What fans want in a Ben 10 reboot

  • I've been thinking about what do fans really want in a Ben 10 reboot, even though the new reboot is more how the original series was, but more modern in style, but it still seems to get hate like the pervious incarnations. here's a question for you? What is it that people want? Do people want a darker and mature Ben 10 like UAF? A goofy and fun loving Ben 10 like OS and Omniverse? Or both?

  • Like I said before I want a more darker and mature Ben 10 from UAF.

  • @Mortie-10 Sadly I don't think it will happen, they tried it and it failed (they kept holding back honestly, which sucked), but I wouldn't mind if they tried adding both together, still being immature, as well as taking the hero gig seriously.

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    If we're getting a reboot, I want it yes to be more like OS, to actually fill up a lot of OS's shoes, have some relevance and hints, even maybe 1 alien and villain outside the original series, which thankfully we got both. A unique set of 10 which this one kind of is... but you also need fan favorites...

    Also I don't want certain aliens to be recolored or over dramatically redesigned like Stinkfly. If aliens are supposed to have some things to keep the design unique, then it should be like that, because a lot of problems in terms of designs have to go for Stinkfly, Upgrade, Wildvine and "Overflow". Renaming Overflow was a stupid idea tbh, and dramatically changing his design while also being the same to make people think this is a "new alien" is a horrible excuse when the Reboot Stinkfly looks like a completely new alien, but gets the name "Stinkfly". Honestly it should've been a copy like Astrodactyl, Fasttrack and Eatle rather then a rehash of the alien. Also Wildvine not having his vines for legs, but on his armpits? and having plant powers, that further pushes Swampfire into being a copy when Wildvine's only main powers were stretching, fusing/cloaking himself into plants and shooting bombs. So the alien shift was dramatic. If they wanted to give us a new alien, it shouldn't have been someone who was already a rehash of somebody else, rather a complete new alien with a complete new design. And the aliens are supposed to look like aliens, not costume-like humans. My point is, as long as the aliens are a mixture of the original ones, have maybe some from UAF or Omniverse, and even a completely new alien, then I'll be fine, but the 10 has got to have people they recognize,

    I also don't mind the action/comedy shift, but if writers would actually not rush half the episodes it would actually feel like they were taking their time with it, look at Steven Universe I mean. Personally I would've preferred half-hours, and that's what I will want the next time we get a Reboot. But if we're doing an action/comedy, another thing to add is to make it popular with all audiences instead of kids, because we need shows that can actually appeal to the adult audience, because adults watch cartoons more than kids now, but modern cartoons are trying so hard to push the nostalgic fans out that is making it impossible for people to watch cartoons, especially in a digital world like now. (Last thing, the comedy has to be good, not shit)

    Another thing to talk about... casting, we need a good cast for the show, and though I admire a lot of the voice actors and voice changes, some of them just don't fit for Ben's aliens. If certain older voice actors wanna reprise their role, honestly let them unless they're unfit to voice the role anymore. Like a good example is Paul Eiding still wanted to play the voice of Max, and he's still fit for the role to play him. Though David Kaye is as close as we can probably get, we really wanna still have Eiding play him while he can still voice act. And for the aliens not sounding like aliens, the voice for Heatblast... even though now I'm adjusting to it (and that's saying A LOT) I still think we should've had something that matched the original or something as unique as OV. The only voices I've really admired for the Reboot atm is Diamondhead, "Overflow", Four Arms, Cannonbolt, Wildvine, Grey Matter and XLR8. It's because their improvements from Omniverse and they're also unique, hell they're improvements from UAF and some of their originals. I wish they honestly gotten more voice actors back from the past shows, because I think Dee should've returned for Stinkfly instead of spamming Greg Cipes in every cartoon we have (no offense for him), and again, for what I said with Heatblast, having Steve Blum return for his role would've made the show a little less hated on. I like they wanted to give the 10 aliens different voice actors, and that's a really good idea imo, its just we should've had the voices fit more for some of those aliens, or even give people the part to play 2 aliens since we don't even see Wildvine that much, and we're just NOW seeing Upgrade.

    HERE'S A BIG THING I really think that should be said. Now I don't mind the animation for this Reboot, I think the main characters look completely unique, its just that almost every character we see looks like every Cartoon Network series out right now, and that's not unique. That and look at the coloring, the backgrounds look completely lazy with how colors are going everywhere, and there isn't even beds in the Rustbucket, and that's the really strange part about this. If we get a Reboot that's exactly like the original, well for one we need beds, and two the animation has to be spot on with the show, I mean if it wasn't for those orbs in the transformation, itself it would look very lazy. It technically already is lazy considering that in half the episode they just morph around while other episodes they actually spin in your face. You need something that's always moving, and modern animation is even trying 3D backgrounds right now, and a perfect example is the Pokemon anime (mainly XY/XYZ) or even a anime like Kill La Kill. We need a show that's always constantly moving for whether to show something off or even fight scenes so it can actually feel like something is really happening, and so that it looks amazing. If a Ben 10 show ever gotten accessed to that, that would do the show a favor, despite the professional writing it would gain like in the first 2 shows. (Let's face it, the third show as bland, the fourth show was a more wackier version of that, and the recent show... at times they got it but they really need help...)

    The last thing I think a show should have is a story for every season or for 2 seasons, or even the whole show! Its worked out for Ben 10, even in the original, and in this show, we don't even know if we have a story, but the Weatherheads look like they'll be great villains if they were actually used a lot more in the show as serious villains. But what I want is something to actually make people think their taking this show seriously then spamming nostalgia down our throats, because we need a show that could be taken far more serious, especially since we have this big Plumber background that's being ignored in the Reboot.

    But there you have it, to sum it up we just need a story, great animation, a unique and perfect cast, and other stuff. Ye.

  • @Ebomnitrix I agree completely.

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    How about a Ben 10 Reboot Christmas episode.

  • With me I would want bwen pairing or have Ben and Gwen be classmates like the original idea also I would want Kevin be put down like the mad dog he is

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