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  • As we all know Cartoon Network has not been great as of late but apparently Regular Show is ending with season 8. This has been confirmed by Mark Hamill's Twitter account and has since been taken down. Cartoon Network is now losing one of its best shows and it doesn't seem like they have anything planned to replace Regular Show.

    -- I know this is off-topic but I thought I should let you guys know and would like to hear your opinions on this.

  • Considering everything that's been happening with Cartoon Network in recent years (from cancelling great shows such as Young Justice and Sym-bionic Titan because they aren't selling enough toys to making horrible reboots such as Teen Titans Go!, the PPG reboot, and likely the Ben 10 reboot), I'm seeing Cartoon Network just pretty much going downhill right now. All the bullshit that they've been doing recently is just now catching up to them. Even Nickelodeon is doing better than Cartoon Network. Freakin Nickelodeon. Then again, at least Nickelodeon puts more care, respect, and passion into their classics, unlike Cartoon Network who are doing the opposite with their best show and classics.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa What I find odd is that Cartoon Network never had an upfront this year and the never announced any new shows this year either. I have a feeling that something is happening internally that hopefully can lead to great things in the future.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I hope that Cartoon Network creates a 3rd channel or something that is dedicated to shows like the original Ben 10, Fosters, Grim Adventures, etc. -- You know what Boomerang should be dedicated to,

  • @cooljay7 There is a new show called Mighty Magiswords coming out but it's not really something that I'm interesting in. Saw a few clips and the pacing is just too fast for me. I'm fine with fast pacing if done well but this show had a little too much fast pacing almost to the point of feeling rushed and there's too much energy in the show. So yeah, I'm not really interested in it. As far as I know, that, along with the Ben 10 reboot, is pretty much just it though.

  • Ben 10 Fans

    Very true @ Tactical Ochoa, I give you that
    But I don't think anything is replacing Regular Show, given they have another season left which will end late 2017, probably the same goes for Adventure Time, I think that show is going to end alongside.
    With Gumball having 2 seasons left, it'll probably end some time in 2018/2019. (Since after those 2 end, that show will the its next long runner.)
    But in this case, I can't see Magiswords replacing it, if both are airing this Fall.
    CN has to make new shows every year at least, cause that's kind of the thing about this network, something new must debut every year, and that channel went from 4 new shows per year to just 1, its hinting something I'm just saying.
    I know CN is very competitive when it comes to Adventure Time or Steven Universe airing, cause its always one or the other airing.
    Teen Titans Go got a fourth season, which upsets me cause ik CN limits certain shows to 78 half hours, so given to that happening, I can see it at its final season with how ratings been, but we'll just have to see.
    I don't know what's going to happen to Cartoon Network, but it just impresses me that Nickelodeon is doing worse than CN where they just lost its studio in Florida entirely.
    If CN can play their cards right, they can stop trying to aim for little kids and focus back on people from 9-14, that might actually save the network, cause at this rate, the network is doomed to fall with Nickelodeon together.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I saw a clip of Mighty Magiswords too, don't really care for it either.

  • @Ebomnitrix Adventure Time has been renewed for seasons 8 and 9 -- it is currently on season 7.

  • @Ebomnitrix Also, I feel that the effects of the new President of Cartoon Network have really not come into affect yet. I feel that we will start to see what her leadership brings next year.

  • Ben 10 Fans

    actually @ Cooljay7
    She has done a few things.
    Making the Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10 Reboots happen.
    and Ben 10 switching from Bandai to Playmates.

  • @Ebomnitrix Thats true my bad. Hopefully we will see her bring to new original shows to Cartoon Network soon.

  • One question I have about this is was the show canceled by Cartoon Network or J.G. Quintel?
    I would think that it was canceled by J.G. Quintet because he wanted to end the show on a good note.

  • @Ebomnitrix Well I didn't say that Mighty Magiswords is replacing Regular Show. I just said that there's a new show called Mighty Magiswords coming out. That's it.

    From 4 shows to 1 show per year? Jeez.

    Well before Nickelodeon was doing worse that CN but now Nickelodeon is turning things around and just doing all these great things for the channel. A while back there was that crossover of the current and 1980s TMNT that I heard a lot of people really enjoyed. There's also the upcoming Hey Arnold Jungle movie that's currently being worked on right now and recently Nickelodeon announced a 1-hour movie special of Rocko's Modern Life being made with the creator of the show returning as the Executive Producer and Director of it. I believe I mentioned a while back on here as well how Nickelodeon actually has better viewer numbers and ratings than Cartoon Network. Nickelodeon really is actually turning things around.

    I very much agree with your last sentence as well. Cartoon Network really does need to turn things around. Make the channel intended for viewers from the ages of 9-14 again or even more importantly just make the channel intended for cartoon fans to enjoy watching again. Cartoon Network had so much success that way. If they don't turn things around, Cartoon Network will eventually, if not soon, collapse.

  • there is three things I would want if they make a third channel have it be named toonami and have it play all the stuff that made it great and have tom and sarah host it

  • Cartoon Network lost over 20 million viewers within 7 to 8 years.

    Like I said, even Nickelodeon is doing better than Cartoon Network.

    Yes the growth of the internet does affect these stats as well but it still shows just how bad things are going for Cartoon Network and how the quality and treatment of their recent shows have put them in this very situation as well.

  • Cartoon Network needs to greenlight Back to Backspace & Twelve Forever as full animated shows. They shouldn't always keep relying on reboots. Cartoon Network needs more variety & original content.

    Even though I am excited for Justice League Action, I am concerned that there aren't any other campy & lighthearted DC animated shows that are currently in production. There are times where I do want some brand new campy & lighthearted DC animated shows to air entirely on Hulu instead of Cartoon Network.

    DC Comics & Cartoon Network do a very lousy job at announcing new information.

    I will give the show a chance, but I'm not excited for the Ben 10 reboot. I do want to move on to new things, but I'm not really to move away from the Ben 10 franchise without a Lucky Girl spin-off show.

  • @NelsonYeung2 I don't think a Lucky Girl spin off is not going to happen honestly, Ben 10 is aimed toward young boys and CN is not interested in making a Gwen series. Kinda wish they make an anime like short but that will never happen.

  • @Rexfan1333 https://thepreciousthing.tumblr.com/post/102208492812/matter-of-fact-were-working-with-a-japanese

    Man of Action said there are plans for a Lucky Girl spin-off show, but Cartoon Network Southeast Asia has put her show on hold.

  • @NelsonYeung2 that sounds interesting, I honestly wish they do Ben 10 with a Japanese company as well, what the heck MOA!?

  • it would of been awesome but I hope they don't have gwen date kevin in it

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