Ben 10 2016 Reboot Season 2 Review: Part 1

  • Instead of doing a review for each individual episode of season 2 of the Ben 10 reboot, I'm going to review season 2 in parts with each part covering a set amount of episodes that I've seen so far. This review may contain spoilers and is quite long so feel free to take your time reading through it. This part 1 review of season 2 of the Ben 10 reboot takes into regards that I saw the following episodes:

    Out to Launch
    Battle at Biggie Box
    Bon Voyage
    Mayhem in Mascot
    Scream catcher
    Vote Zombozo
    The 11th Alien: Part 1
    The 11th Alien: Part 2
    High Stress Express
    Creature Feature
    Assault on Pancake Palace
    Bomzobo Lives

    Despite being a decent yet flawed 1 hour season finale, Omni-Tricked is considered by many to be the best part of the first season...which isn't saying much considering just how bland and mediocre the rest of the first season of the Ben 10 reboot was. Regardless of the prominent issues that Omni-Tricked has, I noticed how many were convinced that this was going to be the start of the Ben 10 reboot becoming a more noteworthy show through its second season with better stories, character development, the introduction of Vilgax, and whatnot. That season 2 is going to be a major improvement over season 1. Is that really what we got here? Did season 2 of the Ben 10 reboot really meet these expectations? Nope. The answer is no.

    Based on these episodes that I saw, what season 2 is really offering here is more of the same. More of the same structuring, style, writing, elements, level of quality, etc etc etc that we got out of season 1. No major story arc. No prominent and proper character development. None of that. It's really just more episodes of Ben, Gwen, and Max getting into all sorts of shenanigans. A wooden bear that comes to life at night and attacks people. Ben and Billy Billions fight over a toy set that they both want. Steam Smythe tries to sink a modern ship because of his obsession towards older technology. Maurice and Sydney trying to create an army of these little critters made out of...pancakes? Oh god. I thought this show wouldn't get any more ridiculously stupid but it does. Each episode would then either end with Ben "learning" some ham-fisted lesson or would just end. The action scenes are decent at best but they have little to no tension to them and, like with season 1, they're more often there just to build up more jokes. Speaking of jokes, I don't find any of the jokes in these episodes to be funny. Again, more of the same. The same build up. The same style. The same writing. The same quality. You are getting the same types of jokes and comedic elements in season 2 that you already experienced in season 1.

    There is one new thing that they're trying with season 2 though and that's the so-called Omni-Enhancements. Ever since the Omnitrix got upgraded at the end of Omni-Tricked, Ben's aliens can now receive some form of armor with blue, electric energy that further makes them more powerful. Sure, some of the designs look decent and I do find it to be a little better than the Ultimate Forms from Ultimate Alien. The Ultimate Forms in Ultimate Alien don't even properly reflect how evolution works and therefore they don't make any sense at all while the Omni-Enhancements are I say more like putting on an exo-suit/power armor for each of Ben's aliens. That's pretty much why I find Omni-Enhancements to make more sense than the Ultimate Forms. However, that's pretty much where the positives of the Omni-Enhancements end because by the end of it all, it's really just a gimmick that's meant to sell more toys. A gimmick that doesn't really benefit the show that well. My biggest issues with the Omni-Enhancements are that they make Ben's aliens look, and I guess also behave, more similar to each other and therefore make them look less unique and different from each other. The Omni-Enhancements also defeat the purpose of some of Ben's aliens as well. The most prominent example of this is Grey Matter. Grey Matter is not the type of alien that's suited towards being in a direct fight due to his small size. Ben has to use Grey Matter's incredibly high intelligence to outsmart his enemies in order to gain the upper hand. However, Grey Matter's Omni-Enhancement completely defeats that very purpose as Ben can now use Grey Matter in a direct fight. With Grey Matter's Omni-Enhancement compensating for his weaknesses, Ben can now pretty much go head-to-head with his opponents using Grey Matter, thus making Grey Matter's intelligence less relevant. Grey Matter's intelligence is still relevant. It's just now to a lesser extent. Overall, I don't think season 2 would've been much different if it didn't have the Omni-Enhancements. Again, it's just a gimmick that's meant to sell more toys. To me, I would've rather prefer to not have the Omni-Enhancements in the show. If I were making a Ben 10 show, I wouldn't use this very element. The aliens are fine enough as they are and would more likely benefit better without this very gimmick. Omni-Enhancements are not something that the Ben 10 franchise needs to have and I say that the franchise is better off without them.

