Ben 10 Reboot Discussion Part 1: Season 2

  • Well, that episode was bland and boring. They used Keith David for this? What a waste.

  • @tactical-ochoa agreed. That episode was a bump on the reboot's momentum of being ok.

  • @tactical-ochoa do u have to ruin this with negativity cmon just be a little happy we might see rath

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    @fan-of-10-000 said in Addressing the Ben 10 Reboot Part 5: Season 2:

    @tactical-ochoa do u have to ruin this with negativity cmon just be a little happy we might see rath

    Im just happy they are acknowledging Af/ua

  • @andrew42 Many of us, including me, have already saw this article. It was linked on here before.

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  • Ben 10 Fans

    Like the new episodes 6 and 7 of Ben 10 Reboot season 2. What happen to episodes 2 & 3 of Ben 10 Reboot season 2 when you'll ever aired it?

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    Episodes 2 and 3 were online awhile ago, well Episode 2 was, Episode 3 was just a nightmare because of Ben10KClub commentating over it, I had to mute or skip scenes just to see it. But the episode was average itself alone, I'm gonna wait til its HD online and properly watch it before giving my final thoughts. Same with 5-7 because of lack of volume

    Out To Launch, Can I Keep It?, Bon Voyage were probably the best of em all tbh.

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    Just watched Out to Launch on my TV in Norway. Awesome episode.

  • I asked man of actions questions and they told me that ben 10 main audience is kids, that could explain why many things comes off as more childish. As for episodic nature thats because of the recent trend of cartoon network a lot of the shows are goofy and comedic they just follow that trend. Im okay with reboot i just see as it what it is and man of action isn't planning to change that format. Also i really love the new evolution design its cool. My favorite is heatblast and overflows new evolution design.

  • @bwen329 Granted, it's fine if they want to follow a trend because you can still make that work well. However, following a trend isn't often the best option to go with either. Some trends don't fit with certain franchises such as Cartoon Network's trend with goofy comedies and the Ben 10 franchise's action-oriented approach. There's also factoring in the audience as well. People are going to get bored quickly over the same trend. After all, why would you want to invest your time and interest in the same thing over and over. What originally starts off as original and interesting can suddenly become bland, generic, and boring if done too many times. More and more fans and viewers are getting sick and tired of Cartoon Network's goofy comedies trend because we're seeing the same thing being done over and over and over for the past few years. It's even worse when trends lead to shows losing their very original identity such as the Powerpuff Girls reboot and the Ben 10 reboot. It's reasons like this that shows why most trends don't last long and die off pretty quickly.

    I disagree with Man of Action's approach with the Ben 10 reboot. They should've gone against that trend. They should've strayed away from the goofy comedy approach. Something that is more original and, well, more like Ben 10. I find that going against a trend is often a better direction to take as it gives fans and viewers something that is more interesting and refreshing to see and there are plenty of cases of this happening. The gaming industry had this trend that feels like is now dying off where more and more shooter games were going more towards the approach of a serious, gritty, modern military shooter as a result of the success of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. More and more gamers were growing sick and tired of it because they were experiencing the same thing over and over with these games. Then comes games like Titanfall 2, Doom 2016, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Overwatch, etc and those games became really popular because they didn't follow that very trend and instead introduced an approach that most gamers found interesting, refreshing, and enjoyable. I say that this was the perfect time and opportunity for Man of Action and CN Studios to go against CN's goofy comedy trend and provide a Ben 10 show that is different from shows such as Gumball, We Bare Bears, the Powerpuff Girls reboot, etc and thus more interesting and refreshing but no, they screwed it up and instead made a show that is overall bland and boring and just does the same thing that other recent CN shows already did before.

    When I go into a career in Game Design in the future, that's a mindset that I want to stick with. To not focus on just following trends (especially if they don't fit the type of games that I want to make) but instead just focus more on taking various approaches that fit the games that I want to make.

  • @tactical-ochoa There is still a problem with that 11 minute format there is only so much material you can put in it.

  • @ultraalien True. There are also many other issues with the Ben 10 reboot, and the franchise overall, that needs to be fixed, improved, and resolved as well.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa please, stop making everyone miserable. @Bwen329 was just saying what he liked about the show, and you made it into a: "Ugh i hate what MOA thinks."
    These guys built Ben 10. They can rebuild him however they damn well please. For better or for worse. I'm not saying I hate the show for being a trend, or that i love it like the original. But Man of action made Ben 10, and they have control over what direction the show goes in.

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    Say I wonder when will ever gonna do a special Ben 10 Reboot Christmas episode for season 2 in December? When their gonna aired more new episodes for season 2 of Ben 10 Reboot when Grandpa Max take Ben and Gwen to visit their Aunt Vera Tennyson (Max's older sister).

  • @Andrew42 Andrew, screw off. Quit your whining and grow up. These are my opinions and I'm going to post them on here no matter how much you and others don't like them because they're my opinions. I don't care about your feelings here. I don't care about what you think. These are my opinions and you have no say and no right to state that I can't or shouldn't state these very opinions. You don't like them, too bad. You are making yourself miserable by letting my opinions get under your skin. Grow a thick skin and deal with it.

    @Bwen329 Out of curiosity, did you have any issues with what I stated in my reply to your comment on here about MOA following CN's goofy comedy trend?

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    This post is deleted!

  • Is season 2 out yet? and if yes is it better than the first season so far?

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