My Ben 10 Video Game Idea

  • If anyone had read my other page about my Zs'Skayr possesses Ben idea, I've finally decided to share my video game idea for Ben 10. This is going to be pretty long because there is a lot that I will discuss here. I will also try to keep this as organized as possible. Designing a video game can be simple depending on the level of imagination and creativity yet complex when it comes to structuring and explaining it. As stated with my previous idea, this video game idea only incorporates elements of the Original Series and maybe the reboot (depending on how the reboot fares when it airs). Not the Ben 10 sequels. If there is anything that I miss or want to add into this idea, I'll post them on this page.

    Let's start with the gameplay. My idea for the Ben 10 game will involve it being a 3rd person fighting-style game like every other Ben 10 game. Here is the difference. Past Ben 10 games take on a God of War style and system to the combat. For my Ben 10 video game idea, I would like to have a combat style and system based off of video games that were made by Platinum Games. Examples of this combat style and system would be Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, the Bayonetta series, the unfortunately mediocre Legend of Korra video game, and most recently Transformers: Devastation. Take note that the first two games are Mature rated but the last two games are more kid-friendly. Either way, if anyone knows about any of these games, then you should understand what I mean for the combat style and system that I would like to be implemented into my Ben 10 video game idea. Just imagine having Platinum Games' combat style and system in a Ben 10 game. That would be amazing to play. Alongside this combat style and system, I was also thinking of having elements of a 3rd person shooter as well but that part is only optional at the moment.

    Here is another element of gameplay for this idea and that is to make this game open world and I don't just mean be able to explore Bellwood. No, I'm referring to being able to travel between and visit various different planets within the Ben 10 world with large cities and environments to explore on each planet. Each planet will have it's own specific and unique look to it and its environment and weather, being diverse between on another. Snow/ice planets, fire planets, water planets, rock planets, other earth-like planets, etc. Each or most planets will also have dangerous aspects involving their environments and weathers. For example, on a snow/ice planet, there could be a strong, constant, and overall dangerous snow storm that players would have to traverse with limited visibility. As for the cities and other forms of civilizations within each planet, There would be diverse sets of alien species that will travel around the urban areas similar to the crowd system used in Hitman Absolution and the upcoming new Hitman game as well as the Assassin's Creed series. There can be various areas within the urban locations to explore such as marketplaces, shanty towns, stations, suburbs, etc. Kind of like with Undertown in Omniverse but more in a city setting than an undergrounds setting. Overall, just involve a massive open world setting for players to explore and be greatly immersed in.

    Ben and Gwen would, obviously, be the playable characters of this game but will have different attributes, characteristics, and functions in regards to a gameplay setting. Ben will, obviously, have the Omnitrix but unlike past Ben 10 games, every alien that Ben has access to can be accessible to players. Not a portion of Ben's aliens. Every one of Ben's aliens with each alien being structured to have every attribute, function, and characteristic that they have. As for Gwen, she would, obviously, be more focused with utilizing her magic abilities. No, for my game idea, Gwen would not be an Anodite. I don't like that approach that was done to her. It's generic, stupid, and doesn't make sense. Again, for this game idea, I'm not following elements of the Ben 10 sequels. Gwen would be a fully human spell caster in this game.

    The game will have single-player and two player coop. Two player coop would be both online coop and offline split screen coop with one player being Ben and the other player being Gwen. In single-player, players would be able to play both Ben and Gwen through a swapping mechanic similar to Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil Revelations 2 where players would be able to press a single button that will switch them between playing as Ben and playing as Gwen while the AI will take the role of the other character.

    There would also be an upgrade system where players would be able to upgrade Ben and his Omnitrix and Gwen and her magic abilities. Basic upgrade elements would be involved such as strength, speed, damage resistance, inventory size, etc. The Omnitrix could be upgraded to have certain aspects such as a longer time using Ben's alien forms, shorter recharge times before using the Omnitrix again, and improving the abilities of Ben's alien forms. As for Gwen, she could craft and upgrade magic charms (like the Charms of Bezel) that would improve her magic skills. As an optional feature, players would be able to customize and equip Ben and Gwen with different types of armor, suits, equipment, and weapons to further improve their capabilities in combat but this feature is a maybe.

    Considering that my game idea takes place in an open world, there would be various and diverse story and side missions to partake in. Each mission could be tackled in any approach and style that players find fit. Stealth, assault, hit and run attacks, distractions, espionage, etc. Enemies would definitely be designed to provide a serious challenge for players to face and I'm talking about in the level of the games that I listed earlier and on the level of how enemies are structured in the recently released Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain although, I would be more happy to have settings to allow this game to be more suitable for younger gamers to play in regards to gameplay difficulty.