    Let's also discuss Vilgax some more; especially in regards to Yuri Lowenthal still providing the voice for Vilgax. I stated before in my review of Omni-Tricked just how poorly mismatched of a choice it was to cast Yuri Lowenthal as the voice of Vilgax and explained why. I have to say, the more that I hear Yuri's voice coming out of Vilgax, the more unbearable it becomes. Again, Yuri is a good voice actor. He is just so mismatched for this very villain and it really shows. It doesn't even feel as if he was picked for the role because he fits it. It feels like he was picked for the role for the sake of novelty due to his past involvement with the Ben 10 franchise. If it were up to me, I wouldn't even let Yuri touch Vilgax not even with a 10 foot pole. I know that it sounds mean but still, I would rather prefer casting voice actors that best fit the roles that they were casted for and again, Yuri doesn't fit Vilgax. If it were up to me, I would rather prefer for Vilgax to be voiced by Steve Blum because he has proven more than enough times that he is the BEST CHOICE to voice Vilgax. Yuri should not be the voice of Vilgax. Yuri should have never even been picked for the role in the first place. They should've picked someone else instead. Someone that is much more suited to be a more proper voice for Vilgax. Yuri Lowenthal is too mismatched of a choice to voice Vilgax and this version of Vilgax in the Ben 10 reboot is prominent proof of this. I'm sorry to all of you Lowenthal fans that are reading this review but those are my views on this matter. It's nothing against Yuri himself. Again, he's a good and well skilled voice actor. He is just not a good choice for this very character. He doesn't make Vilgax work in this show and there are much better options that Man of Action and CN Studios could've went for instead.

    As for the other villains in this show, well, they're still the same villains that we know since season 1 and that's pretty much expected. I still find Dr. Animo to be the better villain out of all of them and that's really because Dr. Animo is still the same Dr. Animo that we've all seen throughout the entire franchise. As I stated before with Zombozo, however, this villain is still trying the same hypnotizing trick in season 2 that he has been trying to pull off in season 1. Would it kill for the writers to have Zombozo try something different for once? Take some freakin inspiration from the Joker for crying out loud and have Zombozo try something different instead of just hypnotizing people. Other than that, again, the villains are still pretty much the same as they were before. Some of that is good, some of that is bad, and some of that is just meh.

