Why Gwevin failed (or Why Bwen is still so popular)

  • @csgt I find that odd that man of action would put incest on purpose like that on a kids show after changing gwen into bens cousin. I dont think they cared enough to remove all the subtext because to them the show is mainly geared towards kids and they probably thought the kids wouldn't notice it and be more focused on the action and adventure part of the story.

  • I don't find it odd I would do the same thing if I worked on a kids cartoon show

  • Does anyone know how to delete your account on Ben 10 Club? I really don't want to be a part of a forum that promotes incest.

  • @xlr8isbest you've jumped in a hole you can't climb out of.

  • @XLR8isBest the forum is not promoting anything. You can stay here and dislike Bwen all you want, just like most people. What do you want the admins to do? Ban me and other users for shipping Bwen even though we are not offending anyone? (actually, we're the ones who get offended in a regular basis being called weird, crazy and other worse stuff) Actually, there are Bwen fans in almost every Ben 10 forum, because it's a popular pairing (unless the forum has an anti-Bwen rule, in which users are immediately banned just for liking Bwen :P)

    And I'm not promoting incest either. I'm not telling anyone to get together with a cousin. I'm just talking about two fictional characters. Besides, If you tell me you ship Gwevin, you know Kevin hurt Gwen many times in the past and you don't care, does that mean you support all kinds of abusive relationships? I don't support incest (to be honest, in my country, cousin relationships don't even fall under the incest umbrella)

  • @xlr8isbest

    This is called E-drama do not let it effect you, trust me.

  • @oldtaku_dd This specific topic is for discussing the relationships Bwen and Gwevin (and Benlie and BenKai and others mentioned here too). You might remember that a few days ago, you and me both discussed about these things without any drama. Then a person goes completely off-topic, says they want to quit the forum and that the forum promotes incest simply because there is a topic about Bwen here. But I'm the one creating drama. Right, I can see how that makes perfectly sense.

  • @csgt

    I never said you were the one causing the E-drama.

  • @csgt I never said you should be banned (because I don’t think that). I never said you are not allowed to support Bwen (because I don’t think that). I never said I support Gwevin (because I don’t). I merely asked how to delete my account because I am tired of seeing that I have notifications on this website only to find out that it’s someone commenting about incest. This type of relationship might not be incest in your country but it is in my country and it is in the country that Ben 10 takes place in.

  • @xlr8isbest with me I live in Michigan and I don't care what society thinks about Bowen because I watched rocky horror picture show as a kid

  • @xlr8isbest Then go into your profile settings and uncheck the boxes that are under the section called Watch. You won't be able to get notifications from any topic but if you don't want to receive notifications on comments about Bwen, there's your solution.

  • @xlr8isbest I apologize if I misunderstood what you meant in your message then.

    What I said about Gwevin, I wasn't actually implying you ship it or not. I was just meant that - rightfully so - nobody assumes any Gwevin shipper supports or promotes abusive relationships - even though in real life a relationship like that would undoubtely be seen as abusive considering the things Kevin did to Gwen - but at the same time everybody thinks that just because somebody supports Bwen, it means they are supporting or promoting incest. That is not true, especially considering that (1) We are talking about fiction here, not real life, and (2) Incest is a very broad definition, and is also used to refer to many kinds of relationships that I'm personally against.

    Well, considering the country (a semi-fictional version of the USA) that Ben 10 takes place in, you can see that the Tennyson family is supposed to be weird there. Max Tennyson dated a lizard-like alien (Xylene) and Joel Tennyson married a sludge-like alien (Camille). I can't believe the people in Ben 10's universe wouldn't feel icky with these kinds of relationships either. So, definitely Bwen fits very well with the Tennysons' 'weird' relationship pattern in my opinion.

    @Tactical-Ochoa gave you the solution then. You just have to stop watching any topics that you're not comfortable with. No need to leave the forum.

  • I think this incest issue wouldn't be a thing if man of action found a better way to make bens classmate come along for a long road trip. I mean pokemon had misty follow ash for a very long time with a 15 year old brock.

  • Bwen may never be canon but it will be part of the Ben 10 fandom as long as the fandom exist. With the of interest in Ben 10 I'm noticing that a large part of the die hard fans are Bweners.

  • Well we had finally found the proof about the original status of Gwen being a classmate of Ben and its close enough.


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