Vilgax and Kraab confirmed to be in the Ben 10 reboot and likelihood of 2nd season

  • At the New York Toy Fair 2017 event, the toy line for the Ben 10 reboot was showcased. Near the end of the video, toy figures of Vilgax and Kraab are showcased thus confirming that they will be in the Ben 10 reboot and they will be introduced after or at the end of season 1.


    Good. I'm glad that Vilgax is going to be in the Ben 10 reboot. Hopefully they won't screw him up. Granted though, they already screwed up all the other villains in the Ben 10 reboot so I have a good feeling that the same is going to happen to Vilgax as well. This is even further evident by Cartoon Network Studios progressively undermining and discrediting Vilgax as a villain from Alien Force to Omniverse to the point of him becoming a laughing stock. Vilgax being afraid of Ma Vreedle anyone? Oh but Man of Action is involved in the Ben 10 reboot so Vilgax should be just fine, right? Again, they already screwed up all the other villains and the Ben 10 reboot isn't really received well for the quality that it has. The reception is pretty much overwhelmingly negative towards it and for good reasons as to why. So yeah, I have a good feeling that they're going to screw up Vilgax in the reboot.

    This bit of news also shows that it's LIKELY that there would be a season 2 of the Ben 10 reboot. If there is, I find that to be expected. If the Ben 10 reboot continues to be mediocre in quality and continues to not deliver well, as well as not doing well enough in merchandise sales, I expect the show to only last for 1-2 seasons. The Powerpuff Girls reboot was announced to have a second season a month after it premiered. Pan-Pizza from RebelTaxi stated in one of his podcasts (I forgot which one) that this usually CN Studios would start on producing the second season after they finished producing the first season and that the show got renewed for a second season because Cartoon Network wanted to make it look as if the Powerpuff Girls reboot was doing well for them, even though the reception is overwhelmingly negative and the show's viewer ratings had dropped very significantly a little over the half way point of the first season. Therefore, I see that to be much of the case for the Ben 10 reboot as well. If there really is going to be a second season, at least to me, this is because CN Studios already started working on the second season after they finished the first season and it's because Cartoon Network wants to make it look as if the Ben 10 reboot is going to do well, even though the reception is negative. Plus, considering that Ultimate Alien and Omniverse's toy sales were so poor and considering the mediocre quality of the reboot, I doubt that the toy line for the Ben 10 reboot is going to do well enough in sales for Cartoon Network to want to continue the Ben 10 reboot. After all, Cartoon Network sure does like their profits in toys more so than the actual viewer ratings of their shows. "Oh, that show isn't selling enough toys? Cancel it." So yeah, the confirmation of Vilgax and Kraab could LIKELY mean that there's going to be a second season of the Ben 10 reboot. When? I'm not sure. Maybe Cartoon Network will air the second season after the first season ends or they'll wait to see if the toy line profits well enough for them. Who knows.

    My take on things right now is that Vilgax's confirmation of being in the reboot and with the way that Cartoon Network operates could mean that there could be a second season coming. Take this with a grain of salt though and don't accept this as fact until official news and information comes out. This is just my prediction and I could either be proved right or wrong. As for Vilgax himself, I hope they don't screw him up but I find that to be very much likely to happen considering what I already previously explained. As for the toy line that's being showcased here, my take is that it is not going to profit well enough for Cartoon Network, which could greatly affect the Ben 10 reboot negatively considering, again, what I previously stated. If anyone has any thoughts of their own on this, feel free to leave a comment.

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  • @Nikita--Kleutin Where's this picture from?

  • @Cheatster9000x It's fan-made on Deviant-art.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Not so this fan art was made by a friend Timur for the Russian social network Vkontakte and group of Ben 10 restarting later, he also uploaded this art to your instagram

  • Ben 10 Fans

    Since we're talking about Season 2 here, how about I make some predictions of what possibly could happen.


