Ben 10 Reboot Discussion Part 1: Season 2

  • @ultimate-omnitri Oh yeah, sure, considering how they handled the rest of the reboot and their lack of an understanding on what made Ben 10 so great in the first place, this is really going to go so well for them. This sounds like such a brilliant idea and direction to go. (sarcasm)

    "the Omnitrix is now a gateway through to where an evil alien empire will invade Earth"
    Wow. What a way to make the Omnitrix seem less like, well, the Omnitrix.

  • To be fair, the sequels weren't far from changing the Omnitrix's concept either: DAA has Ben go inside replicas of the aliens' planets, UA had Ben go inside the Omnitrix because a glitch made Ben's Ultimates become alive, Alien Swarm even had Ben's DNA thrown into the mix to unlock Nanomech.
    Not to mention how OV's Omnitrix works with the digital scroll or the security system that requires Ben giving away personal information if his biometric data changes when it worked just fine in OS. Or that apparently, the "turn-into-an-alien-randomly-every-20-seconds" thing the OS Trix had as a glitch is now a function available in the watch as a "randomizer".
    Honestly, each series had their own take on how the watch is, even Master Control started becoming inconsistent during UAF.

  • @ungrateful-wolf Your examples aren't examples of deliberate changes to what the Omnitrix is. Most of your examples are gimmicks with some of them being a one-time-only thing and some of them not even making any sense. They didn't change what the Omnitrix and its main purpose and function was. Yes, the Master Control became inconsistent during UAF. That was due to the writers having little understanding of the lore and continuity that the Original Series set up. From what I can recall, none of the sequel shows ever went to the extent of making the Omnitrix a "gateway to an evil empire" or something of the likes. The sequel shows certainly screwed up a lot with how they handled the Omnitrix but from what I recall, they never went that far out of left field.

  • @tactical-ochoa said in Ben 10 Reboot Discussion Part 1: Season 2:

    "the Omnitrix is now a gateway through to where an evil alien empire will invade Earth"
    Wow. What a way to make the Omnitrix seem less like, well, the Omnitrix.

    I'm pretty sure that this isn't a permanent change, just a one-time-only thing too. "The Omnitrix is now a gateway" I mean, you could say about Secret of the Omnitrix, "The Omnitrix is now a time bomb that can destroy the entire universe"

    My bet is that by the end of the season finale the Omnitrix will be fully back to normal, and maybe without the Omni-Enhanced aliens (if I'm correct, I won't miss them)

  • @csgt Except the self-destruct sequence on the Omnitrix was one of the many features of it. Not something that deliberately changed what the Omnitrix itself was. It was an addition that was implemented in a way that fitted in well with the Omnitrix.

    After having watched these videos a while back, I doubt that they're making this a one-time-only thing.

  • I am just saying that this isn't the first time the franchise did a "a gimmick" like this one. They didn't change what the Omnitrix was, but some of the things it had in the way it worked.
    I think that by "The Omnitrix is now a gateway", they mean to say that Shock Rock did something in the Omnitrix that forced it to become a portal, a teleporter or some other thing he could use to conquer the world by bringing his army to Earth, like when Ben got transported in the Null Void without his hand because of Sunder's energy weapon. It's not like Azmuth ever intended it to do that, that's just how it reacted when someone messed with it.
    The Omnitrix is one of the most advanced devices in the galaxy, it's not far-fetched to imagine that someone with enough intelligence and skill (like Albedo and Psychobos) could modify it to make it do something it didn't originally have. The Omni-Enhancements and Ultimate forms are a good example of that since Azmuth probably didn't intend neither one or the other, since they were features Ben and Albedo added later on.
    And at least, he's using it in a relatively believable manner as a way for his army to arrive on Earth, not to break through time and space to reach his destination like Eon did with the Hands of Armageddon in "Ben 10,000 returns" by messing with Ben and Ultimate Ben's watches.

  • @ungrateful-wolf And you know what, I hope that this really is nothing more than just a one-time-only thing. Part of me just doubts that given what Cartoon Network Studios and Man of Action have done with the rest of the reboot show.

  • Wasn't there supposed to be some new (well, "new" since that they aired internationally first yet haven't aired in the US yet) episodes of the Ben 10 reboot that were supposed to air in the US a couple of days ago on July 30th?

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    Yes there were some episodes that were supposed to air on July 30.

  • @james Ok. CN obviously changed that then because looking at CN Schedule Archive's schedule for this week, those episodes definitely did not air.

  • Also, for anyone that hasn't seen this yet and are interested, last week I posted my newest article that covers Charmcaster and what I think are ways to help fix and improve her and overall make her a much better character.


  • Games relating to the Season 2 Finale: https://www.ben10-omnitrix.com/africa/

    Season 3 Teaser w/ New Alien: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiHelomm-Ws

  • New episodes air Sept. 10-14:
    Sept. 10 - Vote Zombozo & Drone On
    Sept. 11 - Safari Sa'Bad & The Nature of Things
    Sept. 12 - The Sound and the Furry & Reststop Roustabout
    Sept. 13 - That's the Stuff & The Feels
    Sept. 14 - Past Aliens Present & Dreamtime

  • Season 2 Finale: Innervasion will premiere on CN Asia on Sept. 22


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    I wonder when they're gonna show the 5 part of Ben 10 Reboot season 2 Finale "Innervasion" when it aired on Youtube.com or Cartoon Network?

  • They did, we simply missed it

  • Reboots are not tied to previous series canon. This is a new universe, and if they want to turn the omnitrix into an inter-dimensional gateway for a plot, they can do that. It may be strange, but if we give the show a proper chance, it might be interesting.

