Ben 10: My Ideal Roster of Ben's Aliens

  • This is a selection of what I find to be the ideal set of aliens that Ben should have and use for his heroism. The Ben 10 franchise introduced too many aliens during its runtime and as a result, Ben's roster of aliens has become quite bloated and many of his aliens are either just pointless and useless to have or just break the balance of power between Ben and his enemies...while some of his aliens are just blatant and unnecessary copies of some of Ben's other aliens. Yes, I know that the Omnitrix contains the DNA samples of over one million aliens but that doesn't mean that Ben should use every new alien that he gets. Ben 10 is not Pokémon. This list is based on what I find to be the most useful, unique, and balanced aliens in the Ben 10 franchise and will be characterized by show while also trying my best to not have any duplicates and to not have more than one alien within a certain category. For example, no two or more of any aliens that would be under the same categories such as strength, speed, intelligence, etc and no two or more of any aliens that have similar abilities. There might be some exceptions though. Much of the information backing up my claims is also from the Ben 10 Planet Wiki. Let's get started.

    Note: You may notice that there are a few aliens that I may mention but aren't in the list. On August 23, 2017, I made an update that removed some of these aliens from the list because I've changed my mind on that. These aliens are Benmummy/Snare-Oh, Benvicktor/Frankenstrike, Eyeguy, NRG, and Gravattack. My reasons for removing these aliens are under "Edit 2:" located at the bottom of the page.

    Original Series:
    Grey Matter
    Four Arms
    Way Big
    Toepick (maybe but not likely)

    Now of course I pretty much list every single alien in the Original Series including the aliens that appeared in the future-based episodes. Then again, the original show did introduce the best set of aliens in the franchise, with each alien being unique and interesting and standing out from each other while also each having their own proper reasons to be in Ben's roster and each alien being properly balanced as well. They all properly suit their own roles in which they were created for. Now, while Atomix and Toepick didn't appear in the franchise till Omniverse, they were mentioned in the episode, Ken 10, so I say they're included. There are other aliens that were mentioned in the episode, Ken 10, as well but those other aliens that were mentioned were established as being pretty terrible and useless aliens to use considering Ken's disappointment and dislike towards having them in his Omnitrix. Granted, I don't find Toepick to be that interesting and would probably be too useful to be properly balanced since that Toepick could just scare almost every villain that Ben encounters. Atomix is a more unique alien that does stand out but the biggest issue with him is that he's a very powerful alien and does need to be toned down a little to have a place in this very roster. He can still be one of Ben's more powerful aliens but he does pretty much break that balance of power. While Benwolf and Wildmutt are both canine-type aliens, their abilities are so separate from each other that I find it suitable enough to include both of them. I doubt that Benmummy would be used that often since that Ben has Wildvine and I bet that Benvicktor would be used even less often considering that this list includes Buzzshock and I'll be getting back to Buzzshock later on here as well. My decision might change for Benmummy and Benvicktor in the future.

    Alien Force:

    Welp, that's a short list. I know a lot of people like many of the aliens from Alien Force but let me explain. Again, no two of any aliens that have similar abilities and are within the same categories. Spidermonkey and Lodestar are really the only two aliens that stand out the most for me among all the aliens introduced in Alien Force. Almost every other alien suits a purpose that many of the Original Series aliens already fulfill. What is the point of Humungousaur when Ben has Four Arms? Yeah, Humungousaur is able to grow in size but Ben has Way Big. Also, Four Arms is faster and more agile than Humungousaur. Plus, of course, Four Arms has double the amount of arms as Humungousaur as well. I guess Humungousaur is stronger than Four Arms but he's too strong as Humungousaur is able to lift Way Big (although, he did get his ass kicked by a Highbreed and I doubt that Highbreeds are that strong) and can almost throw objects to near-earth orbit. Again, I'm factoring in balance as well. Swampfire is just a combination of Wildvine and Heatblast. Echo Echo is just Ditto with Benwolf's sonic howl ability without Ditto's weakness being that each of his duplicates being linked to each other, thus each sharing the same pain. That makes Echo Echo extremely powerful as there is no consequence to any of his duplicates being killed off since Ben could just create more. I know a lot of fans like Bigchill but this list already has Arctiguana and Ghostfreak. Goop is out since that this list already has Stinkfly and Spitter, which both have slime-based abilities with Spitter's slime being acidic and conductive for electricity while Stinkfly's slime is both adhesive and flammable. Brainstorm is out since that Ben has Grey Matter, Benvicktor, and this list includes Buzzshock. This keeps going on and on for most of the aliens in Alien Force. The only exceptions are Rath and Alien X. As hilarious as Rath is, there is not much that he has to offer that makes him a useful alien. There are other aliens that Ben could chose that are better than Rath. Rath is just a joke. As for Alien X, he is WAAAAAAAAAAY too powerful to be in this list. I do not find Serena and Bellicus to be suitable counters to Alien X's sheer power. Once Ben gets pass them, Alien X is unstoppable and can end a fight in the blink of an eye. If Ben has an alien that can create a freakin universe, he's way too powerful to be in this list. The winners here are Spidermonkey and Lodestar.

