Ben to Ben 10,000

  • How was it that ben went from being a happy and excited superhero to an edgy adult? I mean, they never outright say what happened in the original series. Something happened that caused him to lose the joy of being a hero. I believe it was the same day he mutilated Vilgax, and possibly the same day Grandpa Max lost his arm. So what do you think happened? You can let your imagination go a bit wild, or try to piece together a canon explanation.

  • @andrew42 Originally, Ben was supposed to become Ben 10,000 at the age of 15. However, Derrick J. Wyatt changed that to the age of 20 over the stupid excuse of time constantly shifting. That's the when. As for the how, well, something tragic happened to Ben that affected him in a negative way and it's most likely related to Ben mutilating Vilgax. As for Max losing his arm, it was stated that he lost it during the Limax War so it's likely not related to Ben's transition into Ben 10,000. Have you ever seen or read DC's The Killing Joke. The Joker makes a point on how it could take just one bad day to make a normal person go insane (which is what happened to the Joker). Everyone has a breaking point and Ben reached his thus resulting in him becoming Ben 10,000. Of course, we never even got a chance to see what really happened because Cartoon Network would rather sell more Ben 10 merchandise than let the franchise fulfill its potential and opportunities.

  • What are your head canons on the matter? What was Ben's "bad day?"

  • @andrew42 My head canon? Well, my guess is that someone very important to Ben got hurt. I say that someone is Gwen since that she would be one of the, if not the most, important person to Ben. If you want what I think is the best example of Ben reaching that breaking point, then I would recommend the Ben 10 fanfics, Little Moments and Breaking Point (even though Breaking Point isn't finished yet) as well as the prequel chapter, Little Moment: Stone in the River (you should read that first since that, well, it's a prequel). They're Bwen fanfics (if you haven't known yet) but even if you're not into that shipping, I still highly recommend checking them out. I have everything about this series linked on a page on this website. Again, I say that this is the best example of how Ben could reach his breaking point and becoming Ben 10,000.

  • Did we ever get anything cannon on what made ben10k joyless?

  • @oldtaku_dd Not really. Like I said, we never really got the chance to see how exactly Ben became Ben 10,000. Cartoon Network never covered that.

  • Ben 10 Fans

    Why don't Man Of Action go ahead and make the Ben 10 Reboot episode of Ben 10,000 for season 2 in the future on Cartoon Network that'll be cool. So what you think?

  • I personally don't think they'll ever show how ben becomes ben 10000. They need to keep him young. Unfortunately.

  • @andrew42 Yeah, part of me thinks that too. Gotta make Ben "relatable" otherwise kids won't watch the show, even though there are plenty of adult superheroes that many many kids out there are big fans of.

  • @tactical-ochoa
    Ben: "Getting older then 10 was the biggest mistake of my life"

  • @andrew42 And where is that quote from?

  • @tactical-ochoa
    Me. I made it up

  • @andrew42 Ok, that's what I thought.

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