1 & 2, Ultimate Alien & Omniverse. It's good to hear Tara Strong reprising Ben. Never heard of Montserrat Hernandez, but I completely believe she's a far better Gwen than Ashley Johnson. I haven't cared for Ashley since late 2015! I'm still not buying David Kaye as Grandpa Max. I personally only liked David as Clank from Ratchet & Clank. I don't want the Ben 10 Reboot to constantly rehash plots from previous episodes nor try too hard to be hip & trendy.

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  • @NelsonYeung2 i doubt they are gonna do that

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    Definitely the hex episode was better then the filth episode but I liked them both.

  • @Omni-Triforcer I agree with you

  • @Omni-Triforcer yeah it was but I still enjoyed them both and it wasn't all comedy or all action

  • @JrPhilgene Yes there is a mix of both comedy and action. It just wasn't good comedy and action. Again, I didn't find any of the jokes to be funny and the action was just average.

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    @Tactical-Ochoa said in Addressing the Ben 10 Reboot Part 3:

    @JrPhilgene Yes there is a mix of both comedy and action. It just wasn't good comedy and action. Again, I didn't find any of the jokes to be funny and the action was just average.

    I thought the jokes were pretty well written none of them were forced.
    I'm just happy this is not like TTG.

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    @ Tactical Ochoa, its because Ben doesn't switch alien to alien yet, that's why he didn't go Heatblast. The Omnitrix still times out in the series, even Diamondhead stated that he has to work with what he gets so that made sense.

    Anyway, Cannonbolt surprised me, I didn't think he was gonna appear, and I can tell these are Eps 3 and 4, given to the order they aired in, and because XLR8's transformation was redone and more changed up compared to the other one we got for Ring Leader.

    As for how I think of The Filth and Freaky Ben Gwen, I think FBG was better, mainly because of the action, the Wildmutt reference, Ben's Omnitrix still timing out and the development. They're really trying to make sure the is more like OS with how the plots are driven, because they did used to do this like... all the time, even in the shorts that's what OS did, so to me nothing's changed here from the dynamic of the original show. As for how I feel about The Filth I actually found a couple things funny, but not much, Gwen's reaction to the Back Gwana caves, and XLR8's cycle failing, I was even disgusting learning the monster was made of maggots and not sand, I literally shouted "ew!" These episodes of the OS are good and imo, this show has now gotten me liking this Reboot even more.

    David Kaye voicing Max, that surprised me, and Travis Willingham makes an excellent Hex and Cannonbolt and I was surprised at some of the roles he played, and Josh Keaton as XLR8!? well then... that's a bigger surprise.

    I'm hoping for the countries that got those episodes will show this weekend.

  • @Omni-Triforcer No it's not like TTG! so far (thank god) but I did find those episodes to be boring and unforgettable. And no, the jokes were not well written because I already pointed out at least some jokes that were pretty stupid and bad and why. They weren't forced but they weren't good either.

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