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    Hey guys so has anyone around here has read Kuro's Web Comic 5 Years Later after years of hearing it around in communities and seeing it advertised in Kuro's Youtube channel The Ink Tank.

    I will give it a read after I actually watch the entire Danny Phantom series from start to finish. As it's a crossover comic series taking place 5 years after the events of Ben 10 : Omniverse.

    Has anyone of you who read 5YL actually enjoyed it and what's your thoughts on it?

  • I think Kuro the Artist is a big jerk. He thinks he knows EVERYTHING about Ben 10 and that he is ALWAYS right. And why does make a crossover with Danny Phantom? I didnt even knew who he was before he made the crossover. I generally think his crossover is bad, but I like his drawing style though. If I was making a crossover, I would have made a crossover between Ben 10 and the TMNT. I have dreamed of that since childhood. One day, I hope my Ben 10/TMNT Crossover dream comes true.

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    @Mortie-10 said in 5 Years Later:

    One day, I hope my Ben 10/TMNT Crossover dream comes true.

    If they can do it with Batman then I'm sure it can be done with Ben 10.

    @Mortie-10 said in 5 Years Later:

    And why does make a crossover with Danny Phantom?

    I am about to watch Danny Phantom for the first time just to ensure I am caught up with everything I need to read the web comics. That way I can read it with maximum enjoyment.

    Any better Ben 10 youtubers other then Kuro ? @Mortie-10

  • @npzman XanderFlicks is making a very cool Ben 10,000 series on Youtube. You should check that out.

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    @Mortie-10 yeah been watching xanders stuff lately, he's partnered up with Kuro on stuff before. You could even learn a few animation tricks from xander, yeah I wanted a Ben 10,000 series instead of the reboot. Looks like that's being made after all.

  • @Mortie-10 Yeah, I'm not really a fan of Kuro as well.

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    @Tactical-Ochoa said in 5 Years Later:

    @Mortie-10 Yeah, I'm not really a fan of Kuro as well.

    Yeah well it's a little bit hard to be a fan of Kuro, when he mocked you last month on twitter calling you the "Bwen guy" and yeah I can understand you being butthurt on that and that explains where your grudges towards Kuro came from. He made everyone laugh at you. Wouldn't take that as a badge of honor myself.

    Still agree with you that MOA needs to come up with new stuff and stop recycling stuff from previous Ben 10 shows.

  • @npzman I mean, I wasn't much of a fan of him anyways before that incident. There was a lot of stuff that he stated that I didn't agree with. That incident certainly took the cake though.

  • I personally enjoyed 5YL so far, the art and drawing at the least is incredible but I think that the story does a good job at incorporating Danny into the story even for those who haven’t seen Danny Phantom. Whatever anyone’s thoughts on Kuro are I think that the comic is worth the read and honestly I’ll take any quality Ben 10 content right now.

  • @coreofthesun If you're interested in some good quality Ben 10 content, I recommend checking out the Little Moments series. That's a series that does a lot of elements of Ben 10 really well while also doing a lot of new things that's really neat, interesting, and compelling to read through.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I read the series about a year ago and I must say that it is incredibly well written especially considering that it is a fanfiction. While I’m personally not a Bwen shipper (I always saw their relationship akin to a bond between close siblings) the entire Little Moments universe is incredibly well written and there are little things in it which just contribute so much to the narrative (eg. Ben’s relationship with his parents, something I really thought should’ve been explored in Alien Force).

    I’ve been thinking for a while about starting on a fan comic exploring an alternate timeline of the events of Alien Force. The Highbreed arc would still happen similarly and Ben would have to don the Omnitrix for the first time in years. There would be a few differences though - the first of which being that I’d try and explore the possibilities of Charmcaster being the one to (at first grudgingly) have to work with Ben and Gwen but eventually softening and becoming a better person over time despite being haunted by her past. I always thought that it would be an interesting idea to have Kevin as a vigilante or even a villain - I’ve been reading some Batman comics recently and I really think that Ben and Kevin could have an interesting Batman-Joker dynamic between them. One of the key themes of Alien Force was meant to be Ben becoming leader but he didn’t really have a proper team to lead for the majority of the time, so I thought that involving Cooper and Alan in the story could work well - with the other Plumber’s kids being introduced later down the line.

    I’m not a super talented artist (though I can draw decently and have done a few concept sketches ) and while I have written decent short stories for fun before this would be way tougher. Everything is just ideas and brainstorms right now given that I don’t have too much time on my hands at the moment.. Just thought that I’d share the idea.

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