What is your top 5 Ben 10 series

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    So we have really have a ton of people who think this series is better than the others. So we need so see some user rate the series like this :

    Here is mine

    1. Ultimate Alien
    2. Omiverse
    3. Alien Force
    4. Original Series
    5. Reboot

    It goes from best to worse so number 1 is the best and number 5 is the least favourite.

  • My order goes:

    1. Original Series
    2. Omniverse
    3. Alien Force
    4. Ultimate Alien
    5. Reboot

    I actually really like them all but that's how I'd order them.

  • @XLR8isBest That's pretty much the same order that I would put each show in as well. There's no doubt that the Original Series is by far the best show in the franchise. Great story and writing, characters and character development, action and comedy, art style and animations, villains, aliens, world building, etc.

    For a while, I've been struggling to figure out what the second best is. Either Alien Force or Omniverse. There's some good moments in both shows but at the same time, they're both just very much flawed shows with many issues that held both shows back. You can make the argument that they're good shows but they are definitely not great. To me, they're decent and that's as far as I'm willing to rate them as.

    Ultimate Alien is just by far a mediocre show. I consider it to be a gimmick show mostly due to the Ultimatrix. Really thinking about it, the Ultimatrix is just a gimmick meant to sell more toys. It's an interesting concept but it quickly falls apart when you take into consideration of what evolution is and how it works. Even then, some of the Ultimate Forms don't even make sense. Humungousaur evolves to have rocket launchers? How does that work in evolution? The first season had the potential to make Kevin a villain again but they copped out at the end (RebelTaxi Podcast 63 covers that very well, as well as other stuff about the Ben 10 sequel shows and the reboot). After the first season, things just really fell apart and the writing just really suffers. The show is also just filled with so many filler episodes. Just overall, Ultimate Alien was just a really bad show.

    The Ben 10 reboot is by far the worst show in the franchise though and it's really clear as to why. Bad writing, art style and designs, characters and villains, story, comedy, etc.

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    My order:

    1. Alien Force
    2. Omniverse
    3. Reboot=Original Series (Tie)
    4. Ultimate Alien

    My reasons for Alien Force, better Ben, better aliens/set, a lot of build up and hype between the first two seasons, and even Season 3, the bring backs and the way they used them were on point.

    Omniverse's tone felt more right with me, I enjoyed Rook and a lot of the new characters introduced, I loved how the stories were overarching in a way and that 9/10 of everything came together for this show.

    The Original Show and the current Reboot are tied.
    The Original was good, but however I feel like somewhere in the middle was where episodes begin to become most bland and boring. I say the first and final seasons of the series where we were at a more high point. I also enjoyed the additionals more than I did the 10, especially since I wasn't a fan of Ripjaws or Ghostfreak, nor some of the aliens in the original style.

    The Reboot I'm finding more enjoyable than the original series, Max has more of a character in this series, though I wish they didn't keep his awesome background hidden from us. I like Gwen more, along with the set of aliens. But the voice cast, needed a few adjustments for me, and the fact MOA even used continuity outside OS makes me enjoy it more.

    Ultimate Alien, despite everybody was so hyped for this series, we lacked the most in this series. Season 1 had promises for us, which it looked like we were being delivered but then it all died down after Ultimate Kevin. But I think the final 10 episodes did a good farewell, so its like what I said about the original show. Good start and ending, bad middle.

  • My top 5 favorite series:

    1. Ultimate Alien
    2. Original Series
    3. Alien Force
    4. Reboot
    5. Omniverse

  • 1: Ben 10 (Original Series)
    2: Alien Force
    3: Omniverse
    4: Ultimate Alien
    5: Ben 10 (Reboot)

    This is my List of Ben 10 Series From Best to least.

    1. Original Series
    2. Reboot
    3. Omniverse
    4. Alien Force
    5. Ultimate Alien

    1. Ben 10
    2. Alien Force
    3. Omniverse
    4. Ulimate Alien
    5. Reboot (I'm sure it can change.)

    1. Ben 1o (Original series)
    2. Ultimate Alien
    3. Alien Force
    4. Omniverse
    5. Reboot

    The original series is always gonna be my favorite because it has all the classic characters and aliens, and was what set the whole series into motion.
    Ultimate Alien is second because I really liked the more grown up feel to UA and AF, though UA is better in my opinion as a series in its whole and for the introduction to Ultimate Aliens.
    Then was Alien force, which it after UA because it's practically the same series, except came first and didn't have Ultimate Aliens.
    I didn't really like omniverse as a series because of it's really cartoony look and also the aliens. To be honest I felt they ran out of alien ideas, and then just went back to using old characters, who didn't even look like they should have.
    Finally was the reboot. I think we all can agree this is just not good. Though there are good things about it, there are to many bads. WHO IS OVERFLOW?

    My opinion 🙂

  • Original Series
    Alien force
    Ultimate Alien

    The reboot is above ultimate alien and omniverse simply because there was no point in Ultimate Alien happening I mean the ultimatrix was just another omnitrix copy the only difference was the whole ultimate form nonsense that didn't even add to the series in any way.Then you have Bens secret identity being found out again which didn't do nothing but turn ben into a copy of Spider-Man. And Ben treating Julie like shit through the whole show and kevin becoming evil didn't help either as I said before I don't have a problem with ben and kevins friendship but I really didn't like the way they did it in Ua. Now to omniverse Rook I hated the fact that they replaced kevin and gwen for rook I just didn't see the point in having them as a team for so long only to replace them with a guy who only knows how to play by the rules and doesn't have any field experience like gwen was there to keep ben out of trouble and to help him when times got tough Kevin was there to serve as a big brother figure to ben and give him advice when he needed it .What did rook do he acted like a know it all at times he was a stickler for rules and I never got any of the whole buddy cop feeling from it. Now to the reboot I only have 3 problems with the reboot

    1. The comedy
      2.The animation and background characters
      3.The 11 minute runtime

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    I wanted a omiverse seqeul. Dosen't matter about the reboot style and format. I would still hate it becuase it is a reboot. Even if it is more like the Original Series.

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