Ben 10 Reboot Discussion Part 1: Season 2

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    Im sure we will see rath. They wouldnt just tease us an alien and then throw it away.
    I also like the OV Reference with Animo-Rath Wearing Pants.
    "Appoplexians Wear Pants!"

  • @ultimate-omnitri said in Addressing the Ben 10 Reboot Part 5: Season 2:

    It is becoming clear to me that the reboot isn't trying to be like the old show but it trying to be something in its own right and i admire it for that. Animo Becoming The Anti-Ben Proves that this show isnt following what past shows have done and i think thats a great idea.

    Yeah, sure, even though the Ben 10 reboot copied so much from the original show (along with some elements from the sequel shows) and even still using the same exact premise as the original show. Even though some of the season 2 episodes are still using some elements from the previous shows (Dr. Animo and Vilgax teaming up with each other and Zombozo trying to hypnotize people, for example). Sure, it's definitely trying to do its own thing. It's definitely not following what the previous shows have done already. Sure, the potential of Rath returning is certainly not another example that the reboot is still copying from the previous shows.

  • @tactical-ochoa Can you not? This is the negativity we're all annoyed by. We find something positive and promising, and you tear it down before our eyes.

  • @ultimate-omnitri said in Addressing the Ben 10 Reboot Part 5: Season 2:

    @tactical-ochoa Well they can but they dont usually. If you notice that four arms usually just punched while in omniverse and ultimate alien rath knew alot of wrestling moves. He would even name drop the moves he was using.

    Yeah and Fourarms is much stronger than Rath. Let's keep going with this. XLR8 is much faster than Rath. Heatblast can shoot fire and Rath can't. Diamondhead can form crystals and Rath can't. Etc etc etc. Those wrestling moves aren't going to be of much use to Rath if his opponent is either stronger, faster, have unique abilities, etc. Again, Rath is just a redundant brawler.

  • @ebomnitrix said in Addressing the Ben 10 Reboot Part 5: Season 2:

    I mean I also would've loved to see Swampfire if they brought back his compost powers, or even bring in Echo Echo, I don't mind Echo Echo appearing since it would be so unique to him, and since MOA is going for more powerful aliens in his additional set rather than unique powers.

    Granted, they already have Wildvine and Heatblast. I also already made the argument before that Echo Echo is way too powerful of an alien for Ben to have and use.

  • @tactical-ochoa For the love of Azmuth, Ben uses his aliens recklessly to begin with. He'll think Rath is cool because he's new, and will probably use him anyways, even though he's not that powerful. Visual appeal and impact in the show matter more to the producers then how effective the aliens are in battle.

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    I edited the Rath picture to make it look clearer.

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    Look, every Reboot is going to go back to the original premise and do a remix of an already told adventure to tell it their way and to try and do it differently. Even DuckTales stated they were going to do the exact same thing, yet nobody is complaining because its been 30 years since the original show and because its not by CN. That's why Ben 10 is getting back lashed because we got a Reboot 2 years later and something people don't realize is, if you're going to make a Reboot and you want to put a spin on a new character, you're allowed to do that, as long as you make it good, and the Reboot has done good with it.

  • @ebomnitrix The Tomb Raider reboot game is different from the very first Tomb Raider, introducing a new and different origin story for Lara Croft. The Doom reboot game does return back to how classic Doom is with gameplay was but it has a different premise where instead of you being a space marine, you're instead a legendary and feared warrior from another world or dimension that Hell has nightmares of. The reboot of the game, Prey, by Arkane Studios is incredibly different from the original Prey game. Etc etc etc. Not every reboot goes back to the original premise. Some reboots do take a different approach and yes, some reboots do go back to the original premise. Either way is fine to do. It's about how these reboots are executed that matters.

    Nobody is complaining about the DuckTales reboot having the same premise as the original because fans and viewers find great quality out of the show. To them, the execution was done well. If the DuckTales reboot wasn't a good quality show, a lot of people would indeed be complaining about it. The Ben 10 reboot is getting backlash for using the same exact premise because the show is seen by most as bland and mediocre in quality and the show copies so much from the previous shows, most notably the original show. As I stated before, there are times where it doesn't even feel like a reboot but instead a remake.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa i seriously think you'll enjoy it more if you stop treating it like the original

  • @andrew42 And I told you plenty of times before that even when NOT compared to the original, I find the Ben 10 reboot to just be an ok show. Even when not compared to the original, it still has issues that significantly holds it back in quality. Even if I don't compare the reboot to the original, I still wouldn't find much enjoyment out of it.

  • Does anyone watched the episode and know what exactly Animo did to turn himself into Rath? Did he got Rath from Ben's Omnitrix, or did he just use some kind of tiger serum on himself? He does mention he was experimenting on animals (the audio wasn't very good, and I'm brazilian, not an english native speaker).

    I will be very surprised if Ben turns into Rath. I was thinking MOA would introduce as new aliens first the aliens MOA themselves created (like Wildmutt, Ripjaws, Ditto, Upchuck, Benwolf, Articguana...) rather than use UAF/OV ones like Rath. The only non-OS alien they used so far was Water Hazard, and they changed him a lot to turn him into Overflow.

    Anyway, I can't wait for this episode to accidentaly get 'lost' in full quality somewhere in the internet

  • I found another video of this episode. Right before Animo turns into Rath, he briefly mutates into other Omnitrix aliens too (including Gax - which was supposed to have been removed from the Omnitrix). So I think the chances of Ben turning into Rath in the future are pretty high now.

  • Am I the only one who thinks Enhanced Stinkfly's face looks a LOT like Big Chill too?

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  • The reboot is definetely improving, i can say that.

  • Well, that episode was bland and boring. They used Keith David for this? What a waste.

  • @tactical-ochoa agreed. That episode was a bump on the reboot's momentum of being ok.

  • @tactical-ochoa do u have to ruin this with negativity cmon just be a little happy we might see rath

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