  • @offbeatcat Plenty of people, including me, already gave the reboot show a proper chance and yet ratings for the show are still low and from what I've seen, many or most people don't find it to be a good show.

    And sure, if they want to turn the Omnitrix into an inter-dimensional gateway, they can...but should they do that? Should they do that to the Omnitrix? Should they introduce that into the show? Is it something that the show needs? Is it something that the franchise needs? There's a lot of things that can be done in a show/movie/video game/etc. but shouldn't be done. They can add Shock Rock to the show if they want to but they shouldn't have because Shock Rock is just another electric and energy based alien and we already had many other of those types of aliens introduced into the franchise already. Shock Rock is an unnecessary gimmick that's really only meant to sell more merchandise and adds little to nothing to the show that we haven't seen before. It's not just Ben 10 either. Doom (2016) almost became just another generic shooter reminiscent of games such as Call of Duty but id Software realized that that's a direction that shouldn't be taken for Doom and thus they went with the game that we got instead...and it worked out very well for them and us. Capcom could've continued with having the Resident Evil franchise be action-oriented but due to the reception of plenty of the action-oriented Resident Evil games, Capcom realized that they needed to go back to survival horror with Resident Evil 7 and it worked out well for them and for Resident Evil fans. Again, Man of Action and Cartoon Network Studios can do a lot of things and go down all sorts of various directions with the Ben 10 reboot but the real question is should they do these things and go down these very directions?

  • This franchise isn't the same franchise. Times are changing. To them, it's a clean slate. In this show, ben hasn't had an energy alien yet. And i think that shock rock's inclusion is forgivable, due to the interesting way they utilized it in the finale of the season. Why did i like it? Ben's reckless use of the watch had a consequence. Trying to mess with the watch caused him to lose upgrade, yes, but it seemed like shock rock was just a shoehorned in alien. While he is that, the sample is like a beacon, meaning whenever ben used that power, he was making a map to his planet. Something that, once Ben begins losing control of the alien, he is forced to confront. The omnitrix is a portal because he "upgraded" it into such a thing, without knowing what he was doing. In the end, the whole mess was his fault, and the situation did develop his character. While there was still some dumb stuff in that finale, it was a positive step. The writers seem to be getting a better idea of how to tell stories, and i'm proud of them. I kinda wish glitch had died off though, because we don't need 2 bens, and it could've been good for ben to see more consequences, but i'm happy with what we got.

  • @offbeatcat Isn't the same franchise? What in the world were you smoking when you typed that? It's called "Ben 10." It's in the freakin name. Yes, it's part of the same exact franchise. Yes, this is still the same franchise that we've been seeing since 2005. The Resident Evil live action films took a different direction than the games yet it's still part of the same franchise. The 2005 Doom film took a different approach yet it was still part of the same Doom franchise. Games such as Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Call of Duty Black Ops 4 take different directions compared to previous games yet they're still part of the same respective franchises. These are just some examples.

    Also, it had always been established that Ben's reckless use of the Omnitrix...no, in fact, Ben's recklessness in general...led to negative consequences. It's been established since the Original Series. The difference with the reboot, however, is that Ben either barely or never learned from his mistakes. There's a constant, repeating trend in the reboot of Ben causing many of the very situations that he encounters to happen in the first place. Many many times Ben has put others in danger. Many many times Ben kept making situations even worse than they should be and yet he kept making those same mistakes. Ben's recklessness in the reboot has consequences but he doesn't actually learn from them.

    And don't even dare give me that excuse that times are changing and that it's a clean slate because that doesn't matter for the overall quality of the show. It doesn't make the very flaws that the reboot has any less significant and relevant. It doesn't make the reboot show itself any better. It doesn't stop anyone from continuing to compare the reboot show to any of the past shows in the Ben 10 franchise. Times have changed for the Terminator franchise when Genisys rebooted said franchise and Genisys was seen as terrible and people still compared it to Terminator 1 and 2. Times have changed for Star Wars when Disney acquired it and yet The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi still copied many elements from the Original Trilogy and people are still comparing Disney's take on Star Wars to pre-Disney Star Wars. Times have changed for the Tomb Raider franchise when it was rebooted yet the reboot trilogy still lacked in many areas and many people still compared it to previous Tomb Raider games. Times have changed for the Powerpuff Girls series yet the PPG reboot was considered by pretty much almost everyone to be one of Cartoon Network's worse shows in its history and people also still compared the PPG reboot to the original PPG. Ever heard of the saying, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." Change does not always lead to good. Change can make things worse. That's why I value improvement over change. In fact, the Ben 10 reboot is, of course, a reboot. People want for reboots and remakes to be improvements over the original source materials. That's the intended purpose of the Ben 10 reboot being a reboot: to be an improvement over all of the previous shows, changes or not.

    Oh, by the way, I just recently finished watching Innervasion. It is not a positive step for the show. Out of all the specials that the reboot had so far, Innervasion was the worse. So many blatant inconsistencies with the writing. Such a lack of tension. The writers are not getting a better idea of how to tell stories. In fact, the only times where they decided to try and be more competent and try to make something even remotely good were in those very specials. Every other episode of season 2 of the Ben 10 reboot is just more of the same stuff that we've been getting from season 1 and as such still have more of the same issues that season 1 episodes had with new issues to pile up on that. The writers are not improving here. They're not getting better.

    You can say all you want that "times are changing" and "it's a clean slate" and something so stupid such as "this franchise isn't the same franchise" but that does not make the reboot show any better in it's quality. That does not make the issues with the reboot show any less significant and relevant. That is no excuse for the sheer incompetency that was displayed when making this very show.

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