Let's mess up the Ben 10 Reboot

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    Hello everyone

    I rather have no ben 10 series for 10 years then to have a reboot. So we all need to teach Cartoon Network and Man of Action a lesson so that mistake will never be made ever again . We need to make the series fail.

    So how can we do this ?

    • Go to this web page and give it a poor rating and comment http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6148376/

    • Don't buy any ben 10 Reboot toys Not even so you could burn them since CN would still make profit.

    • Harass Cartoon Network and Man of Action social media channels.

    • Any one who wants to see the Ben 10 reboot. Priate it don't ever buy their home media products (e.g DVD , Blue-ray and Itunes)

    • Get 150 of your friends too do the same after you did it your self.

    Keep doing that then in no time flat we will make a difference by this years end. We will end up getting a ben 10 17 year old series (or any form of omiverse sequal). Let make it misserable for cartoon network and MOA to have ordered a reboot instead of another mainstream ben 10 series. They did this to teen titans with Teen Titans go and now these assholes wants to do the same with Ben 10.

    Sorry if I am being too extreme but petitions won't change that. It has been proven.


  • You know that the reboot has its own fans (like me!) and that the series will live thanks to them, right? That's why the bad series are still being aired, they have their own fandom. A probably small one, but still a fandom. No offense but sabotaging the reboot isn't a smart idea!

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    Honestly what this is, is a simple overreaction to the Ben 10 Reboot.
    Trashing a series isn't going to give you another series, its' going to convince CN not to make anymore at all. Personally there are people such as myself who don't mind the Ben 10 Reboot.
    It's not for an older audience, its for a younger one, but even then its for anybody who just enjoys Ben 10, so you need to accept that Ben 10 maybe not just be for you anymore. So take it at that and stop trying to shit on show you apparently love.
    Ben 10 isn't the next TTG, nor is the new PPG, so believing that is stupid, its just a reboot and this one actually has a reason to be a reboot because of the Omniverse finale, so how about you just let Ben 10 be its own thing and just leave it alone ok? Because I'd rather have a good Ben 10 series, or at least any Ben 10 series than none at all, and this show has a lot of potential to become something better than it already is.
    I know a lot of you are die-hard OS and AF fans but its time to move on and let a new generation take in to enjoy the series just as we did. Even people who still care about the franchise to give it a chance, I know you're expecting better, and you want Ben 10 to become something like Samurai Jack, but that isn't going to happen for a long while alright? So enough.

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    Okay I even just read more, you can't just harass people like that either, you don't have to support people but you don't have to deliberately attack the people making the series, that's seriously stupid, like half of the SU fandom too, all your doing is proving you're not acting better than they are.
    You don't have to support the show, but don't convince everybody to give up on Ben 10 just for a better series, because like I said above, you're not going to get anything out of that but a cancelled franchise. So stop.

  • Its better to let the reboot succeed or fail on its own instead of trying to get it to fail.If the reboot eventually ends up getting better or failing is all up to CN and MOA .Plus making it fail wouldn't give us a better series it will just make CN think that Ben10 has outlived its usefulness and that people no longer care about the franchise

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    @npzman said in Let's mess up the Ben 10 Reboot:

    I rather have no ben 10 series for 10 years then to have a reboot.

    Even if they going to the reboot at least make it called some thing else other then just ben 10.
    give it a title there is nothing in the rebooted show's named to differentiate with the 2005/06 -2008 series.
    It has no connection with the mainstream series whatsoever.

  • Yeah, that's not a good idea at all.

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    So then let's save ben 10 by sabotaging the reboot

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    No More Reboot


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    I say this is really really stupid, what you're thinking will ruin any more chances of the franchise existing at all. Just stop please, this is a site for people that like Ben 10, not hate it. If you're going to hate on something enough to sabotage it, than you don't really have a reason to be here. I'm sorry.

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    Funny how you think this will ever make a difference.

  • @npzman Everyone else on here is right. This is a terrible plan that will only make things worse. I mean like christ, at the very least you could've thought up a better plan than that.

    Giving the Ben 10 reboot a poor rating on IMDB won't do much. IMDB doesn't determine the success of a show. It's just a review site that shows the reaction and reception of the general public just like many other review sites such as Metacritic. Harass Cartoon Network and Man of Action's social media channels? Are you crazy?! That will only make them even more willing to not listen to fans and viewers.

    Don't do this. The reboot already has a poor enough reception as it is. As @JrPhilgene stated, it's better to just let the reboot succeed or fail on it's own.

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    Sabotaging the reboot will do nothing. If anything it will show CN that people don't care about Ben 10 anymore and will not even try to make any new Ben 10 shows. I'm not very happy about the direction the reboot is going either but i tolerate it because it is Ben 10. I'm not about to go calling MOA out on a show that they put work into just because i don't like it. Plenty of people do like it and those are the people CN cares about.

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    I am a ben 10 fan.

    But hate the ben 10 reboot only. Or any reboot for any shows and movie

    The only reboot I ever liked is the Ratchet and Clank PS4

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    Well don't crap all over this one because you hate it.
    Reboots, Bring Backs, and Nostalgia are a thing of this generation, which is the stupidest thing by far, but its something we have to get used to for awhile, because this has been starting since 2012 as stuff like this got more popular.
    The point is, don't crap all over this one because it would just end the franchise completely, this franchise shouldn't be a distant memory, but more like something that can rise again with enough support and care.
    If you don't care about the Reboot, that's fine, most people don't, but if you're going to sabotage it, then you don't really care for Ben 10, you just want to end something that's impossible to end, and that my friend, is Reboots and Franchises. Because only an idiot with the brain of a 16 year old or younger, would do something this stupid, so please delete this ok?

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    Just like what happen to Crash Bandicoot when people were complaining about Crash of the titans and Mind over Mutant.

    Then they stop using the Crash I.P until last year

  • @npzman Just don't do this plan, alright. You want to help the Ben 10 franchise, don't do this. @Ebomnitrix is right. This franchise can rise back up with enough support and care. Plenty of franchises that had gone down went back up with enough support and care involved. You need to think this through and find more proper ways of helping the Ben 10 franchise. I designed a Ben 10 video game (that I'm trying to go back and revise to be better organized and designed) and I'm making plans to try and get employed at PlatinumGames to work as a Game Designer, hoping to get this game made. Will things turn out the way I planned? Maybe or maybe not but at least I'm going to try. I'm going to try and help the franchise out myself.

    If you want to help the Ben 10 franchise, you need to figure something else out. You can do a lot of good for the franchise but not with this very plan that you made.

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    What ben 10 video game you have designed ?

  • @npzman The rough draft version of it. Again, I'm trying to go through making a revised version of this designed game. Working on it on WordDoc at the moment.


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    Any video you see that cartoon network post on the reboot ?
    Hit the dislike button make it beat call of duty infitine warefare

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