    How about the main characters? How do Ben, Gwen, and Max fair in these season 2 episodes so far? Once again, more of the same. Ben, Gwen, and Max are still in the same exact state that they were in since the very first episode of season 1. This is most especially prominent with Ben. At least Gwen and Max are a little more tolerable despite being bland characters that often do some pretty cringey stuff. Ben, however, is becoming more and more obnoxious and unlikable to me. Ben continues to act so childishly and plenty of times continue to make some pretty stupid decisions that make the situations that he finds himself in even worse than they should be. I know that there are some people that are likely going to come out and say that Ben in the 2005 Original Series was pretty much the same or similar way as the reboot version of Ben so let me just say this. The most important and major difference between the Original Series version of Ben and the reboot version of Ben is that the OS Ben actually and properly develops and improves as a character while the reboot Ben doesn't. The show makes it look as if the reboot Ben is learning these lessons that are ham-fisted into most of the episodes but really, that's just an illusion. After 40 episodes in season 1 and 13 episodes in season 2, Ben still remains in the same state that he started off at in the very beginning of the first season of the Ben 10 reboot, having gained very little to no proper character development. Everything that Ben learns in each episode is forgotten in the next episode afterwards. It's likely that some people would say that the same happens with the Original Series version of Ben. No, it does not. With each season of the Original Series, Ben does develop as a character. He does improve himself and does focus on being a better hero. He does indeed grow and mature and become more responsible and capable as a character and hero while still being able to keep his fun-loving characteristic. All of that helped to make the Original Series version of Ben to be a very interesting, compelling, entertaining, and likable character. By the time the Original Series ended, Ben was indeed in a different and better state than he was at the start of the Original Series. Ben had much more and better character development in just the first season of the Original Series (13 episodes) than in the 53 episodes that I've seen so far of the Ben 10 reboot (40 of them encompassing the first season). Because the reboot version of Ben has so little to no actual and proper character development and continues to be the same as he was since the beginning of the reboot show, I find him to be even more obnoxious and unlikable than before. Even more importantly, he has become so bland and uninteresting in the reboot. Right now, Ben in the reboot show is at his worst state in the entire Ben 10 franchise. The same pretty much goes with Gwen and Max as well. Those two characters also lack character development and, as I stated before, have also become quite bland and uninteresting as well. A major part of what made the Original Series a great show was that Ben, Gwen, and Max all went through their own set of proper character development as a result of overcoming their struggles and challenges, thus making all three of them interesting, compelling, likable, and overall good, strong characters. What Man of Action and CN Studios are doing with these three characters is not working and they need to step their game up and give these characters some actual, proper, and well-written character development. At this point, I'm starting to consider Ben to be one of the worst characters of this very show because of these very reasons that I stated.

    I believe the final point to address is the half hour special, The 11th Alien. This two-part episode features Ben's 11th alien, Shock Rock...even though if you count Gax, Shock Rock is really Ben's 12th alien. If you don't count Gax and Upgrade, then Shock Rock is really Ben's "new" 10th alien. Wait, not count Upgrade, I say? Yes. For those that didn't get the memo, Upgrade is no longer in the Omnitrix. As show in a video that Cartoon Network posted a while back, the writers apparently killed off Upgrade back in Omni-Tricked. When Ben used Upgrade to upgrade the Omnitrix, this somehow killed that very alien. So, we lost one of the most unique and best aliens in the entire franchise and he has been replaced by...another...electric...type...alien. No, really. Shock Rock is the 8th electric-type alien introduced in the entire franchise and he is also the very alien that the Omni-Enhancements are based off of. First off, the way that Ugrade was written out of the show just doesn't really make sense to me. I don't exactly know how but something about it just doesn't make sense. It's likely due to how Upgrade works as an alien that explains why I find for this to not make sense. It could also been how they could've easily just kept Upgrade in the show and things would've been completely fine that way. I do recall how one of the members of Man of Action had stated that they wanted to keep Ben's alien count at 10 so that they could keep the number 10 reference, which I find to be stupid because the Original Series allowed Ben to have more than 10 aliens and not only was this completely fine for the show, it benefited the show and help make the show better because it added good variety to Ben's aliens roster, among other reasons that I forgot to mention. What makes Upgrade's removal from the show even worse is that, again, Shock Rock, who is just so bland and not original in both his appearance and abilities, replaced him. Shock Rock's appearance is just not impressive and doesn't really make him look that much alien but even worse is that he is, once again, an electric-type alien...and so are 5 of Ben's other aliens throughout the entire franchise (and no, an electric boomerang is not enough to justify Shock Rock's appearance in the show). It feels like a waste of time, talent, and resources to make him. Part of me thinks that it would've been better to keep Upgrade in the show and just simply bring back either Buzzshock or Feedback, who are both more interesting and unique electric-type aliens than Shock Rock. That would've been completely fine to do and it would've more likely benefited the reboot show a little more. This episode doesn't even explain how the Omni-Enhancements exactly work; how they're triggered during Ben's alien transformations.

