Ben 10 Original Series episodes are re-airing on July 31, 2016

  • That's right. The Ben 10 Original Series episodes are re-airing on Sunday July 31, 2016. Good. They should've done this back during the 10th Anniversary of Ben 10 but still good. I don't know if it'll be on Cartoon Network or Boomerang though.


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    Probably because the Reboot is on its way, sometimes when CN brings a show back, they'll air the first show first and if people like it enough, it gets more airtime and the newer series is released.
    Too bad this isn't on weekdays, cause that is a good time slot for Ben 10 to be on for when people have to get ready and go to school next month.

  • Happy they are finally showing some Ben 10, CNs been lacking in airing episodes lately.

  • @Ebomnitrix Well again, I don't know if it is going to air on Cartoon Network or Boomerang. I went onto my TV and checked the TV Guide and on that very day and at that very time Teen Titans Go! and the PPG reboot are airing on Cartoon Network and Scooby-Doo is airing on Boomerang. I guess it's right because I went onto TV Guide and it says that the channel airing the OS episodes is TOON, which is Cartoon Network.


  • @Tactical-Ochoa The Ben 10 Planet provided some backdoor schedules as well so I guess the schedule is correct. This backdoor schedule also has next week's Ben 10 OS airings as well. By the looks of it, they're going to show two episodes every Sunday from 7am to 8am.


  • Wow so considering the Original Series has 52 episodes, if Cartoon Network is going to re-air the Original Series on their channel and show two episodes every Sunday from 7am to 8am and they stick with that, the re-aired OS will finish airing all the episodes somewhere around the end of January 2017. When is the reboot going to air internationally? October 2016? Again, if Cartoon Network sticks with this schedule, international viewers would be watching the OS while the reboot is on the air as well. Just something that I want to point out.

    Also, once the reboot airs, the OS is going to be very much well fresh within the minds of viewers and newcomers due to it being re-aired on the Cartoon Network channel.

  • There's some other points I want to make as well. First off, this is exactly what should've happened. Cartoon Network stated that they want to make a reboot for the purpose of introducing the new generation to Ben 10. That is what re-airing the OS is going to end up doing instead, tossing that very reason for the reboot out of the water and making it even more unnecessary to make and have exist (not like Omniverse already introduced the new generation to Ben 10 anyways).

    Second, and I mentioned this before, this is going to get the OS fresh in the minds of viewers and newcomers to the franchise. Everyone, including the new generation, knows that the next Ben 10 show is a reboot to the OS. Since that the OS is re-airing on Cartoon Network, there's going to be more expectations and comparisons towards the reboot and in relation to the OS; especially coming from the new generation. I think that's not going to go well for the reboot considering that so far at the moment, the reboot does nothing to improve on the OS. That the reboot so far does nothing to live up to the standards of the original Ben 10 show, something that both reboots and remakes must absolutely need to do. Reboots and remakes need to prove their existence by making improvements over the original material, which again the Ben 10 reboot has, so far at the moment, not done in any way. The best, if not only, reason for this reboot to be needed is because all the retcons made to the Ben 10 series made it an absolute mess and even then, I mentioned a while back that a much better direction to take for the Ben 10 series would be to wipe Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse out of continuity and make a new sequel to the Original Series. Most preferably Man of Action's sequel, Ben 10: Hero Generation. Therefore, the reason to make this current reboot being because of the mess caused by all the retcons isn't good enough since that reason is more...universal or general or something of the likes and not specific. That it's a reason that fits multiple directions that could be taken for the series and not one direction. So yeah, as a result of re-airing the OS on Cartoon Network, it's most likely that the new generation are going to have all sorts of expectations towards the Ben 10 reboot based off of the original Ben 10 show and there's going to be all sorts of comparisons between the reboot and the original show that are going to be made as well. Like I said before, I don't think this is going to favor the reboot in a good way. That it's most likely that the OS being re-aired is going to end up working against the Ben 10 reboot. This is something that actually popped up for me recently that is pretty much worth mentioning.

  • Here's another update on the schedule for the re-airing of the OS. It's going to air every Sunday from 7am to 8am. That we already know. However, that's eastern (EST) time meaning that in the eastern area of the US, it's going to air from 7am to 8 am but in other areas around the world, it's different. In the Western/Pacific time zone in the United States, the Ben 10 OS episodes are going to air from 4am to 5am every Sunday.

  • I was notified by the Ben 10 Planet Wiki on Twitter that Cartoon Network West will air the Ben 10 OS episodes from 7am to 8am Pacific time so that's good and helpful, even though 7am is still pretty early but it's a lot better than what I previously mentioned.

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    It doesnt really matter for me since i dont have cable and i can watch it on hulu. but its nice knowing other people can watch it now.

  • yeah tactical I will be awesome to watch it again on live tv instead of watching the dvds like I have been doing and that car also has been doing

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