Who wants Ben 10 to be put on Netflix and/or Adultswim?

  • Serioulsy, even though I try to like the reboot (and Omniverse), I can't manage it. Its too stupid. Ben is acting like an idiot, even more idiot than he was in the Original series, Alien Force season 3 and parts of Ultimate Alien. I just cant stand him. The show is to childish for me. Like we have talked about before, why can't Ben 10 be a more serious and mature series? I want violence, blood, swearing, mature plots, nudity, sex and everything that could be a more mature show, I want Ben 10 to be good again, and I know most of you agree with me. If Samurai Jack can do it, so can Ben 10. I also hope Total Drama and Galactic KND do the same thing.

  • I'd like a show from Netflix , which would explain all the inconsistencies in the universe and all the secrets we never told , and maybe even the origin of the series about grandpa max , and about the history of the omnitrix and in the creation of the show participated Gennady Tartakovsky , with a team of talented writers and animators Studio men of action , well, that it was all in the style of alien force

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    I agree, honestly what we need is the Galactic Roadtrip.
    Because Ben 10 is supposed to be handled kinda like how DBZ is, like its always growing, aging, and the threats get worse and worse, while also caring about your supportive cast and watching them grow up. Mainly that part of it.
    Rebooting was a good step, but if it were made years later, it wouldn't have been as crapped on. But its more of a show that should've been on during 2005, because that's what the show feels like to me, its too simple. Like the show isn't bad, but it would've been bigger back then.
    I mean I can tell the Reboot was made for International Ben 10, not western, which is why the show is more like this, and if you've seen the advertisements and stuff on the eastern side, I think its more focused on what most people over there what they're wanting, more then what it really needs to be.
    Honestly have Greg Weisman, Gennady Tartakovsky, and even Thomas Pugsley (OS/OV) take over the show from here, so we can get somewhere/more of a push to the series and I say it'll be better.
    Hell I wouldn't mind keeping a lot of the writers they've had who've been writing the show since both it started and Alien Force, because a lot of those people wrote really good episodes. Like Matt Wayne, his writing really improved from Alien Force to Omniverse, and he's done a lot of superhero related episodes outside of that (Super Hero Squad, etc). Geoffrey Throne who gave us really unique episodes like Inspector 13, and also Final Countdown, which that episode was one of the most emotional ones of the series (mainly towards the ending.) and even Eugene Son, because he's wrote episodes for the series since OS, and he even took part in the 200th episode (the good part), like having writers like them on board, and others would be great for Ben 10 to have.
    They also shouldn't try to ignore their aliens just because they hate them either. Like Omniverse is the only show that really didn't wanna use certain ones. I mean we get you have a limit, but you could at least show the most that you can, especially the great ones. Omniverse treated their aliens like garbage because they really didn't wanna use aliens from Alien Force except Rath. This show should use aliens from all their shows and not just try to forget their existence, heck even mentioning or making hologram and species cameos would at least for the series. UA at least designed every alien Ben ever went, he didn't go them but at least got a glimpse of what should've been.
    Another thing about the aliens, The biggest problem I had is where they tried to make Wildvine and XLR8 more like Swampfire and Fasttrack so they have an excuse not to use them, which I didn't like, XLR8's high pitch voice, and what Wildvine has done recently in the Reboot. Like I said, I get you hate certain aliens, but don't just try to forget their existence and try to ruin yours more. (Cough, ChamAlien, Fasttrack, Jetray, Spitter, and recently Wildmutt (cough reboot))
    Personally Netflix is the best option, Adult Swim takes 2 years to make 10 half hour episodes, and personally that wouldn't be the best option despite the fact they handle their shows with care. I mean both AS and Netflix do. They're the reasons why so many shows got brought in good ways, while most networks are failing to do so. (Mainly Cartoon Network and the live action CGI remakes we don't stop getting. Seriously Hollywood MAKE SOMETHING ORIGINAL.)
    Sorry for that rant their guys. But yeah, I'm with Netflix, because 13-15 episodes every 10 months compared to 10 episodes every 2 years sounds better imo.

  • I would enjoy a more darker and edgier reboot as well, especially one that does not have to play things safe for the kids, with some of Ben's allies and villains dying, dealing with the psychological problems of a hero's life, not brushing away the subtext between Ben and Gwen, not changing Kevin from a psycho to a good guy for the sake of romance, ...

