Addressing the Ben 10 Reboot Part 2

  • There is one thing I will admit though, I obviously and most certainly don't have a problem with Man of Action working on the story. They are great writers and artists and I do believe that they can do well in the story aspect. In fact, that's still a positive that I have with the new Ben 10 show. Man of Action is at least involved. What I have a problem with is that I have a feeling that at least most of the Original Series is just going to be rehashed into the new show. That Cartoon Network is just going to have Man of Action reuse at least most of the Original Series's story and episodes for this new show. Like I said before, this doesn't fit the memo of a reboot but instead this new show fits the memo of a remake. This aspect is more of a prediction though but I can't really see much else of what they can do with this new show that they haven't done with the Original Series. There just isn't a lot of potential and opportunities that can be taken here because they pretty much already fulfilled all or most of that potential and opportunities in the original show. Either way, at least Man of Action is involved and I still find that to be a plus for this new show.

    Another problem that I have is that Man of Action doesn't really have a lot of control. Like Rouleau said, they have a big input on the story but that's really all that he states here at least at the moment. In the Ben 10 OS and in Generator Rex, Man of Action had a lot of control over those very shows and because Man of Action were able to do things their way, those two shows turned out to be great shows. Two of Man of Action's shows, Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Assemble, were seen as pretty mediocre shows at best. They were not well received, which can be seen as surprising since that Man of Action were involved...but they weren't in charge of those two shows. Marvel and Disney were because they own Spider-Man and the Avengers. In fact, Man of Action was formed because the main four guys that run it were former Marvel comic book writers and artists that left because they were getting sick and tired of Marvel's treatment of them and their very projects. Man of Action was formed so that its very members can be in charge of their own projects and that's a major reason as to why many of the shows and comics that they've created turned out to be very good. Because MOA were the ones that were in charge. In this case, Man of Action are not in charge of the next Ben 10 show and Cartoon Network are the ones that are really in charge of the show (I already explained why).

    Cartoon Network executives have proved in the past that they are not that good at making creative decisions. They are not that good at making shows. They don't understand what their audience truly wants. We already know what Cartoon Network is like. We already know what happens most of the time when Cartoon Network's executives take charge of a well established series. We already know what Cartoon Network does and what they like to do. In fact, many entertainment executives end up proving that they don't actually know what the hell they're really doing and end up making a lot of really stupid decisions over really stupid reasons. I recently saw a video by game critic Jim Sterling that proves this (and I'll post that video here as a reference). Sterling's video about game executives and the argument that he gives for them certainly connects well with Cartoon Network's executives as well. Cartoon Network shouldn't be in charge here and really they should never be in charge of any of their shows. The creators, artists, and writers should be the ones in charge instead. They know and understand what to do and what needs to be done and they will certainly do a much better job in charge than what a group of executives and businesspeople in suits can do.

    (Warning: strong language and mature content.)

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    You keep saying its a remake but we still don't know how much stuff will be different. We don't know how ben gets the omnitrix we don't know what villian he will fight in the first episode heck we don't even know who the main villian is and until we know that we can't possibly know if its a remake or not, Also since this topic has over 150 posts and frankly its taking a heck of a long time for me to load it i think i am going to split this topic. I will also be moving this thread since its talking about the ben 10 reboot i see no reason for it to be in idea.

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  • @Omni-Triforcer That doesn't mean that it's not a remake. Remakes can either be the same as the original material or can have at least some changes made that are different from the original material. I believe I mentioned this before but just because of the fact that the Ben 10 reboot has the same premise as the Original Series is enough to back up the claim that the Ben 10 reboot is less of a reboot and more of a remake. Also, you're really asking all those questions. How does Ben get the Omnitrix? The same way he gets it in the Original Series. What is the villain that he fights in the first episode? Well he fought off Vilgax's drones in the first episode of the Original Series so it's most likely that the same or similar scenario will happen in the reboot. Who is the main villain? Most likely Vilgax since that Vilgax is so important and integral to the Ben 10 series in regards to the story and characters and is so popular with many fans and viewers of the series that there would most likely be an outcry if Vilgax does end up being replaced by a different villain. Likely even too important to replace with a new main villain. I believe I also mentioned in the past that it's pretty easy to predict at least most of what's going to happen in this reboot.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I hope they at least make Vilgax threatening again as well as the new baddies.

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    @Rexfan1333 said in Addressing the Ben 10 Reboot (which is actually a remake and not a reboot) Part 2:

    @Tactical-Ochoa I hope they at least make Vilgax threatening again as well as the new baddies.

