Ben 10 Comic Book Reboot

  • With us all talking about a Ben 10 reboot made by another company not involving Cartoon Network, an idea came to my mind, something that I honestly think wouldn't be too difficult to happen. A comic book Ben 10 reboot. Not children comics based on the show, but a serious reboot.

    Cartoon Network is owned by Warner, who also owns DC Comics. And DC Comics is already doing some rebooted comic book versions of cartoons aired by Cartoon Network, like Scooby-Doo and Flintstones (you can check it out)

    Maybe we can get DC writers to make a badass comic book version of Ben 10. And make no mistake, comics nowadays are way more serious, darker and edgier than cartoons, and there would be room to explore a lot more of things.

    1. Anyone can Die

    Comics have no problem showing deaths of characters, while cartoons avoid this.
    (Blue Beetle killed by Maxwell Lord)

    1. Serious storylines

    There are almost no silly storylines. Even in Scooby Doo newest version, Scooby Doo being a talking dog is explained by saying he was an experiment from the government to enhance animals. He was a failed experiment, because he was not good at fighting, but was saved by Shaggy from being put down.

    1. Bwen

    Although it's easy to see a lot of same-sex couples in comic books, cousin couples face a greater prejudice and are still very hard to find. BUT I think DC wouldn't be too afraid to make it happen. For example in Blackest Night, when Superboy (genetic clone of Superman) was possessed by the black ring, it was revealed that deep down he is actually attracted to Supergirl (Superman's cousin)
    Nothing ever came out of it, but the Superboy/Supergirl pairing is not popular. However the Bwen pairing is hugely popular among the fandom, and with pressure from the fans, I think DC could even make it happen for real.

    What do you guys think of the possibility of a Ben 10 comic book reboot?

  • I would like that, but I like a Japanese manga Ben 10 series as well

  • @Rexfan1333 Yes, it would be nice too. But as I said, Warner owns both DC Comics and Cartoon Network, so it would be a lot easier to get a Ben 10 comic book from DC than a manga from another company. Like, it's something that I can see happening in the future, if we fans can make DC know that we would buy that.

  • @csgt I honestly like to see Ben 10 go to Marvel, possible crossover with Ben 10 and Spider-Man and him in the MCU would be freaking epic, I'm cool with DC too, but they gave us stuff like TTG, but I can forgive them because it's CN that made that crap happen. As for a manga, it can work if they stay away of the typical Shonen stereotypes and make a Adventure/Si-Fi storyline.

  • @csgt I understand it's easier for Ben 10 to go to DC, but I'm scared that CN might get involved in like many sucky cash grab comics that are so hard to find in the Ben 10 franchise. I want a serious series with blood and maybe sex if they are a bit bold. (I want Ben and Gwen to be 18 years old in this possible series) I've had enough of them as kids and want them to be adults god damn it.

  • Also hotter and interesting female characters are a must, I also don't want typical comic artist that draw their males with huge biceps and such. I don't mind comic artist like Gurihiru to work on Ben 10 though

  • I also like to have harem plots with Ben and the girls in the series, (it doesn't have to happen, but I like to see some girls flirt with Ben), I don't mind Ben and Gwen being at least 15 or 17 as well. I also want really cool moments of Ben being heroic and kind hearted like helping an old lady cross the street, stopping bullies, rescuing a kitten, the small things that show true heroism.

    I also like to have back stories for characters and how they became what they are. Also like to see new interesting characters that are actually interesting. A mature and likeable Ben with a love for nestalgia like video games.

  • @Rexfan1333 You mentioned the MCU, and I actually had an idea to write a fanfic about Ben 10 in the MCU. The Omnitrix would have one of the infinity stones (just like Loki's Scepter had one) and Gwen would be an Inhuman (if you watch Agents of SHIELD, which is also set in the MCU, you will understand what I'm talking about). I thought about starting from Age of Ultron, replacing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch with Ben and Gwen. But ultimately I decided to write Watch Boy & Lucky Girl because mixing MCU characters would require more skill and talent than I have at the moment.

    But as I said, I'm talking about real possibilities, and unfortunately, I don't think Ben 10 with Marvel is a realistic possibility.

    And of course, in my comic book reboot idea Ben and Gwen wouldn't be kids, they would be at least teenagers.

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