    @Nikita--Kleutin the only way to explain the inconsistencies is to say that each series is set in a separate universe, because from one series to another (OS to AF/UA, and AF/UA to OV) there are plotholes that a whole alien ship armada could fly through LOL

  • With CN still around, I don't see it happening, they won't let that series go because how much money it makes, but if they keep doing this they will be the downfall of themselves and Ben 10 and I don't want to see that happen. MOA should just make Ben 10 into a anime and just stop holding it back. Studio Trigger would be the perfect place for Ben 10

  • I can definitely find Netflix to be a great option for Ben 10 to be on. Get a suitable Japanese anime production studio and much of the original team and cast of the Original Series to make a Ben 10 show and then air it on Netflix along with other anime networks could be a great step in the right direction for the Ben 10 franchise. In order for that to happen though, Ben 10 would have to be removed from Cartoon Network's hands, which can be very much possible to do if the Ben 10 reboot doesn't turn out to be successful. Not only would viewer ratings have to be low but more especially the sales on Ben 10 reboot toys and merchandise would have to do poorly as well since that Cartoon Network really likes selling merchandise. Considering that Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and Omniverse's merchandise sales did so poorly and that the Ben 10 reboot is being so negatively received by fans, viewers, and critics, my prediction is that the sales on the Ben 10 reboot merchandise isn't going to do well enough for Cartoon Network either. So yeah, in order for this to happen, Cartoon Network must no longer see Ben 10 as profitable anymore to them, thus leading to Cartoon Network to be more willing to give up on the franchise and sell it to another company. At least this is how I think this could happen. If Cartoon Network can no longer treat the franchise right anymore, someone else that's more suitable, caring, and respectful must take over Ben 10 in order to give it the justice and treatment it deserves again.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Yeah I would have Studio Trigger to Ben 10, the idea of those guys behind Ben 10 would be awesome because they worked for Gainax and they are freaking gods of animation, but if they don't do it Studio Bones, Studio4 c, and Madhouse would be cool, and Ben and Gwen will also be older instead of 10, maybe 15 or 16 would be interesting to see. I also like Josh Keaton to voice Ben (nothing against Tara, but I to see her voice the A.I. of the Omnitrix) and Gwen, I'm not sure if Magen Smith will voice her again, but I wouldn't mind having her back if not, someone else will have to voice her.

  • Don't forget cool recurring characters coming into it would be awesome, as well as cute/sexy alien and human waifus.

  • Ben starts out as a loser (by most of his classmates), but finding the Omnitrix will give him so many ladies that Cash and JT will want to be him, that is what I want to see. Ultimate payback.

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    I believe Adult Swim would be a great choice, considering how good their shows are (for example R&M and Samurai Jack S05). They wouldn't have to "dumb it down" either.

  • Not me, I am perfectly fine with the reboot the way it is. Sorry, it is not going to happen! Remember, there are fans that couldn't care less for a darker and edgier work.

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    I think BEN 10 should be put on Adult Swim besides you're really don't see enough of a shirtless Grandpa Max on original Ben 10 on Cartoon Network. I wish Man Of Action should do an adult cartoon version of Ben 10 on Adult Swim that'll be cool. So what do you think?

  • @jondennison72 Besides you never see a topless teenage Gwen Tennyson in normal Ben 10 neither.

  • @GoodVibes1999 You say its not going to happen, but you never know. Maybe one day Adultswim/Netflix will pick up the series and make a mature series from it.

  • I'm not sure I would go as far as to put in categories such as nudity, sex, and swearing, however all the other topics would seem good for an audience that has been growing up with ben 10. The fans that used to watch the show as a kid should have something to move onto when there older. And yes, I definitely think it should be moved to netflix.

  • I'm all for another mature ben 1o show like Alien Force but "blood, swearing, mature plots, nudity, sex and everything" is not something I want from Ben 10.

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    Me too !! But not really over the top like blood , nudity stuff. It not going to fit well as a Ben 10 show @FangDaNerd

  • I'd love to see Ben and company on Adult swim.

  • Honestly, i like the idea of a split timeline. We get the reboot on CN, and the galactic roadtrip could've been on netflix. I think that could've worked.

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