    Ultimate Alien:

    Again, a pretty short list for Ultimate Alien as well. Much like with my arguments and reasons for most of the aliens in Alien Force, this ends up being very much the case for most of the aliens in Ultimate Alien as well. Most of the aliens in Ultimate Alien suit roles that many other aliens that I listed down on here already fulfill. Why use Jury Rigg if Ben has Upgrade? Why use ChamAlien if Ben has Ghostfreak? Why use Eatle if Ben already has Upchuck? Why Fasttrack, for christ sake? Fasttrack is one of the worst aliens in the franchise. His design is terrible and it would've been much better to just bring back XLR8. Clockwork is a unique alien but his ability to control and manipulate time makes him way too powerful to be included in this list. NRG is a maybe and that's because I find him to be a good replacement for Atomix if Atomix can't be properly balanced. In fact, I find NRG to be a good enough level of power for Atomix to be set at. Other than that, Armodrillo and Terraspin are the two aliens that stood out the most in Ultimate Alien with NRG being a maybe. I find them suitable, unique, and balanced enough to be in this list.

    Ball Weevil

    Now we get to my choice of aliens from Omniverse. In this case, this is more of just being that many of the new aliens in the show are just pretty much pointless to have. Some of them are just outright stupid. Bloxx, for example, is literally living, breathing legos. Seriously? Then there are aliens such as Walkatrout, Mole-Stache, The Worst, etc. Just...why? I know a lot of fans like Feedback but again, this list already has Buzzshock. In fact, after reading up on Buzzshock and Feedback, I find Buzzshock to be the better alien out of the two. Pretty much almost everything that Feedback can do, Buzzshock can do as well and Buzzshock has more to him than Feedback. I'd rather pick Buzzshock over Feedback. Aliens such as Bullfrag and Kickin Hawk also suffer from many of the same issues as Rath does where they just don't have a lot to offer with them and there are many other aliens that are much better options to use than these aliens from Omniverse. Out of all of the aliens introduced in Omniverse, Gravattack, Ball Weevil, and Gutrot stand out the most. They're the most unique, the most balanced (although Gravattack is quite powerful since that he could control gravity but I still find him suitable enough to be in this list), and they stand out very well in their own ways.

    New Aliens:
    Protost alien (Tetrax's ship pilot, Gluto)
    Uxorite alien (Xylene)
    Lenopan alien (Lucy)

    Finally, I'm going to introduce a couple of ideas that I have for new aliens that I believe are suitable enough to be in this list and would be interesting to see Ben be able to transform into and use in battle. While I'm not going to include Goop into the list since that he has abilities that other aliens also have, I do find it interesting if Ben had access to a goo-like alien...hence a Protost, which is the alien species that Gluto, Tetrax's ship pilot from Secret of the Omnitrix, is identified as. Ben being able to transform into an alien that can morph his body into various forms and shapes like Gluto can could be interesting to see and quite useful to have. I believe the closest alien that I have on my list that can morph his shape is Upgrade but that's not Upgrade's actual purpose as that alien is meant to be able to merge with technology and upgrade it. Granted, Protosts are able to regenerate even from he smallest remains but that doesn't make them unstoppable and there are many villains out there that are capable of combating Protosts, such as Vilgax as shown in Secret of the Omnitrix. Then there's the Uxorite alien, which is the species that Xylene is identified as. This is mostly due to Uxorites, such as Xylene, having telekinetic abilities. I also believe that I didn't list down any aliens that have telekinesis with the closest aliens being Gravattack, for being able to manipulate gravity, and Lodestar, for having magnetic abilities. Even then, telekinesis still stands out from those two other abilities considering how different it is to them. It would be interesting to see Ben be able to transform into an alien that has telekinesis and considering that Uxorites aren't really durable and therefore can get hurt easily in combat, I'd say that an Uxorite alien is balanced enough for Ben to have and use as well. Overall, I'd say that having a Protost alien and an Uxorite alien for Ben to use as they are unique, they do serve their own purposes separate from other aliens, and they are well balanced enough to be added to this list.

