When did Ben 10 get bad?

  • Many of us have different opinions on when Ben 10 started to get bad. In my opinion that started when Dwayne died. He was the best writer in Ben 10 history and make the best two sequels we could get. But before he died, he was making Omniverse. Omniverse wasn't planned as being as lighthearted as it turn out. According to what I have read on different websites, the first season should have 40 episodes about the Malware arc. It was supposes to be more mature than Omniverse ever was. It would also have explained why Ben took of the Omnitrix between the original series and Alien Force. But when Dwayne died, that was taken away and replaced by stupid Derrick J. Wyatt's Omniverse who destroyed Ben 10. Haven't Dwayne died, Ben 10 would still have been good and the reboot would never have existed. What are your opinions on this?

  • @Mortie-10 Honestly, the series didn't get bad, it's just that the franchise as a whole hasn't got to it potential because no one knows what Ben 10 should be, a action superhero series. Ben 10 didn't get bad, but it suffers mistrearment from its creators and fans.

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    Its true, not only that, it wasn't because of DJW this happened, they were going to replace the animators anyway.
    Feedback, Bloxx, Shocksquatch, Gravattack, Khyber, Malware, Rook, Crashhopper, Kickin Hawk, Toepick, Arctiguana, and Eye Guy were already prior to before Dwayne's death. Enoch was the main thing they cut out of the series which surprised me, I don't know about anything else?
    But its not DJW fault, its more like CN's because they keep trying to make a light-hearted series and more closer to OS, by each series, and now that we got a Reboot, CN got what they wanted, because they were the ones who were crapping on Alien Force to make it more for children instead of older audiences. While I don't mind they want to make it for kids, but they need to make it for more bigger kids/teens rather than that young audience, especially since most kids don't watch TV anymore.
    I think it just hurt fans when Dwayne died that they wanted to give up on Ben 10, since the older audience thought he was in charge, they thought "Well... if the creator of Ben 10 is dead, then maybe we should just give up on Ben 10 and move on from there" that's literally what half the community did by the time this happened, and it was right when toy sells were stopping too, I feel Ben 10 died because they wanted to give up after that scenario, so until someone can properly revive the show and its fanbase, we will forever keep getting shows trying to be more and more like the original series, when it should be a little Alien Force, as it tries to be more mature with some scenarios. I don't mind if a show wants to be lighter, but it'll cause nothing but bigger issues if they don't find a balance.

  • @Ebomnitrix Dwayne McDuffie didn't create Ben 10. The Man of Action team did, McDuffie had a very different vision for Ben 10 and retconned a lot of things for AF/UA that Man of Action had previously established in OS. I absolutely love Dwayne's work on Statick Shock and Justice League Unlimited (JLU is my favorite cartoon ever actually), but as other people here have said, I would have preferred a Ben 10 sequel by the hands of the original creators.

    My answer to the question: I think there is a reason why the OS is the most popular series, and that reason is because from AF onwards a big part of the audience lost interest (I'm not talking about the hardcore fans here, I'm talking about casual friends that I know that stopped watching Ben 10 after the OS). AF storylines were amazing, but the new aliens were not as interesting as the Original Series' ones (with a few exceptions), there were a lot of retcons, and especially, the writers were in love with Kevin and made him the main star of the show, stealing the spotlight from Ben sometimes, and it didn't work out.

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