Addressing the Ben 10 Reboot Part 4: Show/Episode Discussions cont.

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    I kinda felt the same way towards the NASA situation, it felt too rushed.
    I think Ben's aliens and the Vilgax fight and crash landing made the episode good for me, I say for a season premiere its average.
    But it seems like the Catdobbit episode is gonna be better since it actually does feel natural pacing and its about something none of the older Ben 10s has gone over, which is having pets.

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    Battle at Biggie Box:
    Ben vs Billy Billions vs Simon Says @ who gets the newest Sumo Slammer toy.
    Billy loses and Ben finally becomes friends with Simon in the episode. They also established Billy made the backpack and tries to buy him off but fails to.
    Aliens: Cannonbolt, Wildvine Enhanced (w/ usual sequence)

    Bon Voyage:
    I don't know what happens in the episode outside the description. But from my friend in the UK, he said the episode felt average, and Wildvine was only used to try to get Ben away from his sea-sickness.
    Wildvine, Diamondhead, Heabtlast Enhanced (w/ All Wet sequence)

  • @ebomnitrix Uh, Kai Green wanted to have Ben as a pet werewolf.

    As for NASA, it would've probably have been better if Gwen successfully hacked the ship near the end of the episode.

  • @ebomnitrix Actually, Ben did have a pet (a dog) on "Goodbye and Good Riddance". But I'm also excited for the Cadobbit episode (I think the Cadobbit won't become Ben's permanent pet though, but I will be pleasant surprised if that happens)

  • @csgt Oh yeah, that's right. Ben's family already did have a pet dog in the original show.

  • Oh and don't make the hacking bit successful out of pure luck. It doesn't make Gwen's effort feel rewarding and satisfying. It made the writing feel a little lazy.

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    Actually i think that maybe Max had experience hacking stuff and just acted like it was an accident to hide his past. But thats just a theory.

  • @ultimate-omnitri I don't know. They never hinted to Max being a Plumber and Max had constantly been portrayed as a more goofy grandfather compared to how he was portrayed in the previous shows. It's more likely that Max just managed to breach the firewall by accident. I'm still sticking to my prediction that Max isn't a Plumber in the reboot show.

  • I feel like Grandpa max is a plumber in this show. they've dropped many hints. After seeing the groundhog bikers, grandpa max said it reminded him of his old days. Gwen and Ben thought he was part of a motorcycle gang, but he could be referring to dealing with mutants before. Also, when Max is about to jump into the volcano, phil remarks: "Still as reckless as ever" meaning Max has done something as dangerous as this. I wouldn't assume that he was a plumber, since phil knew what the omnitrix was, and he and max seem to have a history...

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