Albedo in the reboot?

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    Would you guys like to see Albedo in the reboot? If so would you like to see his galvan form first and then have him later in the series turn into a clone of ben or have ben meet him as a clone first?

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    I don't think we should get Albedo, I mean it feels too soon just to have somebody like that. If we do get Albedo it should be towards the final episodes.
    But if anything with I studied with how PPG has done, we'll most likely have a lot of new and old villains, mainly new, but we'll need fan favorite returners.
    I can most likely see Vilgax coming into play of the series, and Dr. Animo.
    But we'll most likely get new villains as well, so we'll just have to see.

  • I have to agree with @Ebomnitrix. Plus, I don't even find Albedo to be necessary to put in considering that Kevin is more suitable and fitting to be the "evil version of Ben." Well that's if Kevin will even make an appearance at all in the Ben 10 reboot, which he most likely will.

  • I wouldn't mind a return from him, but I don't think it will happen any time soon. If they did do a evil version of Ben it should be a clone version instead of a galvan in disguise.

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    @Rexfan1333 said:

    I wouldn't mind a return from him, but I don't think it will happen any time soon. If they did do a evil version of Ben it should be a clone version instead of a galvan in disguise.

    Albedo wasn't a galvan in disquise he was more like a galvan turned clone of ben

  • @Rexfan1333 Or it should just be Kevin.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I really don't mind a clone version of Ben (he could be like an anti-hero). Kinda like Ben Reilly from Spider-Man. But I wouldn't mind Albedo to come back as well.

  • You know, if they're going to put Albedo into the Ben 10 reboot, here is how I would implement him as a villain. First off, I don't really prefer for him to be a doppleganger of Ben. Instead, I'd rather have Albedo stay as his Galvan self. Whatever the motive would be for him to be a villain, such as wanting revenge on Azmuth or not finding Ben to be worthy of wielding the Omnitrix, I would be fine with. What I'd rather focus more on is treating and implementing Albedo more of as a Galvan. Galvan's are not much of fighters but they are immensely intelligent and I'd say that is how Albedo should be. To not try and outfight Ben but instead to focus more on outsmarting, outplaying, and out-strategizing Ben. To remain one step ahead of Ben for all or most of the time that Albedo is in the show.

    There's a saying and that's "knowledge is power." The more you learn about your enemy, the better capable and prepared you are to combat and defeat said enemy; this is most especially when it comes to learning about your enemy's strengths and weaknesses. Again, Albedo shouldn't be trying to outfight Ben but instead to learn more about Ben and figure out all of Ben's strengths and weaknesses. Exploit Ben's weaknesses and maybe even turn Ben's strengths against him as well. Be cunning, be clever, be manipulative, strategic, intelligent, etc. I guess a more simpler way to describe how Albedo should be in the Ben 10 reboot is to make him more of like a Sun Tzu type of villain.

    This will give Ben quite a challenger to face. A villain for Ben to really try and struggle to overcome and defeat. A villain that once defeated by Ben would give Ben such a satisfying and accomplishing victory over and one that Ben very much deserves to earn. With Albedo structured like this, I'd say that this will make Albedo a truly challenging villain for Ben to face as well as also truly give and fulfill Albedo's full potential as a villain in the series. This is how I would treat and implement Albedo into the Ben 10 series and reboot. Not as a mere and generic doppleganger for Ben but as an actual and very intelligent threat for Ben to face. A villain that puts his strengths to his full potential in an attempt to defeat Ben and thus give Ben a true and proper challenge to face and overcome.

  • I don't think CN will show Albedo back to "The new generation of fans" in the Reboot. maybe it would be a Comedy-Centric show as @Tactical-Ochoa sad if the show would be go that way like Teen Titans Go and The Power Puff Girls i tink Albedo will not come back in this series but let's hope the series would be go the good and popular way not the TTG PPG... way

  • @Ben-10-Fan Very much agree. Knowing so much of what CN has been doing over the years and just how much they've been going downhill, I don't expect much from the Ben 10 reboot but I do really hope that it does turn out to be good.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa what if kevin's omnitrx blose up and gives him absobing powers and then albedo comes in

  • @Albedo I don't think that's something that I would get behind. The AntiTrix is already ridiculous and nonsensical as it is and I'm not a fan of Albedo. I don't find him to be a good evil opposite to Ben.

  • @Ultimate-OmniTri is he going to be a good guy

  • @ben10yaoiboy One, Ultimate OmniTri doesn't go onto this website anymore. Two, the reboot show is over and Albedo, as far as I know, hasn't made a single appearance.

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    Five yeah old thread is active again, thread rivals is becoming a habit on the Ben 10 Club please stop it.

    We might need to reform the staff to include active users it's clear @Ultimate-OmniTri and @Ebomnitrix dosen't care about this site anymore.

  • Out of curiosity how many of us are active on here? I knew that this website has always been a quieter place for discussion but I thought that we'd have at least 15 relatively active members. From what I've seen we only have...8 at most ?

    I'm fine with this being a quiet discussion place as there are other Ben 10 discussion areas on the internet which are far more populated anyway, but it would be nice to see a few more users.

  • @coreofthesun I think that number seems about right. It would be nice though to have more people participate on this website though. We still receive more and more new members.

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