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    So something I'd like to discuss, over the last recent months, we've had a group of YouTubers who regularly report on Ben 10 steal art from not just myself, but from others like users here, DeviantArt and Ben10FanFiction. Not only that, but the group whether we give them our permission or not, will not give credit to the original owners who make these drawings themselves.

    These YouTubers are people like, Medichistes, Ben10KClub, etc.

    While some YouTubers actually care about the person's product and would respectfully give credit to the person's content, people like Fan of 10. Other YouTubers however don't. My point being, be careful of what you post now on websites and make sure to cover it with Watermarks, the "Do Not Steal" codes & symbols , and other necessary things you can do to make sure your art isn't stolen.

    Basically I'm stating to be careful, if other YouTubers ask to use their art, be very careful considering their channel's history and other things necessary.

    If they do steal your art, be sure you do the best you can to report them, to block them or whatever you can to prevent the work from being taken.

    So good luck and I hope you're not in the same position as I and others are in at this moment.

  • @ebomnitrix I believe Ben 10 Reboot Points is a user on here.

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    I've edited out Abstract Green and Reboot Points due to further looking into their situations by asking friends and what not, so nvm about them.

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