    As for the rest of the half-hour special, I don't find it to be on par with Omni-Tricked in its overall quality. Omni-Tricked is a decent finale for season 1 and I do agree that it is the best part of the Ben 10 reboot, even though that doesn't really say much considering the poorer quality of the other episodes of this very show. Omni-Tricked had plenty of significant flaws to it that held its overall quality back but the writing and pacing was a little better than the other episodes, which, again, doesn't really say much. I can't really say the same for The 11th Alien though because both part 1 and 2 have worse writing and pacing. Throughout most of this half-hour episode, Vilgax, with the help of the Weatherheads (oh god, the Weatherheads), is trying to trick Ben into giving up the Omnitrix by making him think that the Omnitrix's, and Shock Rock's, power is too much for Ben to control...and Ben almost completely fall for it in the blink of an eye. One moment Ben justifiably show distrust towards Vilgax and then soon after, he immediately start to believe him. That just doesn't make a lot of sense considering that this is Vilgax that were talking about here. In Animorphosis, Vilgax teams up with Dr. Animo to acquire DNA from the Omnitrix and then immediately betrays him and Ben was aware of that. At least Gwen and Max mostly displayed distrust in Vilgax (save for one little moment but granted, they still displayed skepticism) yet Ben listens to Vilgax instead of listening to Gwen and Max. If it were instead Tetrax, Sixsix, and Kraab, then this very approach in the episode would've most likely worked better and make more sense while also giving the episode the opportunity to go further in-depth to the origins and/or characteristics of the Omnitrix.

    I believe that's everything that I wanted to discuss here. As I stated before, these episodes of season 2 of the Ben 10 reboot are really just more of the same bland and mediocre content that we've been getting throughout season 1. And yet, what baffles me is how some people that I've come across in certain forums say that season 2 is an improvement over season 1; that these season 2 episodes are of great quality and whatnot. No, that is not even close. So far, season 2 of the Ben 10 reboot is not great in its quality and is not an improvement over season 1. Will this show really improve in its quality from this point onward? After these episodes, will season 2 somehow get better in quality? I doubt it. With all the issues that season 1 and these season 2 episodes have, I doubt that the Ben 10 reboot will get better with its overall quality. I doubt that the writing will improve. I doubt that the characters will improve. Etc etc etc. Honestly, I still don't recommend this show and you are better off giving it a pass. Fans and viewers deserve better than this and if you're looking for something that's Ben 10 related with better writing, characters, action, comedy, etc, you are much better off watching the 2005 Ben 10 Original Series. That show is most definitely worth more of your time and support than this reboot show.

    If anyone has any thoughts of their own on season 2 of the Ben 10 reboot or my part 1 review of season 2, feel free to leave a comment down below.
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  • Ben 10 Fans

    I'd actually like to correct you that he has is the 7th electric type
    Every alien in Max's Monster (Feedback, AmpFibian, Shocksquatch, Frankenstrike, Buzzshock) and Brainstorm, and if you count Nanomech having bioelectrical powers, then Shock Rock is technically the 8th electric alien.

  • @ebomnitrix Good point. I forgot about those two aliens.

  • Also the Ben 10 Reboot did not get even close to a million average for the entire year in ratings. Also the 11 minute episode format is not really working well unless you intend to make the reboot a series all about comedy. I don't think their heart isn't into making the current reboot by the producers.

  • I made a small edit to the review due to a good point that @Ebomnitrix made about Shock Rock really being the 8th electric-type aliens instead of the 6th electric-type alien in the franchise.

  • So, i've been silent for a while.
    Mainly because i hate your unceasing negativity.
    Now, your review was good, logical, and i'm in no way salty or willing to defend this show by saying its great.
    However....your review reaks of bias.