    I believe that is everything for the gameplay aspects of my Ben 10 game idea so let's get to the story elements. I'm not entirely sure how I want the story to turn out. One idea for a story that I was thinking was that Ben and Gwen would be hunted down by alien bounty hunters and mercenaries because of the Omnitrix and Ben and Gwen's history of battling alien threats. This could be a way to reintroduce Omniverse villains such as Khyber, Dr. Psychobos, and Malware but this is a maybe. It does make sense though considering the story concept that I described. For now, I don't have much for a story.

    For the graphics of the game, I was thinking of going for a different approach. Instead of having the most realistic and detailed graphics out there, I was thinking more of having a team of artists and programmers try to replicate the Original Series art design into a video game setting. If that doesn't work, then I would go for either a shell-shading approach or the cartoon-style 3D design seen in Platinum Games' Legend of Korra and Transformers: Devastation.

    I don't know about a multiplayer component for the game. If there would be a multiplayer component, it would surely be online and offline. The teams would be Plumbers/SECT versus alien mercenaries or something. Game modes would be pretty basic and casual yet unique. Other than that, I don't find a multiplayer mode being that necessary for my Ben 10 video game idea. It's optional and a maybe.

    Now, If I were to pick a team of developers and programmers to make this game, I would pick, well, Platinum Games because of the combat style and system that I stated earlier. Platinum Games mastered that system. It's what they're best at doing. Platinum Games had also shown that they are capable of making licensed games. Legend of Korra was mediocre but still benefited off of that combat style and system and Transformers: Devastation had positive responses from gamers and critics. Therefore, if I were to ever get the chance to really make any Ben 10 game, I would have Platinum Games be the team to work on it.

    So, there's my video game idea. Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions on it and if anyone wants to further expand on this and maybe offer your own ideas, feel free to do so as well.

  • I once had this idea for a skylander-style videogame where each alien is classified into a different type, like electric, strong, intelegence, flight, ect.

  • @chronosapien234 That could work too. Personally, I don't like the whole amiibo approach because I'd rather not prefer having to go around and purchase figures that people need just to play certain characters. I'd rather just allow gamers to be able to unlock and access content that is already in the game. Still, it could be a nice approach to take.

  • plus the figures would look awesome. I am actualy suprised you approved of that.

  • @chronosapien234 I believe that any idea and concept can work if done the right way and if it fits well with the product itself. The Skylander/amiibo approach does sound like a good approach to take for Ben 10 as well. Again, I'd rather not use the amiibo concept for my game idea but it could work for another different Ben 10 game. So yeah, it's a good approach for Ben 10.

  • I have a question tactical would the game have like when you face some of the villains and beat them can you choose to kill them or spare them like infamous

  • Or like skylanders trap team, only without the traps.

  • @chronosapien234 I don't know what Skylanders Trap Team is. Either way, for your game idea, a simple amiibo system should work just fine.

  • @KorseBLI-ND Alright, here's my response to the idea of having the option to kill enemies in this Ben 10 game. Well, I was thinking about that for a good while. I'm not sure about this approach but if I were to incorporate Ben and Gwen to be able to kill their enemies, I would give players the option to either go for lethal takedowns or non-lethal takedowns. Doing so, I would also have to incorporate a system to properly structure these options. Ben does not like and prefer killing his enemies so I would have to set up a morality system that reflects that. Make it so that killing enemies provides a negative effect on Ben while disabling enemies will provide a positive effect on Ben. As long as it is done the right way, this concept can work.

    This made me think back to my previous idea of Zs'Skayr possessing Ben. I could take that idea and incorporate the elements, concepts, and my story approach into my game idea. As I stated in my story approach for the Zs'Skayr possesses Ben idea, Ben would defeat Zs'Skayr by trapping him and his consciousness deep within Ben's mind. I could incorporate something like this to reflect the moral effects of killing and not killing enemies and expand it even further.

    Here is how I would implement this using the ideas, concepts, and elements from my Zs'Skayr possessing Ben idea. There would be a level of psychological health for Ben and that would be represented in his physical appearance changing. If Ben were to either commit or witness anything that is bad, he will receive a negative effect of those events in the form of being psychologically damaged. Examples of this would be to witness innocent civilians get killed, witness chaotic and destructive events, witness a planet being ravaged by crime, being away from Earth for a while, fail missions, kill enemies, etc. This would build up to having a negative effect on his psychological health. As Ben receives more psychological damage to him, his skin will start to get pale. Cracks similarly seen on Ghostfreak will start to appear on Ben's face and arms and whatsoever and will expand and spread the more psychological damage Ben receives. Finally, his eyes and voice would eventually change to that of Ghostfreak. Now Ben won't end up being possessed by Zs'Skayr again and thus result in a game over or something but having this happen to him will affect Ben and those around him in a negative way.

