Will Kevin Be In The Reboot?

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    I recently thought about this. You know, there's been a big mess around Kevin's character thanks to UAF (hope you guys soon see the top retcons video; FU, CN). Although Omniverse made him a good guy even in the past and the future, Man of Action's original idea was he to be a villain. The problem is that many fans won't be satisfied with this and they'll strike back which will reflect on the show's reputation. Therefore, I doubt Kevin will appear in the reboot.

    In my opinion, if he does, he should definitely be a villain, not just because MOA want this, but because it's the best it can be. I don't think we saw a character development, seeing him turning good. We saw a very bad and wasteful storytelling.

    What do you think?

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    It would like him to be a villian as well. He was a pretty ba villian and was an actual threat to Ben. I would also like them to keep him a mutant instead of making him a alien like uaf did and then retconning it in omniverse (make up your dang mind)

  • I personally prefer Kevin as a good guy, but I really dont mind if Kevin is evil in the reboot. Its a reboot after all. As long as it doesnt is like anti-hero/villain Kevin from Omniverse. Man, couldnt they just made up their minds?

  • @admin Very much agree. Like Vilgax though, Kevin is pretty much too important and significant to the series to be replaced and/or removed in the reboot. Come to think of it, despite how great of a villain Vilgax is, I find Kevin to be more of the main main villain for Ben. Vilgax does have a strong impact and significance to Ben as a character but it feels like Kevin has an even greater and stronger impact and significance as a villain to Ben or at least in regards to what Man of Action intended for Kevin to be. Vilgax is great but he doesn't seem to be the type of villain that would be around for long. I mean like hell, in the Original Series with Ben 10,000, Vilgax was dead for at least 15 years (considering that was the age at which Ben would become Ben 10,000 before Derrick J. Wyatt came in and decided to screw that continuity up). That's how it feels like to me in regards to Kevin as a villain. That as a villain, it felt that Kevin was intended to have a much greater and stronger significance and impact to the series and Ben as a character than Vilgax. That Kevin is supposed to be Ben's version of the Joker or something of the likes.

    @Omni-Triforcer @Mortie-10 Well, AF, UA, and OV were written and made by different sets of writers that don't know what the hell they were really doing. I even heard a while back that Dwayne McDuffie didn't even watch the Original Series when he was making Alien Force.

  • I wasn't a fan of UAF rushing Kevin to be a hero so fast, I don't mind good Kevin, but it just seemed rushed. They should atleast had Kevin hunt for Ben and make a arc out of it slowly transitoning Kevin into a hero, like Peridot from Steven Univeres did, I feel Kevin is a missundersytood kind of character and gotten in the wrong crowed

  • Sorry, but I couldn't edit it I meant misunderstood and Transitioning. I had an idea having Ben use the Omnitrix to cure Kevin of his mutant form and with Kevin happy he's back to normal and thanks Ben as well as turning a new leaf, but that's just my idea.

  • @admin I agree completely.
    As you said they never developed a change in the character. A character can change sides but it takes time to show a believable change.
    In any case Kevin should not change. As I have said before, Kevin is a perfect nemesis for Ben and should stay that way.

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