  • You seem incredibly biased for the original series to the point that you show strong dislike for all the other variants of ben 10. you seem to wish it had ended in 2005. You also act as though the weather-heads are complete garbage for no real reason. while they aren't creative, at least explain your dislike. And also, i really do feel that you should relax a bit about the omni-enhancements. Yes, they are just a gimmick that doesn't add much. but they do add something. While you stated they neutralize grey matter completely, you failed to mention what they did right. They properly enhanced the aliens. Diamond head's upgrades remind me of his body changing abilities from the original. Overflow gained limited ice powers. Heatblast gained flight. They legitamately enhanced the aliens in some regards. It may be meant to sell toys, but the omni-enhancements aren't all trash. I see upgrade's removal as a trade off. They removed upgrading tech for upgrading his own aliens. Not that i like this decision at all, and i think that they should've just kept upgrade. Lastly, i think that season 2 is more of the same, but not trash. I don't think it MUST be watched, but it isn't bad enough to be labeled as a pile of crap.

  • Ben 10 Fans

    He has a point, you should at least talk about the stuff you like. Instead of making comparisons over and over to how much you love the original and hate every other Ben 10 series. All you do is talk about how much you hate any other Ben 10 incarnation, you could at least talk about stuff you like from this series too? We know you're a big OS fanboy, but you should at least be glad that Ben 10 is still a thing airing on TV and that other generations can at least know about the franchise. All I'm saying is at least tell me there's some stuff here you like?

  • @andrew42 You say that I seem to wish that Ben 10 ended in 2005. First off, only one episode of the original show aired in 2005. Second, you seem to forget that I fully support a fan fiction series that acts as a sequel to the Original Series; a fan fiction series that I had expressed plenty of times should be the sequel that the Ben 10 franchise should've had instead of Alien Force onwards. You say that I have a strong dislike towards all other variants of Ben 10 that are not the Original Series, even though I have expressed enough on how I don't have a strong dislike towards these other variants. I don't outright hate them. I used to years back but I changed my views over time.

    You want me to explain why I don't like the Weatherheads, right? I already did. It's in one of my previous episode reviews. Either you read it and forgot or you glossed over it. No, I don't find the Weatherheads to be complete garbage. I just find them to be really annoying.

    I never made the argument that they were all trash. Just that the Omni-Enhancements just don't really work well for the show and that the show doesn't really need them.

    @Ebomnitrix You suggest for me to talk more about stuff that I like. I already did that. I did state some more positive aspects in my Season 2: Part 1 review. I already stated plenty of things about the other Ben 10 shows that I do like. I talked about how I liked the Highbreed and DNAliens, even though there are some issues that I have that need to be fixed about them. I talked about all the aliens from the sequel shows that I did like and explained plenty of reasons as to why. I believe I stated how I find Omniverse to be better than Alien Force and Ultimate Alien and some of the elements in Omniverse that I did like. I did state some stuff about the Ben 10 reboot that I did like. I have suggested plenty of fixed and improvements that could be made to make various elements of the sequel shows to be of better quality. You can find all of that by going back to my previous topic pages and articles that I made and go through reading them again.

    Yes, I like to compare the Original Series to the sequel shows because they are all part of the Ben 10 franchise. Alien Force is a sequel to the Original Series. Yes, I like to compare the Original Series to the Ben 10 reboot because it's a reboot to the Original Series. A reboot that uses many of the same elements as the Original Series including the same general premise. I, along with anyone else, are justifiably allowed to make these very comparisons.

    Yes, I like the Original Series a lot. It's a great show. It's not amazing however. There are other shows out there that are better than the Original Series. The Original Series does have plenty of issues; plenty of moments that I wish were done better. I don't like Benmummy and Benvicktor and I already explained why before. I don't like the Christmas special episode. A Change of Face was a really nice episode but the part where Gwen (in Charmcaster's body) is in juvenile hall is a moment in the episode that I wish was done better as it felt too easy for Gwen to be able to break out and find her way back to Ben and Max. There's an adult comic series made by Fixxxer and Tease Comix that did that very episode in a much better way. Remove all the more adult-rated content and make it more kid friendly and it would've been a great remake to A Change of Face. There are still plenty of other issues that I have with the Original Series that I could list down. The point of what I'm making here is that no, I'm not an OS fanboy because fanboys wouldn't even think to make such criticisms of the things that they fanboy over.