    Now how can this be countered? How can players get rid of this effect and improve Ben's psychological health? Well, do something that has a positive effect on him. Reduce a planet's crime rate, help innocent civilians, succeed in missions, take down enemies in a non-lethal manner, etc. Having Ben go back to Earth and be with his friends and family can help improve his psychological health as well. As an added optional feature, if Ben receives too much psychological damage to him, a cutscene would play out where Gwen would decide that enough is enough and take Ben back to Earth so that he can recover. At that point, players would just have to hang around Earth until Ben recovers and then they can go out and explore again. Doing all of this will improve Ben's psychological health and remove the changes to his physical appearance that I mentioned earlier and thus leave a positive effect on Ben and those around him.

    That is my answer to the question as to whether or not Ben would have the option to kill enemies in my game idea. This is how I would implement that concept. Thoughts and opinions are free to be expressed here.

  • that mortality idea is a little bit like how much paint or thinner you can hold after beating enemies in epic mickey. if you beet them using paint, you get more paint. same with thinner.

  • @chronosapien234 No, I'd say it's more on the lines of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain's Heroism and Demonism system. In fact, I'll even say that my morality system is inspired by that game's Heroism and Demonism system and maybe even further expand on it too.

  • Oh man I wanted to play that game but my xbox and PC are out of commission at the moment also it would be intresting to see Ben act like big boss

  • @KorseBLI-ND Well, not act like Big Boss. Just have Ben be Ben. Also, it's just an idea for now but I would really love to take this idea and turn it into an actual video game though.

  • I know but I was just saying it would be interesting to see Ben trained by big boss just man Ben would be more dangerous with the omnitrix

  • @chronosapien234 I just realized something that another Ben 10 fan pointed out. While the amiibo approach that you stated would be a really good idea for a Ben 10 game, there are actually a lot of flaws with it and this all involves Cartoon Network and their business practices.

    Knowing Cartoon Network, they would exploit the living heck out of your Ben 10 amiibo game idea much like how they exploited the Ben 10 sequels and how they're exploiting the Ben 10 Reboot. Really, the most major, if not the only, reason why Cartoon Network really wants to make the Ben 10 Reboot is because they just want to cash in on the Ben 10 brand name and the next Ben 10 toy line. That's really it. Therefore, knowing Cartoon Network, they're just going to take a really good idea, such as your Ben 10 amiibo game idea, and just poorly execute it and greatly exploit it.

    Here is one of the two major problems of using amiibos in a Ben 10 game. First off, most games being released now a days cost $60, which is quite expensive. With the amiibos, there are at least 80 different aliens that we've seen Ben transform into with every single alien or most aliens each being used as an amiibo. The game alone would be somewhere between $40 to $60 plus each amiibo would be sold separately and/or in packs. It's likely that most parents are not going to be willing to spend a bunch of money just so their kids can have a good bunch of amiibos to use for this type of game, let alone buy the game itself.

    The second major problem is again Cartoon Network themselves. Again, they would just more likely greatly exploit your Ben 10 amiibo game idea. However, most of Cartoon Network's audience would definitely call out Cartoon Network's BS on the amiibos and see through their deceptions. This would end up causing a big and negative controversy that will work against Cartoon Network and create a lot of bad rep for the company, not like they already got a bad enough reputation as it is.

    So yeah, it's more likely that Cartoon Network would just exploit and likely poorly execute the amiibo route for a Ben 10 game because Cartoon Network is Cartoon Network. With the two major problems that I listed, I don't think the Ben 10 amiibo idea would get far and is just more likely going to be treated poorly by Cartoon Network and also further damage Cartoon Network's already bad enough reputation. It is a pretty good idea but I bet it's just going to be treated poorly by Cartoon Network and therefore the risks are not worth the rewards and more harm is going to be done than good.

  • I found another idea for a feature that could go into my Ben 10 video game idea that I discovered when having a conversation with a Ben 10 fan fiction writer. It's a randomizer for Ben's Omnitrix.

    This idea came from the Original Series. In the Original Series, there are times when Ben would want to transform into one alien only to end up transforming into another alien that he didn't want to be instead by random. This could happen quite often to him and when it does happen. To Ben's credit though, when this does happen to him, Ben is pretty quick to adapt and work with the situation and be creative with it. There are also times when Ben would tamper with the Omnitrix and cause the random alien selection to happen. There was even one episode when Ben tampering with the Omnitrix led to him being able to transform into the hybrid aliens.

