Addressing the Ben 10 Reboot Part 2

  • @KorseBLI-ND That's fine, everyone has a right to an opinion.

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    First let's talk about Episodes Titles, Straight out of Toonzone.....

    Two new episodes in November!
    02/11 Rustbucket RIP
    09/11 Ben 24hrs

    Dutch episode titles:
    De overwinnaar
    De vuiligheid
    Maffe Gwen Ben
    (no Dutch title)
    Animo's beestenboel
    De clownschool
    Zwaar op de maag
    Roestbak gezocht
    24-uurs Ben

    Now as for the second piece of news....
    Has anybody checked Ben 10 Wikia's Photos Recently?
    You might find a surprise waiting for you 😄

  • @Ebomnitrix Some of those new images on the Ben 10 Wiki have such strange facial expressions.

  • Troy Baker (Voice of Van Kleiss from Generator Rex) really deserves to voice Ben 10 villains! I actually could see him voicing Forever Knights.

  • there is a group I would love to see harass the forever knights the knights who say ni and the other is a really nasty creature it is the rabbit of caerbannog

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    I think bens poses from the ben 10 wiki look pretty good actually. New overflow and heatblast pose look good to.

  • @Omni-Triforcer I agree the pictures look great it's just that some of Ben's facial expressions look goofy.They kinda remind me of when they first revealed how Ben would look in omniverse with his goofy smile

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    CN CEE (Turkey) will premiere the Ben 10 Reboot October 10th at 14:25CET, with new episodes every Monday.
    CN Australia also premieres the Reboot on October 1st at 8am.
    This is all confirmed on Toonzone, you're welcome.

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    @Ebomnitrix Australia airs stuff in English correct? Hopefully someone over there will record the episodes

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    Greg Cipes is playing Stinkfly....
    How do I know?

  • @Ebomnitrix Not digging Heatblast's voice at all here. How does this prove that Greg Cipes is voicing Stinkfly though? Voice actors can change their voices to suit the characters that they're providing the voices of, even to the point where they sound very different to their original and natural voices. That's something that a voice actor must absolutely do as part of their jobs. It could be Cipes. It sounds a little like him but again, voice actors are voice actors. Sometimes you can't always rely on the sound of the character's voice to determine who the actor is.

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    @Tactical-Ochoa That was just my assumption, because I can hear it in his voice.
    But you're right. But again I can actually hear his Beast Boy voice in there which is why I'm thinking it is him playing it.

  • @Ebomnitrix Again, it does sound a little like Cipes and it could be Cipes but I would rather wait until they provide the official list of voice actors. I don't find it to be suitable enough to tell who is voicing the characters just by the sound of the voice alone. Chances are that it could be someone else that slipped in a little Beast Boy impression in there or that it could actually be Cipes.

  • @Ebomnitrix Either way, again, I'm not digging the voices at all here. They don't sound intimidating and alien at all. They sound like human teenagers to me. I also noticed Ben being in front of a camera while transforming into Heatblast to fight another alien with people around, with Gwen watching the footage on her phone. Either the video is in her phone's memory storage or (and I find this to be more likely to occur since that Cartoon Network likes to make so many pop culture references, even though it just makes their shows more and more outdated and thus diminish their quality and make their shows less memorable) the video was uploaded online. It looks like they're doing what was done in Ultimate Alien and make it apparent that the world knows about Ben and the Omnitrix. If that's the case, I'm not digging that at all here. It's too early for that to happen in the reboot series and I believe I, or someone else, mentioned on this website the consequences of Ben being treated like a celebrity instead of a hero. I'm also not digging with Gwen being ok with this either considering that she's supposed to be the one that balances Ben's ego out and is supposed to keep Ben in line and prevent him from taking things way too far.

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    I feel like this will be an episode where Ben tries to make himself virial, cause people do that nowadays, when they record something for YouTube and show off themselves doing crazy stuff. I don't think Ben's secret is gonna be revealed, but I think he's gonna do this so he can see himself look good, when in the end, it'll all be a complete failure.
    I bet Max won't approve of this if he didn't in OS, and other shows if so then that might be the case here, that it's just another one of those episodes.

  • @Ebomnitrix That is something that I hope they maintain. Again, if it is the case, it's too early for Ben's hero life to be revealed to the world. It would be bad timing which would have a negative effect on the reboot. If it's just going to be another one of those episodes, I have a feeling that it wouldn't be favored well like that either. Like I said before, most viewers don't like and favor filler episodes. This is especially if everything they do in the episode is all for nothing or having too little satisfaction to make all that time and effort put into the episode to be worth it.

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    Notice how he says ask for an alien any alien and you got it. Maybe hes doing a youtube thing where they ask for an alien and he will turn into it when he battles someone. I have a feeling everyone is going to think that he is a sfx wiz and is making all of it up. If thats not the case then this is going to be so dumb. I don't like how heatblast doesn't have the crackling and how we have yet to see any real fighting in any of the clips.

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    Well remember CN is aiming for a younger audience.
    They have to get people to appeal to the show, by hiding all the violent/action scenes.
    That's how Steven Universe got away with it at first, and certain other shows. Because if you show their new audience nowadays there's gonna be action, they're not going to watch it.
    Plus, International CN has said that the violence on Ben 10 was too much and certain scenes, which is why the cut them, every network but US basically cuts a bunch of scenes in terms of action, drama, romance, if its not child-like, then CN will force the hammer, so this Ben 10 will be directly aimed for kids, and a new fanbase, not us.
    BUT I think you are right though @Omni-Triforcer, I think it is a YouTube based episode they're doing, because Ultimate Spider-Man had that kind of episode, I think that's what they're doing too. Remember, MOA has worked on a lot of Disney stuff before their show, so a lot of their elements from Big Hero 6 (animation), and tone of episodes (Disney's Marvel Shows) are gonna play a big effect with this series.

  • Would putting hidden Big Hero 6 Easter Eggs in the Ben 10 reboot work?

  • I can get used to stinkflys voice I'm not a big fan of heatblasts voice though

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