Ben 10 2016 Reboot Episode Review: Omni-Tricked

  • @Mortie-10 Like I said, an overreaction because this is not the best that Ben 10 had to offer in years. Like I said, Omni-Tricked is clearly not amazing nor is it great. It's a good episode. It has significant flaws but it is good. So yes, you guys are being overly excited and are overreacting over what is NOT the best that Ben 10 had to offer in years.

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    @Tactical-Ochoa Oh shut up! Now your talking like its a fact that its not the best thing Ben 10 had to offer in years. Its my and the others users opinions. NOT YOURS! Just because its not your opinion, doesnt mean its not a fact.

  • In my opinion, it could have been worse. I agree with what you say, but overall, I enjoyed it more than other episodes I've seen. If the second season can build on this, I think the reboot can be salvaged. I'm not asking for perfect quality, I'm just asking for a little more backbone.

  • @Mortie-10 Someone surely got triggered here.

    If you disagree with me, just say so and then move on. You can disagree if you want to and leave it to that and I will be fine with that. Your reaction to my opinions is only further proving my point. You are free to express your opinions and I'm free to express mine. However, if that's the very reaction that you're going to give over one's opinion that you disagree with, then you are the one that needs to shut up here for your sake. Express your disagreements if you want to and then move on.

    @Cheatster9000x Like I said, it's a good episode and it is better than the rest of the first season. I hope that the second season has better quality as the first season. I hope that the second season does make a lot of improvements. I doubt it because, well, today's Cartoon Network is today's Cartoon Network but I hope that I'm wrong and that the second season does turn out to be better than the first season.

  • Man there is so much wrong with what you just said. First of all, this show is aimed at a younger demographic. Like 4 year olds. And despite how any of us feel about that, that's the way it is. 4 year olds don't care about plot, they don't care about voice acting, and they don't care about whether things make sense all of the time. So for an episode of a tv show aimed at 4 year olds, this was a darn good episode.

    Also, just to point out some flaws in your logic, I'm pretty sure Phil is a plumber. He literally calls the Omnitrix by name on accident before correcting himself. (I also have a theory that Max was a plumber but just had his memory wiped, but I'm not totally sure yet) And how does the Vilgax thing make any less sense than the Ghostfreak thing? So Azmuth took Z'skayr's DNA and trapped him in the Omnitrix? What?

    So basically, this show is made for young children. Many of us, including me, wish that they had made a show for an older demographic, but unfortunately this show is made for young children. I understand that you didn't think it was a great episode. But you should have different standards for a show made for younger children than you do made for a show made for teenagers or adults.

  • @XLR8isBest No. The age demographic for the Ben 10 reboot aren't 4-year-olds. The reboot is aimed at 5-11 year old kids. Many shows are aimed for young kid viewers and they turn out to be at least really good. Also, a show catering to young children is not an excuse for why it's so mediocre. There are also many kids out there that do care about plot and voice acting and whether thing make sense or not. I've come across instances of kids that don't like the Ben 10 reboot for the same reasons that longtime fans of the franchise have for not liking the Ben 10 reboot.

    Like I also said, Phil does know about the Omnitrix and considering that he's a technical engineer or something of the likes. However, not once was there ever a hint of the Plumbers in the Ben 10 reboot at all. Like I also said, the Rustbucket does look like something that ufologists would use so if Phil isn't a Plumber, then he could've found out about the Omnitrix if he once studied about alien life and technology in the past. I can be wrong. I hope that I'm wrong because I prefer having the Plumbers. However, until the reboot establishes the existence of the Plumbers, this is the only other reasonable conclusion that I can come to IF Max and Phil are not Plumbers in the reboot.

    As for Zs'Skayr being in the Omnitrix, go read up about him and Ectonurites and what their characteristics are. Here, I'll help you. Here's the link to Zs'Skayr and Ectonurites from the Ben 10 Wiki. Read up in the "History" section of Zs'Skayr's page to know how he ended up in the Omnitrix. Sure does makes a lot of sense to me.

    I also didn't say that the episode is bad. I said that it's a good episode. Significantly flawed but good. How about you take the time to thoroughly read and understand everything that I state here.

    Seems to me that you have so much that's wrong with what you just said.

  • I will admit that I didn't know that there was such an in-depth explanation r how Zs'Skayr got into the Omnitrix. However, I do find it convenient that he just sat in the Omnitrix waiting.

    Also I was mostly over exaggerating about the demographic. I only know that it's aimed at pre-teens, in which case my point still pretty much stands. Due to being in college, I don't really talk to a lot of kids within that demographic so I don't know how they feel about it.

    I guess my point was just that this show was made for kids. I don't really know if kids like it or not, as I don't really talk to kids a lot. But it seems a little unfair to judge a kid's show this harshly. It also seems unfair to tell people that it is NOTHING like the original series. Who are you to tell people that? Why are you so opposed to let people feel nostalgia over this reboot? At first, your reviews seemed fair to me, but now I find it a little bit odd that you spend so much time writing essays about each episode of this show, especially since you hate it so much.

