Many new villains

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    Duncan Rouleau, who is a part of Man of Action, confirmed that we'll see a lot of new villains in the Ben 10 Reboot when we asked him to tell us a random fact about the new show. What do you think?

  • @admin Ok. It's not much but I thought about this and, well, this little bit of information can actually tell people a lot about the reboot. Another thing is that I feel that this little bit of information only brings more questions and concerns for the Ben 10 Reboot than excitement.

    Here are the benefits of bringing in new villains. Obviously, it freshens the series up. Gives Ben and his allies new and difficult challenges to face if these new villains are done right. That one is, again, obvious.

    Here are the problems, in my opinion. What does Duncan Rouleau mean by "many new villains?" Does he mean that that the Ben 10 Reboot will bring in a brand new set of villains or will there be new villains for the series alongside the old villains? Are we still going to have the old but still great and major villains in the reboot such as Dr. Animo, Charmcaster and Hex, Kevin 11, and most especially Vilgax or are those villains not going to be around and we're just going to get a brand new set of villains? I can understand not bringing in certain villains such as Zombozo and maybe SixSix, SevenSeven, and EightEight and maybe even Attea and possibly Albedo but there's still those questions that I made.

    Now again, it is great to have new villains in the reboot because again it freshens the series and gives Ben new challenges to face but if this is a factor of change here, then this could more likely going to be a problem and negative consequence than a benefit for the reboot and the series as a whole. If this is a factor of improvement where the old villains will still be around with the new villains, then that can likely help and benefit the reboot.

    This is part of what I'm trying to get across here with my article. If there's going to be all sorts of changes done to the series in the reboot, it will much more likely cause the Ben 10 reboot to fail and not succeed and deliver. That considering the approach that is currently being taken, rebooting the Ben 10 Original Series and doing all these changes is more likely going to bring more harm and damage to the series than good. A better approach to take is to keep everything that made the Ben 10 series great and focus on improvement. Not changes. Changes can bring benefits to the series but there's a greater chance that changing elements of the Ben 10 series can bring more harm than good and we've seen this in the Ben 10 sequels. Keeping everything that is already great and making improvement while adding in new elements is what's more likely going to make the series better. Improve over change. If we are still going to have some of the old villains in the reboot alongside the new villains, I'll be fine with that. However, due to how vague this information is, it will more likely bring more speculations, skepticisms, and concerns than excitement for the series.

    In my opinion, here are the more important questions to ask Man of Action and CN Studios about. What is it about the Ben 10 Reboot that is by far absolutely guaranteed to be an improvement over the Original Series? What is it about the story, setting, style, art design, etc that makes the reboot of the Original Series absolutely better than the Original Series without exposing too much about what is going to be in the reboot? How is the reboot going to be better than the Original Series in every possible aspect? How is this reboot going to be an improvement over the Original Series? If no one can answer that or if the answer that we get can be very much effectively countered argued in a convincing and persuasive way, then we will already have another strong indicator that this reboot will most likely not succeed and deliver. That the reboot will more likely hurt this series more than benefit. Also, why even reboot the Original Series? What reason, that is convincing and understandable, justifies the need for a Ben 10 reboot? What is the point of rebooting the Original Series? No, the purpose of introducing Ben 10 to a new audience is not justifiable because that can be very much achievable through doing a rerun of the Original Series. Finally, what elements and concepts of the previous Ben 10 shows, that are great, are going to be in the reboot? Yeah, we get to see some of the returning fan favorite aliens in the series but what else is there?

    Back to this topic. The response that you got about your questions just wasn't acceptable and wasn't done right. I know that Duncan Rouleau doesn't want to reveal too much but the way that he gave that answer just feels like that it's going to create more speculations, skepticisms, and concerns instead of excitement for the reboot. If they are going to keep the old villains around as well, I think a better response would be somewhere around the lines of "We are bringing lots of new villains to the reboot as well as keeping some of the old and great villains." Other than that, in my opinion, the vagueness of his response would more likely build up more concern, skepticism, and negative views. Yeah, it's nice that they're bringing in new villains but that was not a good answer that was given. It was just way too vague. What do you think?

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    @Tactical-Ochoa It's true that the answer was vague but we should not expect more than this at the moment. Also, since they are keeping Gwen and Grandpa Max as main characters, I'm completely sure we'll see Vilgax again as the main villain. Ben will find the Omnitrix but this device came from somewhere. I hope they keep this concept and Vilgax is involved. To be honest, it will not be an improvement to the original series if they don't include him.

    It's completely unknown if they will keep Kevin, though. He made a lot of problems in the previous shows. Something a little off-topic: I totally agree that everything since the OS was a crap and the OS was just perfect and it should be kept, but Cartoon Network won't continue it. It's just cancelled and it's a really old show. If they were going to made a continuation, this would mean that they have to rerun all 4 seasons. Some will complain that they have already watched this, it's boring because it's not comedy, etc. It really doesn't fit the channel (the one that I hate now). Remastering the OS would be awesome (updating the graphics to look more contemporary). CN just want to try recreating their 2006's biggest series and they have big expectations assuming they've made whole 3 series after the original and now a reboot is coming. For sure, Ben 10 is changing forever and we can't do almost anything.

  • @admin One thing that I realized that I forgot to mention is that yeah, in regards to the information about the show, it is important not to reveal too much. That, I'm fine with. It was just the way that Rouleau gave that response that got me pondering. One thing that is for certain is that when it comes to doing pretty much anything, it is important to tackle things the right way. Overall, his response was fine enough. He gave out a little about the reboot, which is enough. One thing that is for certain is that considering that a lot of fans, if not most fans, are very concerned and fearful about the reboot, I think that one thing that I would suggest is that Man of Action and CN Studios should at least let the fans know that they are also making a show for them too. That the Ben 10 Reboot will still have everything that the fans love about Ben 10. Anyways, this is some nice bit of news for the reboot. Hopefully it will turn out to be a great show.

    You are right that we shouldn't expect any more information about the reboot so soon but one thing that I would say is that we should at least expect this reboot to deliver. After all, this is a reboot of the Original Series, the best Ben 10 series in the franchise, and we did get three disappointing and crappy sequels. That's why I stated on my post that they can't screw this up because, in my opinion, the stakes are very high here and if this reboot doesn't deliver, it's going to cause a lot of damage to this series and Cartoon Network themselves. Hopefully, this reboot can deliver and bring justice for this series.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I realy liked Zombozo

  • @chronosapien234 Zombozo was a good villain but like almost everything else with the sequels, Cartoon Network ended up creating a lot of problems with Zombozo and really killed his credibility as a villain. He was outright and rightfully creepy in the Original Series but in the sequels, CN made him generic and even too cartoony in Omniverse. Well, everything became too cartoony in Omniverse.

  • you got to admit, they did make it so that the viewers understood that he was a zombie.

  • @chronosapien234 Zombozo was more of a vampire. He doesn't feed off of brains. He feeds off of people's positive energy and souls.

  • in omniverse he fed on fear, maybe he trying to of feeding on laughter since his apperance didn't make people laugh, but scream.

  • Anybody have any doubt that animo is going to be in the reboot?

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    @chronosapien234 I'm pretty sure he will be.