    I should be glad that Ben 10 is still a thing airing on TV? I guess that I should also be glad that new Call of Duty games continue to be made and released every year even though the series has become very much bland and mediocre nowadays and has long overstayed its welcome. I guess that I should also be glad that EA's Star Wars Battlefront 2 was made even though EA tried to issue predatory practices with the game's loot boxes and that the game as a whole still doesn't live up to what Pandemic managed to achieve with the 2005 Star Wars Battlefront 2 game. I guess I should also be glad that the Powerpuff Girls reboot was a thing on TV even though that's a terrible show. I guess I should be glad of a lot of things that are out today no matter how bad they are. I stated this before plenty of times. They should've rerun the Original Series instead of making a reboot. If they want newer generations to know about the Ben 10 franchise, then this is what they should've done instead. I'd rather be glad of all the things out there that are actually good.

    It's funny how you guys, along with plenty of other users on here, complain about how I'm always being negative here and how I should try to be more positive while either forgetting and/or glossing over all the many positive things that I've done on here as well. It's a running gag at this point. No @Ebomnitrix, @Andrew42 doesn't have a point because what you ask for me to do, again, you can find that I already did that by going back and reading my previous articles again. @Andrew42, I'm incredibly biased here? Considering that you've displayed plenty of moments of you being so arrogant and ignorant towards whatever criticisms I make of Ben 10 that you like, complaining that I'm always being negative even though that's clearly not true, I say you're the one that is incredibly biased here. You and plenty of others on here that do the same exact thing towards me. Sure, everyone is biased in some way and level. Again, I like the Original Series a lot and I also like Bwen a lot so yeah, I can and will admit that I do have some bias in that. It's not just Ben 10 either. There are plenty of things that I can and will admit that I'm biased towards. My likeness towards 1982's John Carpenter's The Thing, the original Teen Titans, Ed Edd n Eddy, Terminator 2, Japan and anime, Resident Evil, etc as well as my dislikes towards Teen Titans Go!, the current state of Cartoon Network, certain game publishing companies such as Activision and EA, etc. Again, everyone is biased in some way and level. Me being incredibly biased though? No, there are plenty of things that I've done that are legitimate evidence that that's not true. Again, I used to have a strong hate towards the Ben 10 sequel shows but not anymore. I looked back at that and I admit that I often went too far back then. There is also plenty of legitimate evidence on this website that shows that you and plenty of others on here are the ones that are incredibly biased.

  • The only Ben 10 idea left I could only think of is an Original Series crossover movie with Batman: Brave & The Bold. Brave & The Bold is a teamup series.

  • @tactical-ochoa Why do you make everyone here sound like an idiot when they are talking to you? You seems to have an argument to everything. It doesnt seem you get why people critize you and call you negative.

    As for the second season of the reboot: I like it. Its better than season 1, even though the filler episodes are contuining to bother me. But Animorphosis I really like. Especially the part with Animo Rath. And I also like The 11th Alien (however its the 12th alien tecnically). I really dig Shock Rock and really like to see what else in store for this series. I really hope Kevin and Julie comes back sometime. And dont come here and say: "Julie will never come back". We never know. Some years ago people said "The original aliens will never come back". And quess what, they come back. Happy suprise.

  • Ugh. This is why i've been avoiding this place. whenever i share an opinion and give feedback, ochoa launches into a long rant and shittalks me into the ground.

  • @andrew42 Couldnt agree more

  • @mortie-10 said in Ben 10 2016 Reboot Season 2 Review: Part 1:

    @tactical-ochoa Why do you make everyone here sound like an idiot when they are talking to you?

