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  • While I do think that a live-action Ben 10 film just doesn't seem necessary for the franchise to have as well as not seem likely either for at least a while, I do want to have a little bit of fun here and therefore give some ideas that I have for who I think would be a great fit for at least some of the characters in the franchise; mainly the main characters. So yeah, again, this is pretty much just for fun. If I were to chose a cast of actors to appear in a live-action Ben 10 film, this is who I would pick.

    For who should portray Ben Tennyson, I have some choices. In regards to portraying a younger Ben (most likely in early teen years), it's down to one of these four actors: Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Wyatt Oleff. These four boys all appeared in the 2017 remake of It with Finn Wolfhard also known for starring in Stranger Things. Granted, I don't really watch Stranger Things so I'm going to focus mostly on the It remake film. It (2017) turned out to be a pretty surprisingly good film and one of the major reasons as to why are due to the performances of the actors; most especially Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise and all the child actors portraying the Losers Club. The child actors in the film did such a great job with their roles. It's some of the best acting from a minor that I've seen in recent time. Therefore, if I were to decide on who I think should portray a younger, around early teen Ben Tennyson, it would be one of these four actors that I mentioned. They all look as if they would match Ben's appearance well as well as be able to properly portray Ben's personality and characteristics too. I think out of all four of these actors, Jack Dylan Grazer would likely be my most preferred choice since that from what I recall, his character, Eddie Kaspbrak, seemed to be the most cocky, fun-loving, and impulsive out of all the main characters but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Now if instead Ben would end up being portrayed in either as a later teen or in his adult years, the first actor that comes to mind for portraying Ben would be Tom Holland, the current Spider-Man/Peter Parker actor. Why? A long while back, I made an analysis article comparing Ben Tennyson and Peter Parker together, noting the many similarities to each other. Considering how strikingly similar both these characters are and that Tom Holland did, and still does, a great job of portraying Peter Parker, I find him to be a very good choice to portray Ben Tennyson as well.

    As for Gwen Tennyson, I say that possibly my best choice of an actor to portray this character would be Dafne Keen, the actress that portrayed Laura (aka X-23) in the film, Logan (2017). Dafne nailed her role as Laura in the film. She freakin nailed it. She is another prominent example of some of the best performance by a child actor that I witnessed in recent times as well. She even surprised much of the other actors and film crew as well. If you look up some of the behind the scenes footage of Logan, it really shows just how dedicated, hard-working, and well focused that Dafne Keen was during filming and how much fun she had with it as well. Patrick Stewart expressed just how impressed he was after watching Dafne's audition video, which showed her improvising her lines on her second try, mixing Spanish into her performance. Considering just how well talented she is as an actress, I very much find her to possibly be one of the best options to portray Gwen Tennyson in a live-action Ben 10 film. Now if Gwen were to end up being portrayed at an older age (most likely as an adult), I'm not really sure who I would pick so I don't really have an option for that yet. If anyone has any ideas themselves, feel free to comment down below.

    As for Max Tennyson, I covered this a long while ago as well but I still find the best actor to portray Max to be John Goodman. Not only does John Goodman very much fit the appearance of Max from the franchise but considering the many performances that he had as all sorts of various different characters, thus showing how flexible he is as an actor, I say that he would very much fit in as the character of Max as well and be able to nail his personality and characteristics. I just can't think of anyone else that could do better as Max than John Goodman himself.

    Finally (for now, at least), there's Kevin Levin. Now first off, if Kevin were to appear in a Ben 10 live-action film, I wouldn't want for him to be portrayed as a more heroic character as shown in Alien Force to Omniverse and possibly the Ben 10 reboot as well given the new images of the season 2 finale that were recently released and shown (and oh god, I don't even know what they're trying to do anymore with that freakin show but I'll possibly get to that later). I've already given my thoughts on Kevin as a character many many times now. If I were to have Kevin appear in a live-action Ben 10 film, he would be a villain. He would be portrayed very much like how he was in the Original Series because that was when Kevin was at his best. Therefore, for who I think would be a good choice of an actor to portray a younger Kevin would be Nicholas Hamilton, who portrayed Henry Bowers in It (2017). Finding a good choice for Kevin was a little more difficult. Kevin is an insane, psychopathic thug with quite the hatred towards Ben. After all, Kevin IS the best and most proper evil counterpart to Ben. Given who Henry Bowers is as a character in It and Nicholas' performance as Henry, he could be a good choice to portray a live-action Kevin Levin. If Kevin were to be portrayed as an adult, I'm not really sure on that. Maybe Sebastian Stan, who portrays Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier in the Marvel films. His appearance as Bucky does remind me of Kevin in regards to how he looks but I'm not sure if he would fit in well with this character. If anyone has any ideas themselves, feel free to comment down below.

    This is all that I have for now. Maybe some time in the future, I'll make a part 2 to this where I could possibly cover other options for these very characters and/or cover other characters in the franchise, such as Charmcaster, Hex, Zombozo, or whoever. If anyone has any thoughts of their own on this topic and even have their own choices for actors to portray these very characters, feel free to comment down below.

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  • Ben 10 Fans

    Can we also discuss potential VA's here?
    I think Michael Bell would make a great Ghostfreak (check his voice acting as The Fear in MGS3 Snake Eater)
    But if this is going to be a movie based on the current Ben 10, the reboot, they probably wouldn't even have a Ghostfreak in it. Still, I think it's something worth noting if the time ever comes...

  • @xlr8 Oh ho ho, no. If it was up to me, I would even let the movie touch the reboot not even with a 10-foot-pole.

    As for voice actors, I'm familiar with The Fear from MGS3 and I guess that could be a good choice. Granted, I'd rather prefer using the original alien voice actors from the Original Series to provide the voices of the aliens.

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