    You're welcome to judge it however you want, I'm not here to stop you. But I don't think it's fair to tell people that they're not allowed to feel a certain way about this show. The same thing happened with Omniverse. People felt it was truer to the OS than UAF. People are going to feel differently about different shows. I just don't think it's fair for you to take it upon yourself to kill the hype.

  • @XLR8isBest No, your point doesn't stand. Just because it's a kids show aimed towards young kids doesn't excuse it from being a mediocre show. Really? It's unfair to judge a kids show so harshly, huh? People don't seem to have a problem judging shows like Teen Titans Go! and the Powerpuff Girls reboot so harshly and those shows are aimed at young kids. The Ben 10 reboot is an exception? Don't give me any bullshit like that. Kids shows are just as equally open to criticism as every other form of entertainment media.

    Maybe if you read my review thoroughly, you'd know that I said that Omni-Tricked has some resemblance to the Original Series so no, I didn't state that the reboot is nothing like the Original Series. Maybe you also haven't noticed but there's a gap of episodes between this review and my previous episode review. I'm no longer making reviews for every episode because it got tedious for me. And no, I don't hate the Ben 10 reboot. I just don't like it. I find it mediocre. I very much well established that. This show is not worth expressing so much hate over. I mean like for CHRIST SAKE, I stated that this episode is G-O-O-D GOOD. Good, as in I LIKE this episode.

    I am free to express whatever opinion that I have. If you disagree with it, feel free to just state so and then move on if you don't want to get into an argument with me over it. I'm fine with you disagreeing with me. What I'm not fine with is when you express bullshit like this. The Ben 10 reboot being a kids show aimed towards kids doesn't excuse it from whatever flaws that it has. And yes, it is fair to criticize the reboot to this very extent. Like I said, you are free to express your opinions on what my opinions are. I'm not stopping you from doing that as well.

  • I honestly loving this series more and more each episode, it's really getting better in my opinion and I'm looking forward to what season 2 has to offer, but I understand that this episode hasn't won you over, but it did to me. Yeah, it had its flaws, but wow I was blown away by what MOA (alot of people pretty much hate them now, I'm not a massive fan of them, but they know how to write, the gave use the Gen Rex/Ben 10 crossover for crying out loud) gave us, it's not perfect, but it's a good start from the previous episodes. We have to tell MOA that we want more episodes like this in future seasons, I'm hoping for more surprises from this series.

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    Now this is a good episode. Although I would've preferred that this would be done with OS's art style, I still like it. However, IMO, Yuri Lowenthal was not a good choice as a VA for Vilgax.

  • Oh yeah, I forgot one more thing in regards to Yuri Lowenthal's voice as Vilgax. Much like with Ben's aliens, Vilgax didn't sound alien. Yuri's voice for Vilgax sounded too familiar. It sounded more human than alien. Steve Blum's voice for Vilgax sounded genuinely alien. It was almost like you couldn't tell who was voicing Vilgax along with who was voicing Ben's aliens as well. So that's another problem with Yuri's performance as Vilgax. He doesn't sound alien. He sounds too human and recognizable.

    I also had a short discussion with someone on Twitter in regards to the finale and he does make some good points as well. There were some moments where the finale did feel unfocused on what it was trying to be. Like I said, there were some moments where the writing and pacing did drop in quality and the finale still felt very much like the reboot's style while also sometimes feeling like the Original Series' style among other points of criticism that I addressed on here. So yeah, I can agree that the finale did feel unfocused at certain moments in it as well.

    I also agree that it did felt like a chore to sit through. Things started to kick up in parts 3 and 4 but parts 1 and 2 were just not as good to watch. Also, I do agree that there were some moments in the finale that felt meaningless as well. One definite example was when Gwen jumped onto Vilgax's ship to help Ben. That was pretty unnecessary, and even careless and reckless, for her to do and Max was already about to jump in and help Ben anyways. Plus, even though Vilgax had Ben pinned, Ben was doing just fine enough on his own to not need Gwen's help anyways and Gwen doesn't even do much either. She sprays Vilgax with a fire extinguisher, talks to Ben for a bit, and then Ben tosses her back up to where Max was, and that was it. They clearly set that scene up just to have a "genuine/life lesson" type of moment which doesn't have a good impact on the episode considering how pointless that scene is. Like I said, there were some moments where the writing and pacing drops in quality.

    So yeah, there's some more issues with the finale. I still consider it to be pretty good but like I also said, it's also significantly flawed.

    If anyone wants to check out the short conversation that I had on Twitter, here's the link.

  • So a while back, I had a conversation with Ben 10 News about the part of the episode where half of Vilgax's DNA was put inside the Omnitrix. It was here where I came to a realization as to why I found that very aspect of the episode to not make sense for me. Here's the conversation on Twitter if anyone wants to check it out and read it. It's a continuation of the previous conversation that I linked on here.

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    I looked at the BEN 10 Reboot 4 part episode "Omni-Tricked" on kimcartoon.me and it was great episode and I enjoyed it. it's the end of season 1 of Ben 10 Reboot but I can't to see preview episodes for season 2 of Ben 10 Reboot including more new Ben-tuition clips really soon.

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