Top ten favorite Ben 10 aliens (original series)

  • I thought it would be fun to do a top ten favorite original aliens list.
    you can also put all of original ben's aliens, in you r favorite order, if it's to hard to choose. I haven't even made mine yet. It is difficult to only pick 10. Also put in order from favorite to least.

  • Ben 10 Fans

    For me it would have to be like:

    • XLR8
    • Ditto
    • Diamondhead
    • Wildvine
    • Benwolf
    • Buzzshock
    • Upgrade
    • Arctiguana
    • Wildmutt
    • Way Big

    My reasons for the aliens on this list, I prefer the additionals way more than I prefer the original 10, and I never really liked Ripjaws all that much, and Ghostfreak felt so bland to me in OS, it took til Alien Force and Omniverse to really like him more. Everyone else I just picked what I found most interesting to me so yeah.

  • Ok so after like, forever I finally managed to get down to ten. I hated getting rid of some, but this is it. in order of least to favorite, ignore title.

    1. Rip Jaws
    2. Benwolf
    3. Wildvine
    4. Diamond Head
    5. XLR8
    6. Cannonbolt
    7. Upgrade
    8. Ditto
    9. Heatblast
    10. Way Big

    Reasons for picking who I picked. Rip Jaws barely made it because I like how he is the only water based alien, and his look. Benwolf because he a freaking giant wolf that shoots sonar rings. Wildvine is because of all his nature and stretch abilities. Diamond Head because he looks so cool and has endless creation with his crystals. XLR8 because I love superspeed. Cannonbolt because of his funny character, and his awesome ball of death. Upgrade is cool for his technology ability, which sticks to me. Ditto is funny and I like his design, as well as his cloning abilities. Heatblast because, hence my username, I love all things heat, fire, red, orange. Finally Way big. He is my favorite because HE IS A GIANT 200 FOOT TALL GIANT COSMIC BEAM SHOOTING ALIEN OF PURE COOLNESS.
    sorry about that. Anyway that's my list, you guys let me know yours!

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