    Because often times it does feel like I'm talking to a bunch of intolerable idiots. Oh and everyone, you say? Oh no no no no no no no. It's only just you and the select few others that often want to tussle with me and whine and complain that I'm "always being negative" whenever I criticize something about Ben 10 that you like. Even going so far to the point where one of you made a threat towards my life and later on tried to write off an unjustifiable excuse for it.

    You all want for me to be more positive, right? Let me ask all of you this. Let's say that I do what you say and my next few articles on here are more positive articles about the Ben 10 franchise. Then, after making those few positive articles, my next article is more criticism of the Ben 10 franchise. What guarantees do I have that the select few of you aren't going to come out of the wood-works and complain and whine to me about how I'm "always being negative," huh? What guarantees do I have that you guys aren't going to try and pull the same schtick again? You guys can say that you won't do such a thing towards me but it's hard to take people's word on things and we wouldn't really know for sure until it happens. No, correction, it did happen because like I said, plenty of times on this website, I have displayed being positive towards plenty of things about anything Ben 10 related outside of the Original Series. Yet, whenever I make criticism towards other things in Ben 10 (especially stuff that you guys like), you all complain and whine that I'm always being negative. Part of me knows for sure that if I do what you all say, you're not going to be satisfied with it and the moment I make any form of criticism towards Ben 10 again, you're going to make these same complaints and we're all going to be back at square one.

    No, I'm not going to make articles and topic pages in an attempt to satisfy the select few of you. I make articles that I want to make. I don't make articles that you want to see. No matter how many times you guys complain, I am not going to listen to you. I am going to continue to make content that I...want...to make.

    Going off topic here as well, @Andrew42's previous comment just reminded me of something. You guys complain plenty of times before that I swear on this website, making the excuse that the Ben 10 franchise is a kid friendly show and that kids go on this website. Yet, @Andrew42 just used a swear word in his previous comment on this page. On the "New Ben 10 Club Merchandise" page, @Ultimate-OmniTri used swear words in one of his comments and he's the one that made the final complaint that led to me temporarily losing my Global Moderator status on here. There are also plenty of other cases of you guys swearing on this website even after the incident that led to me temporarily losing my Global Moderator status. Why is it that when I swear, that is not an ok thing for me to do on here yet when any of you swear, as far as I know, no complaints are made and all is good on this website? Please, explain to me. Enlighten me on this.

  • @tactical-ochoa i swore because i'm done here. I'm done.
    I'm tired of trying to help shape this website into something better.
    I just want to say this before i go.
    The original series isn't perfect.
    Times change, and so do people and companies.
    The old ben is gone.
    we're not getting him back, and frankly, we don't deserve him.
    We cannot get what we want. MOA is not going to do what we want.
    We need to accept what we have. nothing lasts forever.
    Things have changed for ben 10, not for better, but we need to adapt the way he does.
    I think that we should be glad ben 10 still exists.
    Unless i have good reason, this is the last thing i need and want to say to you all.

  • @andrew42 Of course the Original Series isn't perfect. I just recently criticized it, which, as usual, you forgot about or didn't read it. Yes, times change. Doesn't mean they are good and should be accepted though. Is this your goodbye from the website here? If so, yes, I'm pretty sure that you'll be back on here later.

  • I'm going back to what @Andrew42 stated about the Omni-Enhancements here since that I forgot to cover that. So Diamondhead's Omni-Enhancement reflects his body changing abilities in the Original Series, right? Then what's the point of him having be Omni-Enhanced just so he could do something that he should've been able to do in the first place? Just let Diamondhead do that normally. Don't give him an Omni-Enhancement just so he could do something that he has already done before in the previous shows. Overflow's Omni-Enhancement gives him ice powers, huh. Seems more like it would've just been better to simply bring back another alien instead, such as Arctiguana. Thanks to his Omni-Enhancement, Heatblast can now do what he should've already be able to do in the first place and that he has indeed done in previous Ben 10 show. Wow, that really makes his Omni-Enhancement worth having.

