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    So apparently the Ben 10 Movie is still in production but according to Duncan Roulou its just been stalled. What would you guys like to see in this movie and do you think it will ever continue producion?

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    A movie with such a budget must be awesome in my opinion. But its release was scheduled before the idea of the reboot came. We may never see the movie since the reboot will erase the canonicity of the previous Ben 10 "franchise" and the movie is based on it.

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    The reboot won't erase the canonicity becuase just think of this reboot as an alternate universe. And besides do you know how many reboots of comics there are and they keep making movies for them. Besides the movie wasn't gonna follow the original ben 10 completly really all they need is ben a road trip the omnitrix max and gwen and aliens for it to be a ben 10 movie. Just because theres a reboot doesn't mean no movie at all.

  • @Omni-Triforcer It's a reboot. There's no "this reboot is an alternate universe" unless it's officially stated by the makers of the reboot or the show itself that this is the case. Otherwise, admin is right. The reboot will erase the canonicity of the previous Ben 10 shows.

    As for the Ben 10 movie itself, maybe it will get made but if this movie is facing so many issues, then there's the possibility that it will be cancelled. Regardless, there's still the concern of Cartoon Network themselves being involved in this movie considering what Cartoon Network has become in recent years.

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    Ok im just saying the reboot has nothing to do with the movie and wont influence it at all

  • @Omni-Triforcer That I can agree on. Forgot to mention that part. Well, the reboot might influence the movie depending on how well it does when it eventually airs. If this reboot really does not deliver and does end up causing more damage to the Ben 10 series, then there's going to be even more problems that could impact the movie. At this point, I believe that Cartoon Network most certainly can't screw this up with the reboot considering where the Ben 10 series is right now and the dilemma that it's currently facing.

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    So if the movie does happen what do you think it will be like? What villians will be in it? What aliens? What story arc will they be taking from the show? or do you think it will be a totally new story?

  • @Omni-Triforcer Not sure. Most likely just about maybe the first season of the Original Series. In my opinion, I'd rather prefer a new story that takes place within the Ben 10 Universe instead of just adapting something that was already done. Like with Race Against Time and Alien Swarm. While those movies were't received well by fans, at least they had their own original stories. Either way, I believe that the movie would either just recreate, follow, and adapt the first season of the Original Series or maybe go for an original and new story.

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    Yeah a new original story would be cool but i mean usually when they make a theatrical movie they have to show the orgin story so people arnt confused then again they could always do that in flashbacks. BTW while race against time really sucked i just rewatched alien swarm and it actually isnt that bad if i didnt know any better i would of thought it was a low budget theatrical film.

  • @Omni-Triforcer Alien Swarm isn't that bad but, to me, it isn't that good either. Race Against Time though, while it is a bad movie, I feel that it probably has some sort of charm to it where Alien Swarm just doesn't have that same charm. Well, probably.

  • To be honest I am just glad they are finaly doing it

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  • Interesting, I wonder if the movie will be based on 10 year old (reboot) Ben or 16 year old Ben.
    I'm going to assume that it is going to be the reboot Ben, since that's the show that will be on when the movie comes out.

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    well they announced the movie back in 2011 so it probably has nothing to do with the reboot but yeah i would assume that it will be based on 10 year old ben since hes the most popular one the one people are most familiar with and it would make the most sense to introduce him at the beginning and have him slowly grow into the person we see in af/ua/ov and if we are are lucky we could get ben 10k in a couple years if they movie does very well.

  • I hope it be like the Harry Potter films where the characters grow in each movie, we could possibly have a Ben 10,000 movie.

  • So according to this link by MoviePilot.com that lists 10 facts about Ben 10, Joel Silver might not be involved with the Ben 10 live action movie anymore. What we already know is that in 2011, Joel Silver was called in to produce the Ben 10 movie under Warners Bros and Dark Castle Entertainment while in 2012 it was reported that Albert Torres was writing the script. This we already know. What I think we don't know was that Joel Silvers left Warners Bros in 2013 and now works at Universal Studios. Ryan Engle was also brought in to continue working on Torres' script, which I believe means that Torres is no longer working on the Ben 10 movie. MoviePilot states that the Ben 10 movie might be made by either Warners Bros or Universal Studios but I doubt that Universal Studios is going to be working on Ben 10 simply because Ben 10 is owned by Cartoon Network, who is owned by Time Warner and Turner Broadcasting, who also owns Warners Bros and Dark Castle Entertainment. Universal Studios is owned by Comcast and NBCUniversal and not Time Warner and Turner Broadcasting. Cartoon Network is not going to hand this movie to Universal Studios but instead they would hand it to Warners Bros because of this. Therefore, Joel Silver is not involved with the Ben 10 live action movie. Whether or not anyone here knows about this already, I'm posting this here anyways for those who don't know about this.


    Joel Silvers leaves Warners Bros:

    Ryan Engle working on the Ben 10 Movie:

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