Rocks and Squidstrictor

  • Hey Guys!

    I'm just wondering what everyone thinks of these aliens canonically speaking. According to the wiki, they are canon since DJW said so once. However, the wiki also lists both of their species names which I'm pretty sure are just made up. So I'm just wondering what you guys think. Do you consider them canon? Or do you consider them non-canon until they make an appearance in the tv show?

  • Well they're from an Asian Stage Play adaptation of Ben 10, so YES!

  • Ben 10 Fans

    Ok so since your new to these aliens, let me refresh you with this....
    So there was a play in Asia around the time of Season 3 during AF that featured these two new aliens, we also got their species, info and everything about them a long time ago.
    Now DJW 2 years ago confirmed these aliens were in the Omnitrix, but because CN had to limit them after Whampire, this prevented anymore aliens from debuting since then. Aside from Ultimate Rath being a one time deal.
    In other words, these aliens are canon, its just they aren't available to appear on the show and won't be until who knows how long, but it most likely won't be in the Reboot since we already have Diamondhead in the set of aliens, and Overflow an alien who already covers "underwater powers."
    So no they did not make them up otherwise we wouldn't have all this information nor official art for them. Everything BTP has on the wikia for the aliens that have appeared and not appeared are considered canon aliens, unless they make a list for non-canon aliens which refers to "Portaler"
    BTP is also missing a bunch of alien and species info because they no longer trust information from DVDs or Merchandise from the canon which provides all of the background info to Ben 10 aliens including species and etc, because it resulted in the information about Lodestar, Alien X, Way Big and ChamAlien being changed overtime in the series, especially when Ultimate Alien made changes to many characters and alien species since then. Meaning there are still bits of info we don't know.
    Another issue to this is, a lot of the information came from those DVDs and Merchandise, so that would mean A LOT of information on BTP would have to be removed until further proven otherwise.

  • @Ebomnitrix wow I didn't realize most of that. Thank you for clearing that up!

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