    So here is how this randomizer feature would work in my Ben 10 game. When players play as Ben and use the Omnitrix to transform into one of his aliens, there would be a certain probability that the Omnitrix would not pick the alien that players want to use and instead transform Ben into a different alien by random. When this happens, like with Ben, players would have to quickly adapt and work with the situation and be creative with it. This could add a nice challenge to gamers who play as Ben as they would have to be prepared to think and plan quickly when the randomizer happens. At the start, I'd say there would be a 25% chance that the randomizer could happen when players use the Omnitrix.

    There can be a way to reduce the chances of the randomizer from occurring. I mentioned an upgrade system for both Ben and Gwen with the Omnitrix being upgradable for better performance. One option for upgrading the Omnitrix would be to reduce the chances of the randomizer from happening.

    Another part of the randomizer feature is that players could also tamper with the Omnitrix much like how Ben did in the Original Series. This could be done through excessive use of the Omnitrix. Examples of this could involve cycling through all the options for the aliens for too long or too much, maybe transforming between aliens too often, and using the Omnitrix before it could properly and fully recharge. Players could also tamper with the Omnitrix through the upgrade system where if Ben's skills aren't high enough, there would be a certain likelihood that trying to upgrade the Omnitrix would lead to a failure and the upgrade would not go through and the Omnitrix would end up being tampered. Finally, the Omnitrix could also be tampered with during battle. If Ben is in his human form during a battle with enemies, then certain attacks could result in the Omnitrix being tampered and thus increase the chances of a randomizer to happen. Certain attacks could involve sustaining heavy attacks, Ben being slammed into objects such as walls, and sustaining explosive damage could damage and tamper with the Omnitrix. To detect signs that the Omnitrix had been tampered with and thus the chances of a randomizer had increased, players would be able to see green lightning bolt-like energy surging around and on the Omnitrix.

    There could be ways to counter the Omnitrix being tampered and thus reduce the chances of a randomizer. One simple way would be that inactivity with the Omnitrix for a good while could help to decrease the chances of the randomizer from happening. One other way is that players could set the Omnitrix to recalibrate itself but doing so would leave Ben unable to use the watch until it finishes recalibrating. There could also be an option to upgrade the durability of the Omnitrix as well as upgrade the effectiveness of the recalibration process. If the Omnitrix ends up being severely damaged, players could pay a visit to Azmuth and have him repair the watch. There could be more options to fix the Omnitrix as well.

    If the Omnitrix sustains too much damage and tampering, then a new feature could happen in the form of the hybrid aliens. Once the Omnitrix gets tampered enough and the chances of the randomizer grows too high, every time players use the Omnitrix, it would result in Ben getting a random hybrid alien of any two combinations of Ben's other aliens. Some hybrid alien combinations could bring major advantages to players, some hybrid alien combinations could bring major disadvantages, and some hybrid alien combinations could bring a mix of both. Either way, transforming into a hybrid alien would be completely random and would happen once the Omnitrix gets tampered with enough.

    I really have to give credit to the Ben 10 fan fiction writer, that I spoke with, for coming up with this idea. I find it to be a great idea and a great way to give players quite a challenge to face and further authenticate being in the shoes of Ben and knowing what he goes through when this randomizer happens to him. Here is the link to the fan fiction writer's fan fiction page as a way to give this person credit for thinking up this idea. This writer also made a couple of really fantastic Ben 10 fan fiction stories that I highly recommend for fans to read.


    I believe this is everything that I wanted to take about here with the randomizer feature. Thoughts and opinions are welcome.

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    This sounds pretty cool and would love a ben 10 game like this but i just dont think cn would put that much effort into a game that is essentially a cash grab now if they gave the rights to ben 10 to someone else say dc or marvel then that would be awesome i have always said ben 10 would be great in another companies hands cn isnt doing the ben 10 concept justice.

  • @Omni-Triforcer Yeah, I know. I don't trust Cartoon Network with the series anymore. I don't mind if Cartoon Network airs the show on their channel. Just let Man of Action make the Ben 10 show that they truly want to make.

    I don't know about DC and Marvel though. The fan writer (that I left the link to his/her page to in my previous post) said that Man of Action was formed because Joe Kelly, Joe Casey , Duncan Rouleau, and Steven T. Seagle used to work at Marvel but left to make their own studio because they were tired of Marvel's BS. Well, I think it was Marvel.

