Paul Eiding isn't going to voice Max Tennyson. Are…you…freakin…kidding…me?

  • Yup, that's right. The very original voice actor that was Max Tennyson, Ben and Gwen's grandfather, that was Max in every single show announced on Twitter that he isn't going to voice Max in the Ben 10 reboot.


    This sucks. Eiding was and still is the Max Tennyson. Like Tara Strong with Ben and Meagan Smith with Gwen, nobody else can deliver on the very level that Eiding delivered with Max in the series. To me, this is just another reason that further shows that this reboot is not going to deliver and succeed and is most likely, maybe even guaranteed, to cause more harm and damage to the series than good.

  • It's a shame, but I'm sure they will manage to find a good replacement to voice Max, even if the new voice actor doesn't sound like Paul Eiding. Being Brazilian, I'm quite used to changes of voice actors in series, films and cartoons. And I don't think the reboot will depend only on the American fans to succeed, I'm sure it will have great success in several countries.

  • @GoodVibes1999 And what if this new voice actor for Max doesn't deliver? What will happen there? This is why I'd prefer that they keep the original cast of voice actors. Because I know for a fact that they can deliver on the very roles that they're put in because those very voice actors have experience with those roles in the past. The original voice actors understand how to truly deliver a great performance with those characters because they understand those characters the most. This goes with Paul Eiding's role as Max.

    There is more to having a certain choice of voice actors for certain characters. Paul Eiding was picked for the role of Max because of his performance as Colonel Roy Campbell in the Metal Gear Solid series. Roy Campbell is the mysterious type that is known to keep major secrets from those that are important to him and Max is the same type of person in the Original Series. Keeping secrets about his past with the Plumbers from his family. Therefore, Paul Eiding fits into the role of Max perfectly. He is the suitable and right choice for the type of character that keeps secrets from others. That's was one of the major factors that made Max so great; especially in the Original Series. Eiding was and still is the right choice for Max in the Ben 10 series and so far, no one can deliver on the very level that Eiding delivered for Max. Eiding has to and needs to be Max for the Ben 10 series. End of story.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa The Brazilian fans had the same opinion about Orlando Drummond being the only one voicing Scooby Doo when he was replaced... They didn't managed to bring him back. But of course in both cases, I respect the fans' efforts because they fought for a cause to the end, even if it was a useless thing to do.

  • Oh yeah, I forgot about this bit. Paul Eiding doesn't even know why Cartoon Network didn't have him in the role of Max for the reboot as well. It's in the link.

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    Man, he just loved Ben 10. He even mentioned the anniversary. The show is in his heart. It's so bad that he won't voice Grandpa Max. It's not just a loss for Ben 10. He would even think of it as a loss for himself.

    I actually knew that he won't voice Grandpa Max. He mentioned before that he hasn't been hired by CN to voice him.

  • @admin Still, there is no one else that can portray Max any better than Paul Eiding. Because of his role as Colonel Roy Campbell in the Metal Gear Solid series, Eiding was and still is perfect for the role of Max. As far as I know, no one else can deliver on the very level that Eiding did on Max in the series. It really sucks that CN isn't willing to bring him back to voice that iconic character with such a strange taste in cuisines. Lol.

  • what about that guy in the live action movie

  • @devlin-11 Which one? There's two Ben 10 live action movies. Race Against Time and Alien Swarm. Each having different actors for Max and even then, Eiding is still better than the both of them. Like I said, as far as I know, no one else can deliver such a performance for Max Tennyson on the very level that Eiding did. Eiding is the best choice for Max and he should and needs to be Max in the reboot. There are others that can portray Max but, to me, Eiding still comes out on top.

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