Ben 10 reboot New Alien Gax

  • Hey, I'm pretty new to Ben 10 Club but I would like to join some discussions about the reboot. One of the major one's is ben's new alien that'll come in season 2 is Gax which is Ben's alien form of vilgax or vilgaxian (I can't remember the species name) But here's a image from toy fair that shows one of the figures that doesn't seem to resemble any other existing alien. I know it doesn't look like Vilgax but honestly this is all we got and it could be a possibility. alt text

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    Yeah that isn't Gax, it doesn't look anything like a Vilgaxian, and Gax was confirmed for the end of Season 1 so you also kinda... screwed up there...
    this might be the 12th new alien for Season 2, so don't start confirming that this is Gax if we have no confirmation about it.

  • @Ebomnitrix Well its the only thing we currently have. I'm not saying this is Gax, I'm just opening up the door for what this could be.

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