    Well, a Ben 10 game made by Platinum Games would definitely be a money maker for Cartoon Network. There's a lot of Platinum Games fans and the Ben 10 fan base is still really big. The problem would be to keep Cartoon Network away from this game so that I could have it made the way that I envision it as.

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    @Tactical-Ochoa said:

    @Omni-Triforcer Yeah, I know. I don't trust Cartoon Network with the series anymore. I don't mind if Cartoon Network airs the show on their channel. Just let Man of Action make the Ben 10 show that they truly want to make.

    I don't know about DC and Marvel though. The fan writer (that I left the link to his/her page to in my previous post) said that Man of Action was formed because Joe Kelly, Joe Casey , Duncan Rouleau, and Steven T. Seagle used to work at Marvel but left to make their own studio because they were tired of Marvel's BS. Well, I think it was Marvel.

    Well, a Ben 10 game made by Platinum Games would definitely be a money maker for Cartoon Network. There's a lot of Platinum Games fans and the Ben 10 fan base is still really big. The problem would be to keep Cartoon Network away from this game so that I could have it made the way that I envision it as.

    I made a post about ben 10s potential with another company if you want to check it out.

  • I recently watched a video from a YouTuber's series called Game Maker's Toolkit, which I have to say is just a marvelous series that can prove to be very helpful guides to help anyone that wants to go into video game designing. Anyways, there was a particular and new video that recently came out that was about setting up an immersive open world where certain elements allow gamers to explore those very open worlds without the use of quest markers while providing various examples of games that follow this mindset. I'll put up the video on here to show what I and this YouTuber means and how this applies to the ideas and features that I've jotted down in this post on for my video game idea.


    After watching this video, considering that I stated that I wanted my Ben 10 video game idea to be an open world setting where players can explore the various planets within the Ben 10 universe as Ben and Gwen, I thought that this video gave very strong points on how I can make that very open world setting more immersive for players to explore. Therefore, I feel that one way this could be done is to limit or even completely remove automated quest markers and leave subtle clues and helpful features to help guide players in a way that they can figure out where to go on their own while not making the maps feel more like confusing and frustrating mazes.

    For simple exploration, I could have the map only highlight areas that players have previously explored and would highlight more and new areas that players further explore as well. Some objects like area maps can help further expand and highlight the player's maps. Certain key locations and landmarks could e placed onto a GPS list of locations so that if players want or need to go to these very locations, they can open up their maps and find those locations that they can place a GPS marker on. For example, if Ben and Gwen examine and/or visit a marketplace or nightclub on a certain planet, then they'll log it on their GPS maps so that players can have an easier time finding those locations later on. Another example could be that if players go onto a snow planet and find a cave, then Ben and Gwen could log that cave onto their GPS list so that if players later get caught in a violent snow storm, then they could look up that cave that they found earlier and go to seek shelter from the storm at that very cave. Certain landmarks, such as signs

    When it comes to performing quests and missions, though, that's when things would have to be more subtle to help guide players without hampering the immersion. When activating a quest or a mission, quest givers and other information providers (such as notes and images of the locations that players need to go to) can give out certain land marks to help guide players while giving them a chance to figure out where to go. Now, if some players do end up having trouble finding locations, maybe after a while, Ben or Gwen will mention those land marks again as reminders as to what the players need to look for and give more hints as to where they need to go without revealing too much. In single player, the AI controlled partner character could maybe even examine the surrounding area and point out the direction that players need to go. Overall, just give players enough information to allow them to be able to figure things out on their own while giving some little nudges once in a while if players need them to help get back on track. Not too much information and not too little either; just the right amount of information. Don't make the puzzle pieces too small and too large and don't leave too many and too few pieces. Just the right amount of pieces for players to be able to solve the puzzle with and thus make exploration immersive, challenging, less linear, manageable, and overall fun to do.

    As I stated before where players can have various different options on how to tackle various different situations, the same can go with various different paths that players can take to get to their destinations. Some paths can be shorter and quicker but more dangerous to take while some paths can be safer to take but longer to follow. Maybe there could even be some shortcuts and hidden passages that players can take to get around the obstacles that they would have to face, if they could even find those hidden paths.

    This is what I have down for now so if anyone has any thoughts and opinions, feel free to comment if you want to. I'm also going to leave a link to the YouTuber's channel if anyone wants to check it out. I have to give credit for the YouTuber that made the Game Maker's Toolkit series for doing a great job with his videos as they do work greatly as one of many examples of guides that help others design great video games if they feel that they want to get into video game designing, such as me.


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