Crossover Episode between OS and Reboot?

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    I was just watching the New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode where they crossover with the old 1980s show and it gave me an idea. I know its a little early with the show not even being out yet but do you guys think we could see or want to see a crossover between the Reboot Ben and the Original Series Ben?

  • @Omni-Triforcer I don't really know about that. I have a feeling that the response to an episode like that would be like how people responded to the Teen Titans Go! episode "Fourth Wall."

  • @Omni-Triforcer if the show have the same quality as the Power Puff girls (Reboot) or if there's no time travel i think we don't see the original Ben back but if the show looks like very good and popular I think we're gonna see the original Ben or if there a time travel is.

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    @Tactical-Ochoa said:

    @Omni-Triforcer I don't really know about that. I have a feeling that the response to an episode like that would be like how people responded to the Teen Titans Go! episode "Fourth Wall."

    Why would that have the same response as an episode where the titans break the fourth wall? An episode where we see the old ben again would be awesome why would people hate it?

  • @Omni-Triforcer It depends on how they do the episode. Nickelodeon was able to pull a crossover episode like that off because they did it for the purpose of bringing some really good nostalgia. Well at least that's based on the reviews. I haven't seen the episode myself. Not really much of a fan of TMNT myself. This is something that's great to do and that is how a crossover between two different eras of a series should be done as. However, as far as I know, the last time CN had done a crossover like this, it insulted many of their viewers and thus further damaged Teen Titans Go!'s reputation as well as CN's reputation. After such a stunt like that, do you really think that crossover like this is something that people would favor from CN for the Ben 10 reboot? Not only that but apparently it seems that CN would like to do a lot of satire with their comedy shows. If the Ben 10 reboot does turn out to be a comedy-centric show with action elements and satire, for example the PPG reboot and Teen Titans Go!, and if also it doesn't turn out to be a good show, then there's another reason for viewers not wanting for CN to do something like this. Name recognition is another factor since that CN would rather use their best shows and make half-ass reboots of them just to further profit off of the name and the product line. In the end, considering many of the factors that I described, do you really think that CN would be able to get away with doing a crossover like this? CN isn't even willing to use the same freakin art style from the OS regardless as to how much better it looks even when compared to the Ben 10 reboot. At least Nickelodeon has remained faithful and respectful to some of their shows including TMNT but it's a different story with CN. Funny, I thought Nickelodeon is worse than CN but I now I'm starting to see how Nickelodeon is somehow managing to fare better than CN. Anyways, there's just all these factors that, like I discussed with the Ben 10 reboot, very much work against such an idea like this. CN just doesn't have a good enough reputation and doesn't treat their shows well enough for them to pull off and get away with an idea like this. Many viewers don't expect CN to do a good job with something like this because of what they've been doing over the years. Until CN turns things around (if they even do), this is most likely not a good idea for them to do. Many fans and viewers would likely not even respond well to such an idea like this either. We don't even know if the Ben 10 reboot will actually turn out to be good enough for such an idea to be done for the show. It's a cool idea but I don't really know if it should be done for the Ben 10 reboot or if CN should even do such an idea in general anyways. There's just too much that's working against it. Yeah, again, it is a nice idea but not it's not really something that, at least in my opinion, CN should even do at the moment.

  • @Omni-Triforcer Oh yeah, another thing is that the OS was over ten years ago. In my opinion, the OS still just feels too recent for this idea to be done as well.

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    Ok i will change it up a little since @Tactical-Ochoa cant have one ounce of optimism. If the show is ACTION ORIENTED would you guys like to see a crossover between shows.

  • @Omni-Triforcer Forgot about everything else that I mentioned such as again CN's reputation and the way that they treat their most well known and established shows and whether or not the reboot will actually be any good. Just because if the Ben 10 reboot is more action-oriented isn't a good enough reason for this idea considering everything else that I also pointed out. Again, it's a nice idea and I would even like for this idea to be done. I just don't think it's a favorable approach to do at the moment.

  • @Omni-Triforcer It does sound like a fun idea though.

  • @Omni-Triforcer It could be a good idea., if there's some clear difference between the two versions of then.
    Maybe if they did it as an alternate reality. I'd like to see them do more with that. They did a very poor job with it in omniverse.

  • @car54 Oh yeah. That's right. They pretty much already did something like this with Omniverse and even one of the later episodes in season 1 of Ultimate Alien.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa But they did such a poor job with Omniverse. Their main purpose seamed to be to retcon the OS to match AF and UA.

    I'd love to see different versions of the main characters. Canon Ben and Gwen meeting a version of them who really do hate each other....A version from Gwen 10 in which Max has the watch and they both use magic. The original version of them when they weren't cousins. Maybe a version of them from "Ben 10: Hero Generation" ......So many possibilities.

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    I know this has nothing to do with a crossover between OS and the Reboot, But this does have to do with Crossovers. Every CN show from 2013-2016, including Omniverse and the upcoming Samurai Jack, has made a cameo appearance, and basically confirmed our next Upfront for CN.
    (Cause nothing got renewed, its funny how its Omniverse Ben too, I love that face)
    Also marks the second time Steven Universe has cameo'd in Uncle Grandpa, and the first time that the Powerpuff Girls and Clarence have appeared, despite being mentioned before.

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    I think Bens face describes me when watching uncle grandpa and cartoon network in general.
    Also i demand a recount for these awards.

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