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  • So if anyone has read my discussion page about the comparisons between Ben and Gwen Tennyson and the Spider-Man characters Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, and Mary Jane Watson, I mentioned that I would discuss a bit of the aspects in regards to these characters that could be connected to Bwen. So in regards to Bwen, there are the very similarities between the main characters of Ben 10 and the main characters of Spider-Man that I did mention in the other topic page. Another thing to point out is that, noting those very similarities, Peter Parker does end up in a relationship with Gwen Stacy and then later on with Mary Jane Watson after Gwen died. This could add as further evidence to my theory that Man of Action wanted to pair Ben and Gwen together as a romantic couple since that, as also mentioned, Man of Action are former Marvel comic book writers and artists and considering the major similarities between Ben and Gwen Tennyson and Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, and Mary Jane Watson to the point where Ben and Gwen could be very much likely based and/or inspired by those very Spider-Man characters. This is all that I really want to take note of for now. If anyone is interested in wanting to read the topic page about the character comparisons analysis, here is the link to that very page.


  • I'm making this post to discuss how Ben and Gwen's relationship and partnership with each other affects the show and the characters themselves, further explaining how it works so well. A lot is pretty much what I discussed before already but I wanted to discuss more about this and why most fans favor the partnership between Ben and Gwen in the show. This mostly came into mind after thinking back to Ben and Rook's partnership in Omniverse.

    Why does Ben and Gwen's relationship and partnership work so well for the Ben 10 series, especially when Ben, Gwen, and Kevin don't work just as well together and neither Ben and Rook's partnership? It's about balance. How well they fit together and how well they work off of each other. I previously mentioned how Ben and Gwen have certain characteristics about each other that helps fulfill each other's needs. How they both have a gap that can be filled in through having the very relationship and partnership that they're in.

    Ben and Gwen work so well with each other because they balance each other out. They keep each other in check. Gwen is there to keep Ben focused and to keep him out of trouble. Whenever Ben acts out of line, Gwen is there to put him back in line and keep him straight. Much like Max, Gwen is also like a mentor to Ben. As for Ben, as stated before, he's there to allow Gwen to have that much needed rest. Ben keeps Gwen from working too hard. To give Gwen the very breathing room that she need. To allow her to have some fun in her life. They both give each other what they're missing in each other's lives. As a result of this very balance and fulfillment, the series was able to build up a lot of great chemistry between them. To build up their relationship with each other very well. To make their partnership with each other work in favor of them and the series itself. That very balance that they've formed and built in their relationship is what allows the series to go very well with it's characters. It's what greatly helps hold the series up. If that balance is broken, then things can fall apart greatly here with the Ben 10 series, and that's what happened in Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse and this is mostly in regards to Ben.

    Ben and Gwen alone work off of each other very well. However, when Kevin stepped in to join these two characters, that's when that balance that's been built starts to get broken. Kevin pretty much interferes with that balance that Ben and Gwen built and formed with each other. With Kevin being Gwen's boyfriend, Gwen ends up spending more time with Kevin and less time with Ben, thus preventing Gwen from being able to keep Ben in check as often as before. With Kevin being Ben's friend and ally and hangs out with Ben, thinking back to it, he more often reinforces Ben's out of line behavior and makes it worse and since that Gwen has to deal with keeping both Kevin and Ben in line, she ends up finding herself in a two on one situation and therefore her outspoken nature has less of an effect on Ben. It certainly doesn't help either that Gwen ends up more of a complainer in the sequel shows than an outspoken individual that keeps Ben in check, acting as the voice of reason for Ben. This is another reason why Kevin just doesn't work well as an ally for Ben and Gwen. Again, he just ends up interfering with that very balance that both Ben and Gwen built and formed with each other.

    It pretty much got even worse in Omniverse as well when Gwen ends up leaving for college and Ben ends up being paired with Rook. With Gwen going off to college, Ben won't be there to keep Gwen in check and allow her to have that fun in her life that she's been missing. Even worse, Gwen will barely even be there at all to keep Ben in check and in line and Rook certainly doesn't do that well of a job of keeping Ben in check either. Rook may be more trained than Ben but he doesn't have that much authority over Ben and he's not as outspoken towards Ben as Gwen is and we see the result of this. Ben goes around and pretty much almost does what he wants. He more often, if not constantly, ends up more out of line and less focused than when he was with Gwen and therefore, he ends up in more trouble than he's supposed to be in. I won't discuss Ben and Gwen's grandfather, Max, though because he doesn't interfere with Ben and Gwen's relationship and partnership. Max doesn't interfere with that balance that Ben and Gwen have with each other because Max acts as more of the mentor for Ben and Gwen. Max doesn't step into their relationship and partnership but instead he works alongside it.

    Even though the Ben 10 series is about Ben and that Ben is the main character, the same goes with Gwen as well. Gwen is also a main character and the series is just as much about her as with Ben as well. Gwen leaves just as much of an impact on the Ben 10 series as Ben. Again, Ben and Gwen have great chemistry with each other. They have a great relationship with each other. They have a great partnership with each other. They balance each other out and like I stated before, if that balance is broken, either through bringing in a third factor, separating the characters from each other, and/or replacing one of the main characters with a new character and reducing said main character to a more minor role, that's when the series starts to fall apart especially in regards to the main characters. If anything in Omniverse, Gwen and Rook's roles should have been switched. Gwen should be the main character and keep that partnership with Ben (regardless of her reason for leaving) and Rook should have been a more minor character that occasionally pops up from time to time to help Ben and Gwen out. If anything in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, as I stated before, Kevin should have not joined Ben and Gwen as their ally so that he doesn't end up interfering with that very balance between Ben and Gwen.

    This also further acts as another reason as to why I don't think a Gwen spinoff show likely wouldn't work very well. Either it would have to keep Ben and Gwen together and keep them as the main characters of the spinoff show and thus it would just end up being Ben 10 but in Gwen's point of view or it would have to make Ben a more minor character and thus interfere and/or break that very balance that Ben and Gwen have with each other. The former option would just end up making the Gwen spinoff show pretty much unnecessary while the latter option would likely end up being like Omniverse but with Gwen. That's just my take on a Gwen spinoff show though.

    Either way, regardless of whether or not Ben and Gwen end up together, what the series definitely needs is for Ben and Gwen to have a great relationship and partnership with each other to keep each other balanced well with no other factors to interfere with that balance and thus break it. That very balance between Ben and Gwen needs to be maintained in order for the series to work well especially in regards to its main characters.

    If anyone has any thoughts and opinions about this topic, feel free to leave a comment here if you want to.

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