    • Ben gets new aliens, some as references to UAF/OV aliens, or actually new aliens. (We know we're not gonna get Wildmutt after that reference)
    • The show might slowly go somewhere. If they're going to start showing Vilgax (in which Ben has a fear of squids) then it looks like we're heading somewhere, especially if this means Max has a Plumber background, if not we can at least start progressing through the story.
    • I assume villains from Season 1 will be coming back, and maybe even more older ones from previous series, and especially new ones.
    • Hex or the Weatherheads might actually be the plot of the series and we go somewhere with them.
    • The series starts to improve. Something I don't think that's too likely, but if we're getting a story, then it most likely will. With all the heroes Ben keeps meeting, I'm hoping at the end of it all, they form Hero Generation.
    • More stuff from what was originally planned for OS S5 and after start happening further in the series. Even aliens.
    • Gwen gains her magical abilities, and becomes Lucky Girl or somebody new. After all if they kept the spellbook from Episode 4, and if that's likely the case then there's a chance it could happen.
    • Ben actually messes with the Omnitrix and we get more features and cool stuff shown with the Omnitrix, even reshowing features (I don't mind.)
    • We could actually get a origin episode? Or perhaps a half hour special.
    • Bentuition videos, to be honest they've been pretty hilarious to me so far, like they actually put humor into making these shorts, and Ben messing up his powers, personally I wish they did more. I only didn't like 3 of them, Wildvine 02 (because the animation when the birds attacked was lazy), Upgrade (skateboard logic), Cannonbolt (randomly bouncing off the pool, it was funny but how does that even happen?)


    • The show starts heading nowhere, and we're headed for more filler-hell, I mean not that I don't mind all these episodes we've been having, but I'd actually like to go somewhere instead of stop for the day.
    • There are no new aliens in Season 2 and MOA actually considers keeping Ben at 10 aliens, which... ruins the fun... It would actually be stupid because the show is about Ben turning into aliens and having the best summer ever. Like what would be the point at keeping Ben with just 10? That's boring... and wouldn't be good for toy sales at all.
    • More redundant villain returns. I get this is a new timeline, but seriously, some of the villain returns haven't been good, like Animo hasn't even physically appeared yet, he's just been hiding in the shadows like what is going on here?
    • The characters become even more silly and it really does turn into more like TTG... (Most likely it won't but if it does then I finally would start disliking the series.)
    • More Ben 10 "YouTube" videos through iPhone, I mean I like Bentiution but can we not?
    • Rehashes of Ben 10 episodes

    Possibilities of returns if we're being realistic:
    Character and Villains:

    • Kai (Debut)
    • Kevin 11
    • Elena (if they did Billy Billions, this is possible)
    • Charmcaster (Debut)
    • Zs'Skayr (random return like Hex, minor flashback of Ben being Ghostfreak which also showcases him being released and causing mayhem. It would make sense if Overflow was the "new guy")
    • Enoch and the Forever Knights
    • Clancy (Debut)
    • Aunt Vera?
    • Thumbskull (Debut)
    • Acidbreath (Debut)
    • Sixsix (Debut, as one of Vilgax's other henchman)
    • Tetrax (Debut, as one of Vilgax's other henchman)

    Aliens (if possible):

    • Blitzwolfer/Benwolf
    • Ghostfreak (read above)
    • Ditto
    • Upchuck or Eatle
    • Echo Echo
    • Eye Guy
    • Way Big
    • Lodestar
    • ChamAlien
    • Toepick

    Now the reason I say the aliens is because they've been going for aliens with simple powers and figures who are standing up as to why Wildvine and Stinkfly got drastic changes to be humanoid. I was going to list Spidermonkey and Arctiguana but that doesn't seem likely... ChamAlien and Toepick were also listed because they have simple powers, I'm guessing they could improve Toepick later on, but this is what I'm really guessing for what they could possibly do with these aliens. Part of me actually hopes Ghostfreak DOES happen because I would be relieved to know that Overflow is a new guy after all and is just there to replace Ghostfreak, but only time can tell.

    ANYWAY those are my hopes and not-hopes for S2, if we ever get another season. Personally I want this show to go somewhere, I don't mind it tries to have all this filler, but can we actually create a story as we go so it actually feels fun? I don't mind most of the episodes, just no more episodes like Take 10 and create something plot worthy. Like at least something for every 4-7 episodes, that would at least be ok to me.

  • @Ebomnitrix I'm hoping for the pros as well as hoping for a return of Attea, Looma, and Ester coming back (those girls were the best thing that happened in the series in a while as well as being really popular characters)

  • And Lucy Mann and Julie (but I don't see Julie coming back because how harsh the writers were to her)

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    You guys should check out Timur Talgatov his awesome Fan art of Vilgax

    Here is his Deviantart page: http://talgatov-timur.deviantart.com

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    @Ben-10-Fan said in Vilgax and Kraab confirmed to be in the Ben 10 reboot and likelihood of 2nd season:


    You guys should check out Timur Talgatov his awesome Fan art of Vilgax

    Here is his Deviantart page: http://talgatov-timur.deviantart.com


  • @Ben-10-Fan Heck, this is really good.

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