My Predictions on Ben 10 Hero Generation

  • @car54 In fiction when it comes to story and characters, everything has to make sense. That's why Gwen is Ben's cousin and not Ben's best friend. Because Gwen being Ben's best friend doesn't make enough sense for her going on the road trip. I'm also pointing out the science in regards to timelines and alternate universes so yeah, the future in one timeline is set and there's no changing it because each timeline in each universe is linear and has to be linear.

    Goodbye and Good Riddance was a good end to the show but it's still not established canon. It's still just a what-if episode. Secret of the Omnitrix is still the official finale and established continuity. Goodbye and Good Riddance is not. Yes it conflicts with Alien Force but it's still not canon and not intended to be the official finale unless MOA says so since that they're the ones that know the real answer to that.

    If that's how you see the Ben 10,000 and Ken 10 episodes as, ok then. However, it has been established that Ben 10,000 and Ken 10 are part of the same timeline. They're connected to each other. I know what kid you're referring to (and apparently she's supposed to be Ken's sister) but just because she shows up in two different events that are 12 years apart from each other and she doesn't age at all doesn't mean that both episodes each take place in separate alternate timelines. Even the OS has its own set of "goofs" and mistakes and flaws and that girl was one of those continuity goofs. Ben and Gwen were also 30-years-old in Ben 10,000 and 42-years-old in Ken 10. Overall, both episodes don't take place in different timelines but at the same points in time. They take place within the same timeline in the series at different points in time.

    In fan fiction the Ben 10 series can be whatever you want it to be. Fiction is just a classification of a story in regards to what type of story it is and a fictional story means that the events are not true and based on actual real life events. In fiction, there is still established and official continuity. If MOA intended for Goodbye and Good Riddance to not be canon, then it's not canon. Although anyone decide on their own as to what they personally consider to be canon but that doesn't change what is officially canon. In order for official continuity to be able to change is if the writers and creators change it themselves through either a reboot or a retcon, with the former being the more preferred, effective, clean, and organized option. For example, if Hero Generation were to indeed happen and to be able to act as an official sequel to the OS, then that would mean that MOA would have to wipe Alien Force onwards out of continuity and then establish Hero Generation as the official and canon sequel. Again, in fan fiction, the series can be made however you want it to be but it won't change the official and established continuity. Only the creators and writers themselves would be able to actually do that.

  • ah yeah but with the way ben 10 is now I would rather have some of the pro bwen fan writers take over

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    I feel like I posted what I said at the wrong time....

  • @Ebomnitrix It's fine enough.

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    Actually I just saw what you said now @ Tactical Ochoa so my bad.
    And I didn't include Spitter, Arctiguana and Buzzshock cause they were shown in the original series, even though it was by Ben 10,000, but we'd probably would have seen them used by Ben. Btw you misspelt Snakepit as Snakebite.
    But I can agree with Humungousaur, I mean the only unique thing about him, is he has the power to grow, and most of the Ben 10 staff forgot about that half way into Ultimate Alien and have never used it since. If Humungousaur was to ever be used, that power should be used more to an extent.
    Thing about the AF aliens is, a lot of them have untouched unique powers, like Swampfire is a living swamp and only those powers were shown in AF, and he had a couple of differences to Wildvine, like Wildvine could cloak himself through plant life but he couldn't regenerate until OV (still makes me mad.) Meanwhile Swampfire he can control plant life, shoot mud, and had an odor worse than Stinkfly.
    Point is about the AF ones, only some of them were actually unique, or had unique powers as a copy, and I think the only ones unnecessary to show off would probably be Echo Echo and Jetray. The only reason I don't say Brainstorm is because he's a little more unique and he seems like an alien MOA would use. But if we're going out on a limb to say only the unique ones can be shown, then the only winners here are Spidermonkey, Alien X, Lodestar and Nanomech. Since they aren't power-copies of other aliens.

  • @Ebomnitrix Oh, nice work pointing out Spitter and Buzzshock as well. I forgot about them. Oh and thanks for pointing out the spelling error for Snakepit. I didn't realize that the auto correct changed it.

    It would make sense for Humungousaur to have that growing ability. It definitely suits the name and the alien much better. If that was the case, then Humungousaur would've been a much more useful, unique, and acceptable alien to have in the series.

    I still don't really prefer Swampfire. Overall, he really is just a combination of Wildvine and Heatblast. If Swampfire was implemented more towards the swamp concept, I could accept that alien at least a little more. Still, I wouldn't really consider having Swampfire anyways because Ben already has a fire-type alien and a plant-type alien.

    I agree with you on Echo Echo and Jetray as well. Jetray was just generic to me. There wasn't really that much use for him other than to get from point A to point B. I still find it really stupid that he could somehow glide and slipstream through space as well. That came out of nowhere and felt really lazy. Echo Echo just ended up making Ditto and Benwolf (Blitzwolfer) useless mostly because there was no consequence to Echo Echo constantly duplicate and multiply himself. Ditto can duplicate and multiply himself to have a numbers advantage but was limited to Ditto's link with each of his duplicates. Echo Echo doesn't have that disadvantage which ends up making that alien way too powerful. There are other aliens that were unnecessary to have as well. The most obvious examples being Fasttrack and Eatle.

    Other than that, you make a really good point.

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    Actually there was one little consequence to Echo Echo if you saw Duped.
    I mean while in alien form that makes sense, but as Ben himself, I think if one Ben dies, so do the others, because Echo Echo I think gets affected differently as seen in Absolute Power.

    I mean in Hero Generation for aliens unneeded. The list goes to Echo Echo, Jetray, Chromastone (if we have Feedback), Fasttrack, Eatle, and Kickin Hawk.
    They're just basic aliens with the same abilities, that if Hero Generation was a series, they would be unneeded because of their powers, as for other AF aliens, they would just need to have revamped powers and designs... like what happened with Overflow...

    (But however I do like those aliens, including Jetray, in fact I was annoyed that Jetray, ChamAlien, Spitter and Fasttrack weren't in Omniverse to begin with.)

  • @Ebomnitrix I don't think Duped would've been a good episode to provide an example of a weakness for Echo Echo. That episode wasn't really that good to begin with either. Each Echo Echo duplicate retains the same personality yet each duplicate that transforms back into Ben have different personalities and characteristics that all reflect a part of the original Ben? Also, even though Ben has the Ultimatrix, it still didn't made sense how Ben was able to do that when with Ditto in the OS each duplicate had to be fused back together into one Ditto in order to transform back into Ben. Like with pointing out Jetray in my previous post, there's a lot of bullshit in Alien Force onwards. A lot of moments where the writers just pull stuff out of nowhere with little to no sense behind it.

    Overall, as long new aliens are unique in both design and concept, useful, balanced, and necessary and are also don't show up in Ben's roster too quickly and numerously, I'm fine with them being added to the Omnitrix and the show.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I didn't mean to start an argument about it.
    I know that's the canon story but if I liked that I wouldn't write fan fiction for it.
    Fortunately, since it is fiction there is not "real story" and one version is as valid as any other.

  • @car54 I agree also I don't really like the later crap the only thing I liked was the voice actor who did professor paradox

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