    Edit: A user, known as csgt, on the Ben 10 Club made a suggestion to include a Lenopan alien into my list of aliens for Ben to use. I realized that I forgot about that alien and it would be a great choice to include in said list. This is mostly due to a Lenopan alien being a really good option for undercover/infiltration purposes. There are other aliens, such as Ghostfreak, that could be used for stealth infiltration but a Lenopan alien could still be a very useful alien for Ben to have access to; especially, again, for undercover purposes as Lenopans can change their form to look like other species. Granted, Ghostfreak can possess other individuals but a good observer can notice that since that those that are possessed by Ectonurites will have Ectonurite eyes. Lenopans disguised as other species, however, can be harder to detect though as they can be dead on accurate with their mimicking of other species. It would have to be up to Ben and how he approaches these various situations in order to make these disguises work, which does help to balance out his Lenopan alien form. So yeah, I'm going to include a Lenopan alien to my list under the "New Aliens" category and this is my reason as to why. Thank you, csgt. You made a great call on that.

    Edit 2: As stated above, I decided to remove Benmummy/Snare-Oh, Benvicktor/Frankenstrike, Eyeguy, NRG, and Gravattack. These are my reasons as to why. For Snare-Oh and Frankenstrike, I believe I stated before that there are already other aliens in this list that cover their roles so I've decided to reconsider having Snare-Oh and Frankenstrike in my list. I decided to remove NRG because I already have Atomix and to me, it feels like both of these aliens are pretty similar to each other just enough to remove one of them. While I am concerned about just how vastly powerful Atomix is, if I were to implement Atomix, I would reduce just how powerful he is just enough to make him balanced enough to be in this list. Atomix could still be one of Ben's more powerful aliens but he still needs to be significantly toned back to make him suitably balanced enough to be in my list. So yeah, NRG is out. Then there's Gravattack and Eyeguy. While they do have their own characteristics that makes them unique, there is one thing that does eliminate them (and the other aliens that I mentioned) from my list and that's realism. Yes, I know, it's a cartoon show. Oh boy, people love to use that excuse even though there are countless examples of other animated works that do display significant amounts of realism. Even Ben 10 has plenty of moments of realism. So, here's what I mean by these aliens not being "realistic." By realistic, I'm referring to the aliens in the show feeling believable; especially in the setting of the show itself. You can look at many of the aliens in the Ben 10 franchise (especially most of the aliens in the 2005 original show) and they feel believable. They feel like they indeed are really aliens. Gravattack and Eyeguy don't really have that. An alien that has its own gravity? An alien with eyes placed all over its body let alone each of those eyes being able to shoot lasers? It doesn't seem right. Ridiculous, in fact. The same can go for Frankenstrike and Snare-Oh and many of the other aliens that I didn't include into my list. For example, Water Hazard/Overflow. They shoot water out. Where is all that water coming from? Plenty of times that alien used more water than it could hold in its body and I don't believe it was never explained in the shows how this alien gets more water. This sort of reasoning may be seen as controversial because maybe there's other aliens in my list that aren't realistic either. Who knows though because this new factor may influence my list in the future. It's certainly something that I'm going to think about later. Also, in regards to Gravattack, I already have the Uxorite alien in my list so Gravattack doesn't really seem necessary considering what an Uxorite alien is capable of. Now one more thing, does that mean that I should include aliens into my list such as Chromastone (especially Chromastone since that a lot of fans do like him and I recall plenty of people responding back to this asking about him)? My answer is no. Ben still has energy based aliens such as Buzzshock and Atomix. Even then, if Ben wants to shoot lasers at his enemies, he could just issue himself a laser gun and use that instead, regardless as to whether he's in his normal human form or in one of his alien forms. Ben doesn't need an alien that can shoot lasers. Anyways, that should cover everything for now.

    That's 30 aliens total in this list. I say that this is a good enough roster of aliens for Ben to use. Each alien is unique and interesting and all serve their own purposes that are separate from each other, at least most of them are properly balanced out, there are little to no duplicates, and overall this roster of aliens for Ben to use doesn't feel bloated.

    If anyone has any thoughts and opinions on this, feel free to comment down below. Are there any aliens that you think should be added to this list or are there any aliens on this list that you think should be removed or replaced by other aliens, feel free to share that in your comments.

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  • Your list is good.
    I also agree that a lot of aliens are redundant, like Swampfire (fusion between Heatblast and Wildvine), and Fasttrack (XLR8 already is Ben's speedster alien).
    But I would add
    Ben has Ghost (Ghostfreak), Werewolf (Benwolf/Blitzwolfer), Mummy (Benmummy/Snare-Oh), Frankestein (Benvicktor/Frankenstrike). I feel the list wouldn't be complete without a Vampire. Besides, he has unique powers like Life Force Draining and Hypnosis.
    Overflow (or Water Hazard)
    Although Ripjaws is also an aquatic alien, he has different skills and weaknesses. Ripjaws is faster and stronger for a fight underwater, while Overflow can control and manipulate water. I think both of them have a place in Ben's roster.