    Yeah I liked how Vilgax was threatening again in Omniverse (not in his first appearence but in And then there were none/And then there was Ben and Malgax Attack) One thing i didn't like was how they made him scared of Mama Vreedle.

  • Something that Ben's Brazilian VA in the original franchise posted on his Facebook profile an hour or two ago (rough translation):

    Today I auditioned for an old and beloved character I voiced for some (many) years.
    Because of him and other characters, I traveled to many states in Brazil and I am very grateful to him and the ones who gave me this character. And I'll never forget it.
    Due to the fact that he is younger in this season, they may think that my voice doesn't fit him anymore. And maybe they're right.
    Wish me luck.

    I am pretty sure he is talking about Ben. It may mean that CN Brazil will replace all voice actors without any exception, just like their dub of the new Powerpuff Girls series. Kinda sad, since I really like Gwen and Charmcaster's VAs in the Brazilian dub.

  • @GoodVibes1999 Do you have the link?

  • @GoodVibes1999 Cool. Thanks. It could refer to the Brazilian voice actor voicing Ben in the reboot. If this is the case, then good, I'm glad that he's going to voice Ben again.

  • So I found this back in March 2016 and I managed to dig it back up just now.


    There were certain aspects about this that caught my attention. First off is how each floor has a snack-based attraction that provides certain snacks such as sodas, coffee, and cereal bars. Ok, that doesn't really seem much on it's own and it's a nice little addition for Cartoon Network Studios to have.

    Then there's the second point that caught my attention and it's at the number three spot, No Breaks for Creators. This really caught my attention and is what led me to connect the first thing that I pointed out with the snack-based attractions. Having vacation time for employees is very much indeed important to have. After so much work has been done, employees do deserve some vacation time so that they can have the rest that they need to be able to recover and be freshened up and re-energized again for work. This, at least for the most part, not being the case for Cartoon Network Studios really caught my attention. Constant year-round work with no breaks in-between all of that? It's no wonder why they have all these snack and soda machines and coffee makers on each floor of the building. These employees must be tired out of their minds.

    I heard a while back how there were so many employees at Cartoon Network Studios that would end up leaving to find work at another animation company. I heard a lot of cases that at least some, if not most, of those employees would go work for Nickelodeon or Disney. The reasons behind that tend to be because of something related to Cartoon Network. One major reason being over disagreements between creators and the executives. I think I found another major reason as well. I have a feeling that Cartoon Network is overworking their employees over at Cartoon Network Studios. I could be wrong here but I think that's what's going on here based on all of this.

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    I hope you guys have been checking your sites
    cause we got our first images from the show!

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    Yay zombozo. He was always a interesting villain.
    Im still not sure how i feel about the reboot although im still excited to see more.

  • This is a good video from PIEGUYRULZ that I just want to post a link to here as a reference. It was made a few years back but the points that he gives still hold merit and validity today.


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    Well so far...
    Fact 4) Has really proven to be this bad. Because they're already blaming the company for just making it another simple CN show that's about 11 minutes long, hijinks, but since its Ben 10, its gonna partially that, but stay true to its original formula. And people have already complained because of the animation change, because not every show can stay in one style forever, eventually its gonna be changed or its gonna be done by an entire different crew. You have to expect that from any Reboot, Sequel, or Bring Back, that the show will literally change.

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    I also wanted to say about Fact Number 3 and 4 again
    This is why we never got Galactic KND
    Sure we had the people onboard, same workers, animators and everything, sure it had only been LESS THAN a Decade to bring this show back... but the issue at hand is...
    If it does come back like that, shit's gonna go all to hell.
    Not to mention no matter how much this show was good to everyone, only half of the older fans are gonna watch this show, and the younger fans won't understand anything that's going on. In fact, this is why Samurai Jack is going to be on Adult Swim, so it can keep up with its older fans and be brought back the right way instead of letting CN change everything, including the art style about it.

  • @Ebomnitrix I believe I said this before on here a while back but I'll say it again. If you don't want younger viewers that are new to a series to be confused about a series that requires having knowledge of the prior events from previous iterations, DO A RERUN. Re-air the previous shows before the release of the new show so that anyone that is new to the series will be able to catch up to everything and thus understand everything that's going on. Problem solved. It's not rocket science and doing a rerun will bring in new fans to a series as well since that they're being introduced to said series through those very reruns.

  • I agree tactical that is the best way to get newbies caught up

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    So we know Belgium gets this October 10th
    What about everywhere else, anything confirmed yet?

  • just I hope there wont be any new gwevin fans because most of them read that stupid twilight book series and watches the stupid movies

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