Ben 10 reboot discussion: Season 3

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    I can feel my soul leaving my body.

  • The "omni-ki" is the most shallow excuse to make more toys of all time. Really? Why does ben need armor???

  • i swear, i am really, really, REALLY trying to be understanding. BUT THIS SHOW SOMETIMES.


  • I'm calmer now. but upset.

  • It seems at this point, the writers only care about one thing.

  • money. just....they only want money.

  • @tactical-ochoa Lovely, just lovely...

  • this is a situation that really just highlights what the series is all about. They confirm these seasons before a season can even start, so they can quickly roll out more episodes so they can keep the ball rolling and KEEP MAKING THINGS THAT THEY CAN SELL.

  • Honestly, I don't care if the reboot continues as long as they have another show around that is true to the original timeline. Right now what they are doing makes no sense, they are only profiting off of one audience when there is a larger, more profitable audience to be had if they made a true Ben 10 show.

  • I don't think MOA sees the series the way us fans do. They see it as a cash cow, something that will bring in the numbers. Us fans see it as a chance to tell great stories.

  • @offbeatcat I don't know how much control MOA has over what they produce. Don't get me wrong I'm sure they are fine with the reboot making them tons of money. With that being said I don't think they want to produce a bad show.

  • @cooljay7 Part of me thinks that they don't care about the quality of the reboot. If they really don't want to produce a bad show, good. The issue is that whatever they're trying to do doesn't seem to be translating well into their recent works. It feels like that they're so out of touch with their fans and audience and whatnot. Or maybe they really don't care about their works. I think it's one of the two. Either way, if Man of Action really does care about making good quality shows, they're not doing a good job showing that and I'm really losing my trust in them.

  • @tactical-ochoa I'm wondering if they have control over the reboot or if Cartoon Network is the one calling the shots.

  • @cooljay7 Apparently, before the premiere of the reboot, I think it was Duncan Rouleau who said that Man of Action had the most creative control with the Ben 10 reboot compared to the Original Series. Granted, I didn't really buy into that because this is Cartoon Network after all. Whether or not that's really the case, I still very much see that Cartoon Network are the ones that are really calling the shots. Apparently, from what I recall, Man of Action also came out saying how the Ben 10 reboot was the Ben 10 show that they wanted the Original Series to be, which holds more merit considering that they're taking stuff from the pre-concepts and integrating them into the reboot, such as Stinkfly's reboot design and apparently I heard that Kevin was supposed to have his own Omnitrix in the Original Series, yet they don't seem to take into account of WHY these pre-concepts never made it into the final version of the Original Series.

  • Maybe because they were still trying to get their footing and weren't expecting to make a masterpiece at first try with OS, so they didn't make it too complicated because the show was still at the start of a franchise and things weren't expected to be too big?

  • @tactical-ochoa Yeah I can't see Cartoon Network letting them do whatever they want. What I really don't understand is how Cartoon Network went from a network that about 10 years ago primarily produced action shows to what they are today.

  • @ungrateful-wolf Nice theory. I have a better one. Those pre-concepts didn't make it into the OS because they knew it wouldn't work for the show and the reboot is proof that those very pre-concept elements (like Stinkfly's design and Kevin having his own Omnitrix) indeed don't work.

    @cooljay7 I say pretty much the same reason as why companies like Activision and EA went so downhill with the quality of their games. Greed. They got greedy. Regardless, I think Man of Action still has enough say on the Ben 10 reboot to hold them accountable for the abysmal quality that they produced; especially considering how they came out saying that the reboot was the show that they wanted the OS to be and considering how plenty of their other recent TV works since Ultimate Spider-Man aren't really up to good standards of quality. To me, they just seem so out of touch with their fans and audience and have lost their touch in their work. I said this plenty of times before. Man of Action is like the George Lucas of Ben 10 right now. I want to see them do good but I'm really losing my trust, patience, and credibility towards them because of stuff like this freakin reboot.

  • The names for some of Kevin's other aliens have been revealed.
    Four Arms = Quad Smack
    Rath = Bashmouth
    Diamondhead = Black Ice
    And we knew that Wreckingbolt = Cannonbolt and Heatblast = Hot Shot.
    I'm just amazed at how bad some of these names are. I thought that Hot Shot and Wreckingbolt were good but Quad Smack for Kevin's Four Arms is just awful. Same goes for Black Ice. Since when is Diamondhead an alien with ice powers? Even Bashmouth isn't a good name.

  • @cooljay7 That's because Kevin's aliens are all based on band and music names.
    Quad Smack = SMACK (finnish band)
    Bashmouth = Smash Mouth (band)
    Black Ice = Black Eyed Peas (band)
    Wreckingbolt = Wrecking Ball (song by Miley Cyrus)
    Hot Shot = Hotshot (band)

    You'll notice Ben himself has two reboot original aliens with that theme naming too: Shock Rock (music genre) and Slapback (sound term).

    For Black Ice, let's be honest, we all heard the complaint that Diamondhead's powers in the reboot looked too much like ice powers at least once. The writers acknowledged that and used it to name Diamondhead's copy.
    Also, as mutated Kevin's aliens can be, I really don't feel Bashmouth is an Appoplexian. He looks more like a werewolf like Blitzwolfer than a tiger or any anthropomorphic feline. (I do believe he is Rath's rival tho)

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