  • @csgt Ebomnitrix also mentioned those two aliens on this page on Deviant-art as well. I'll just copy and paste my response on here.

    "Why use Water Hazard to spray villains with water when Ben could just use Arctiguana to freeze said aliens instead? Water isn't that useful of a weapon/tool for combat...because it's water. It would be better for Ben to just have an alien that can freeze his enemies instead of an alien that's basically just a big, living, breathing squirt gun."

    "I also don't find Whampire that interesting and unique to be on this list either. Plus, there is also factoring in that he is vulnerable to ultraviolet rays so I find him too weak to be on this list as well. Yes, the same goes for Ghostfreak but at least that alien has an over layer to protect him from said ultraviolet rays as well as also being able to go intangible. Plus, I think we've already had enough of a fair share of Halloween themed aliens. Like I said, Benvicktor and Benmummy are likely not going to be used that often since that Ben does have other, better options that fulfill their roles. These are my reasons for not including Whampire into my list."

  • @tactical-ochoa To be honest, if I were to make a list of my own, I would probably not include any Halloween themed alien.
    I wouldn't like to see Ghostfreak back in the Omnitrix
    Benvicktor is like Buzzshock (eletric powers) + Four Arms (brute force)
    Benwolf overshadows Wildmutt being an canine alien but stronger and with sonic powers (in my opinion, it's just like the way Echo Echo overshadows Ditto)
    Wildvine can be used instead of Benmummy (as you said)
    I would actually prefer to see an Alternate Universe Ben with a Monstertrix/Supernaturaltrix, allowing him to turn into supernatural creatures, like ghost, werewolf, vampire, mummy, frankenstein, sorcerer (getting magical powers like OS Gwen), fairy (Pesky Dust), ... [I will probably use this for my fanfic LOL]

    About Overflow, I think he could still be useful in some situations. Like, a few examples:
    1 - To put out fires. If Ben sees a person on fire, it's better to use water than freezing the person, for example.
    2 - If Ben is inside a sinking ship, he could use Overflow to keep the ship floating and led it to safety.
    3 - If Ben is being attacked by multiple enemies underwater, he could use Overflow to keep them away, controlling the water around them.
    I'm sure there are other ways to get out of this situations, but I still consider Overflow useful enough.

  • What about chromastone i don't recall any aliens having similar powers as him

  • Ben 10 Fans

    Actually why not Pesky Dust? PD has powers over putting people to sleep and messing with their dreams, it is a new power after all.

  • @jrphilgene Chromastone shoots laser beams. So does Eyeguy, who is already in my list. Also, there's already a crystal-based alien in my list as well, which is Diamondhead. Chromastone can also absorb energy but I already have Buzzshock in my list.

    @Ebomnitrix I don't know about Pesky Dust. I don't really like the design of Pesky Dust as it doesn't feel unique and alien. Making people go to sleep and messing with their dreams could work for the purpose of interrogations and thus get information out of Ben's enemies. However, since that Ghostfreak can possess people, I'd imagine that he could get inside their minds as well, thus getting information out of them that way. I'm not sure if this was ever confirmed to be the case but I'd say that it is likely. Even then, I'd also imagine that with Gutrot being on my list, Ben could just use Gutrot to create some truth serum gas for interrogations as well. If I do decide to keep Toepick, that alien would be useful for interrogations as well. Information gathering is really where I would find Pesky Dust to be at his most useful and balanced but there are already other aliens on this list that already fulfill that very role so, no on Pesky Dust for my list. Also thinking about it, Pesky Dust could also end up making many of Ben's fights too easy as all he would have to do with Pesky Dust is spray the sleeping dust onto his enemies and thus knock them out instantly. There are exceptions to this but still.

  • Also, another new alien that comes to my mind is Lenopan / Sludgepuppy / Lucy's species. Have you thought about including a Lenopan for undercover mission purposes?

  • @csgt Oh yeah, I forgot about that. That's right. That might be a better choice for a new alien than a Protost alien. Or I could keep the Protost alien and include the Lenopan alien to my list for, as you stated, undercover/infiltration missions. Great call there. I'll make an edit to include the Lenopan to my list.

  • Alright, I made an update to add the Lenopan to my list. It'll be under the "New Aliens" category.