    Like I said before in my review, the Omni-Enhancements in this show is really more like an exo-suit/power armor for these aliens. They don't really do anything new to any of Ben's aliens. They just allow for Ben's aliens to do more of the same stuff that they typically do and anything that the Omni-Enhancements do add to these aliens aren't actually new here. More often, what the Omni-Enhancements do add to Ben's aliens that they can now do in the reboot are really just abilities that they should've been already to do in the first place and they have indeed done without the Omni-Enhancements in previous shows. With his Omni-Enhancements, Four Arms just does more of what he does. With his Omni-Enhancements, Cannonbolt does more of the same stuff that he typically does. With his Omni-Enhancements, Wildvine does more of the same stuff that he already does. Sure, ice powers is new to Overflow but it's not like that's something that's new in the Ben 10 franchise. Then you have moments like what I explained about Grey Matter and his Omni-Enhancement.

    Yes, Upgrade's removal is a trade off and it's a trade off that wasn't worth it.

  • Ben 10 Fans

    No Diamondhead's Omni-Enhancement works more like how Chromastone absorbs energy instead of reflecting energy because it would just shine off enemies rather than power himself up and create an energy blast or something (kind of like what happened in Vendetta for Diamondhead, despite that's the one thing we'd all like to forget). However Diamondhead was never able to make energy weapons before so that's a bonus.
    Omni-Enhanced Heatblast will most likely be used more just because its Heatblast, and because people love aliens with blue fire.
    Overflow gets hydro cannons which is an added bonus. XLR8 gets a speed boost and his wheels now run like chainsaws if you think about it like that.
    The only ridiculous OE's imo is Four Arms and Grey Matter, and that's just in design. While the concept is cool, Four Arms just gets what happened to Smokey Quartz in Steven Universe with the extra arms deal... which is weird imo.
    Stinkfly's homing spit is probably one of the most unique and fun powers they've ever given in a Ben 10 show because we never had an alien with homing (whatever's.)
    Just remember this is Man of Action using one of the later products to add onto the Ben 10 show and doing something new with it. You can tell its all based off the Generator Rex Omega Builds and now that they're adding it into Ben 10 I think it works more than an Ultimate form works. Tbh I don't see any problems with the Omni-Enhanced concept, it either adds stuff the fans want or just redeems stuff that was dropped like Wildvine's fly trap and XLR8's visor. Its just if you're a long time Ben 10 fan and they add stuff like this, then you know its pretty crazy and cool.

  • @ebomnitrix So in the case with Diamondhead, it's the same matter as with Overflow. It's new to Diamondhead but it's not new to the Ben 10 franchise. Yeah, we never got an alien that can shoot projectiles with homing abilities because it doesn't make sense for an alien to have much like how Ultimate Humungousaur has freakin rocket launchers for arms. Stinkfly's spit having homing abilities? I do not recall seeing that in the show at all. In the case with Overflow getting hydro cannons and XLR8's speed boost, again, exo-suit/power armor. You know, Master Chief and other Spartans in the Halo series, Power Armor in the Fallout series, exo-suits in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the exo-suit that Max wore in the Original Series, etc. The Omni-Enhancements mostly allow aliens like Overflow and XLR8 to do more of the same.

    I'm a long time Ben 10 fan and no, I don't find Omni-Enhancements to be crazy and cool for the very reasons that I listed before in my review and in the comments of this page. I've also seen plenty of other long time Ben 10 fans that don't see the Omni-Enhancements the same way either. Being a long time Ben 10 fan doesn't mean that Omni-Enhancements should be seen as "crazy and cool." You find Omni-Enhancements to be crazy and cool. I find Omni-Enhancements to be bland, unnecessary, and a toy-advertising gimmick and it is a gimmick that's really meant to sell more toys. After all, the very first time we've seen Shock Rock and the Omni-Enhancements was at a toy fair.

  • @andrew42 "Heatblast gained flight."

    Actually, Heatblast could already fly in the Season 1 episode "Xingo".

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