Omni-tricked: Omnitrix error?

  • I've made this post to address an odd occurrence in the Ben 10 reboot season 1 finale. So, in the end of part 3, Ben is transforming uncontrollably, but he cannot turn back into himself. @Tactical-Ochoa complained that Ben's DNA was deleted, but somehow Vilgax restored it. I don't think that was the case. I think that Ben's DNA somehow got filtered into the inactive DNA. Vilgax fixed this because....Vilgax. He can do this stuff in the original series. Phil's device that he attached to the Omnitrix was meant to monitor the functions. However, when Ben tried to remove it, he started changing much more rapidly. So when Vilgax restored his own DNA, he damaged the omnitrix, causing Ben to be unable to return to normal. It wasn't intentional, but vilgax did, in fact, cause the problem. And he didn't really fix it either. he just reverted Ben to normal, although Ben would still be unable to revert to normal if transforming again. However, when he upgraded the Omnitrix, he put his DNA back into the active list, as well as a few other Aliens who weren't active before. So yeah. That's what i think happened

  • @andrew42 this actually makes sense if you follow then ben10 lore from alien force onwards

  • @jrphilgene I used information from those shows to piece this together.

  • @Andrew42 explanation is perfect. Although I don't think there was any error. Weird things happening with the Omnitrix's were a thing ever since the OS, it's 'part of the charm'.

  • @csgt i meant like a glitch

  • Maybe bens dna was deleted from the active list, and vilgax ran a recovery program? Maybe he scanned the area for new human dna and the omnitrix rebuilt bens dna? Why care its the reboot its not going to lead into anything the shows not that deep.

  • @oldtaku_dd And how the hell can you say that when we have only one season?

  • @Tactical-Ochoa anything you'd like to add?

  • @andrew42

    Because I have a sense of taste, and a working knowledge of BASIC story structure.

  • @andrew42 Some of these theories are interesting but until the show itself establishes any of this, I just don't buy it at the moment. Also, even though I compare the Ben 10 reboot to the previous shows (mostly the original show), I would really rely on what was established in any of the previous shows to explain certain elements in the reboot...because this is a full continuity reboot. Everything that the previous shows established doesn't apply to this show. They could (and very much often have) use elements from the previous shows but this show is still separate from the previous shows. I also agree with @Oldtaku_dd. With the way that this show is structured as, I doubt that the Ben 10 reboot is going to get as deep as you guys try to discuss it as.

    Taking it as face value, Ben's DNA got deleted (or it glitch out or something) from the Omnitrix and somehow Vilgax was able to restore Ben's DNA. That's it. That's all I got to say about that very aspect of Omni-Tricked so far and I doubt that the show is going to go any deeper with that. If Ben's DNA really did get deleted from the Omnitrix, then it doesn't make sense as to how Vilgax restored it since that Ben's DNA wouldn't even be in the Omnitrix anymore...because it got deleted.

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