  • I made an update to this page where I removed some aliens from my list. Everything that covers what I did is located in "Note:" at the beginning of the page that covers what aliens I removed and "Edit 2:" near the end of the page that covers my reasons as to why.

  • Ben 10 Fans

    I wanna ask you a question, why do you have Gluto instead of Goop? Because they both have the same powers entirely, they're voice is almost identical too without the vocal effects, I'm just curious why's he's there is all?

  • @ebomnitrix I explained why on the page itself. Spitter already covers Goop's acidic ability and the Protost alien (Gluto) covers Goop's shapeshifting abilities. What I didn't mention though is that Goop is reliant on that anti gravity (or something of the likes) device to remain effective as that is his primary means of mobility and maintaining and manipulating his shape. A very blatant, obvious, and easily exploitable weakness. The Protost alien doesn't have to rely on any device in order to maintain and manipulate his shape and mobility. I also like how more visually interesting and unique the Protost alien looks compared to Goop.

  • Personally, I feel the way you organized this list creates problems. Most prominently, the fact it is in chronological unlock order. Now, this doesn't mean all of your choices need to be changed, but it does mean it's not exactly the best lineup. I personally feel that there are many other electric aliens simply better then buzzshock. Feedback is a bit overpowered, and Buzzshock is just weak. Ben has many electric aliens, and i think that Ampfibian is a better choice for the electric power.

  • @andrew42 AmpFibian could be an interesting choice if not Buzzshock and Feedback. Granted, if I were to include AmpFibian into my list, I would remove his ability to go intangible since that I already have Ghostfreak in my list. However, since that AmpFibian can read other people's minds by sensing the electrical pulses in their minds, AmpFibian could be a good choice for interrogation in intel gathering purposes as well.

    I don't really find Buzzshock to be weak. Like I said, I've read up on both Buzzshock and Feedback and I find Buzzshock to be the better alien. Buzzshock can very much do what Feedback can do but there are certain things that Buzzshock can also do that Feedback can't do. If you read up on both of these aliens on the Ben 10 Planet Wiki, you could see what I mean by that.

  • I have a few contributions i'd like to make for your new Aliens section.
    #1: Slimebiote
    Now, i understand this list already has a slime alien, but hear me out. A slimebiote would be really effective if used correctly. Skurd showed the power to latch onto any species, and to use their dna for himself. An example was giving liam an extra hand. This also seems to imply slimebiotes can control people to a limited degree. I think this could be an interesting and effective power for combat, depending on the situation.
    #2: Argit's species
    Argit's species has a pretty good set of abilities, which Argit doesn't seem to use too often. For starters, his quills can be launched as darts, which can knockout armored aliens like andreas. Also, as demonstrated by pierce, the quills can be removed and used as weapons for hand to hand. Most interestingly though, Argit's species can shut down their pulse. This would be great for a fake out in the middle of a fight, to catch enemies off guard.
    Anyways, that's my list.

  • @tactical-ochoa I have, and i see what you mean. Overall though, I kinda feel Ampfibian can do most of the same things, and a bit more. Buzzshock is just a bit more frail in close combat, which seems kind of problematic.

  • @andrew42 An alien that can duplicate himself when severed is...frail. I don't really buy that.

    I'm not entirely sure about your suggestion for new aliens. Maybe the Argit species alien could be pretty use. I'll have to think about them more. Thanks for the suggestions though. I'll also think about AmpFibian some more as well.

  • @tactical-ochoa Duplication. That's actually a problem. You talked about how redundant having 2 aliens with the same powers is redundant, but buzzshock's duplication renders ditto irrelevant. I'd advise removing ditto, since buzzshock can duplicate. Also, when i said frail, i meant as in being sent flying easily.

  • @andrew42 Good point. I'd rather keep Ditto so maybe I could remove Buzzshock and find a different alien or readjust Buzzshock and remove that ability. I have also discussed with some of the aliens on my list the need to rebalance them to make them more suitable for my list, such as Atomix. Also, if that's what you meant by frail, then I guess this can go for most of Ben's other aliens because they can be sent flying easily as well. Also, that's not what frail means. Frail means weak, delicate, easily breakable, fragile, etc.

    Granted, unlike Ditto, Buzzshock can be easily defeated if he loses too much of his power supply and I wouldn't imagine that this duplication would be used often either since that Buzzshock has to be physically severed in order for that to happen. I could also imagine with each duplication, Buzzshock's power supply would be cut down as well since that each duplicate would need its own power supply, making them weaker and weaker unless they manage to recharge themselves. As stated on the Ben 10 wiki, fire seems to drain Buzzshock's power supply. It's not really that hard to gain access to fire unless the area is surrounded by water.

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