The "Good"

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    As everyone else has said gwen is cute and max looks pretty good. Bens design is growing on me as well. Heatblast and fourarms look good,

  • Ben and Gwen's interaction was nice and sweet. However, I hope that they don't end up making Gwen too soft as a character. I liked how Ben and Gwen's relationship in the Original Series was done and I already explained why on my Bwen page.

    Diamondhead just looks ok and average.

    Background images are pretty cheaply made and feel out of place but they're ok.

    Man of Action are at least back.

    Most of the aliens (such as Heatblast, Grey Matter, and XLR8) look from acceptable to good.

  • New Villains and new Alien Overflow

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    I like all the voices ive heard so far. (Ben. Gwen, Diamondhead, Xlr8)

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    The unique costumes
    Keeping most of the voices of the series.
    XLR8's OV voice surprised me, but I was more surprised on DiMaggio voicing Four Arms.
    Like no one has ever voiced Four Arms for more than one show, this shocked the crap out of me.
    There's nothing I haven't mind, and keep in mind guys, every Ben 10 series if you've never noticed, has followed CN's different directions WHILE also using approaches seen by other shows. That might be why the Reboot is more like modern CN comedies, cause I managed to add it all up and I can see why they went this route.
    The creators coming back, I love that we're headed this direction.
    I've gotten used to the Stinkfly, Wildvine and Overflow designs where I love em. Like Overflow I had already gotten used to so no complaints.
    I wish they didn't change Stinkfly's design, but I hope this alien gets a complete different name because holy crap that is NOT Stinkfly.

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    @Ebomnitrix Yeah ive gotten used to all the designs to and im fine with the show being partly comedy as long as its action as well. I also like the design of bens shirt so thats a plus as well.

  • @Omni-Triforcer And yet the full version of the Annecy clip shows the people behind the reboot stating that the Ben 10 reboot is going to amp up the comedy. It's a comedy-oriented show.

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    The transformation sequences are more like os and ov and not like Af/ua where it just shows the bone structure changing.

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    Just realized the omnitrix is on the back of grey matter so i guess they arent doing the all omnitrix on chest thing.

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    I think the reason is because, I mean think of how weird the Omnitrix would be if it was on Grey Matter's chest, ignoring the Ultimate Alien intro.
    Still Grey Matter shouldn't have it, and throughout UA, Stinkfly had an Omnitrix on his face, so he's one of the aliens who also needs it there.
    I think the show is doing chest-trixes, its just only a couple won't have it depending on the alien.

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