Main Villian?

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    So lets talk main villian. Who do you guys want the main Villian of the show to be? VIlgax, ghostfreak, malware, or someone brand new?

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    @Omni-Triforcer Vilgax of course

  • Not sure, but Malware would be interesting.

  • @Omni-Triforcer Vilgax or a new villain named Voltron actually a monster / alien from Ben his school but disguised as a boy at his school I do not know what forces he would have if you all have an idea what powers he might have would be nice.But then not a villain in the hole show but maybe in the first season or something

  • Ben 10 Fans

    Azmuth gone rogue; as a villain due to some Omnitrix glitch (or maybe he will use the old Ultimatrix for some experiment, or perhaps his mind controlled by someone, it doesn't matter) , just like in the "Destroy all Aliens" movie. It will be hard for Ben because he cannot hurt Azmuth but he can't let him destroy everything either. Also Azmuth's knowledge of alien technology and the Omnitrix (and its voice commands) will make him almost impossible to defeat) and this would allow Ben to discover new things about the Omnitrix and use them to help Azmuth.

  • Ben 10 Fans

    So if you've noticed from the Powerpuff Girls Reboot, the recent episode is hinting at a big main villain coming up.
    Like Mojo Jojo is that famous main villain threat, but there's gonna be a bigger threat them him as seen in Viral Spiral, and that makes me more interested in their show atm.
    If Ben 10 is having a path, Vilgax will have the same role he did in Omniverse, a recurring but main serious villain/big bad, while the real evil is doing something big.
    Remember, we're getting a ton of new villains, if anybody returns it'll just be the most popular ones, all we know is, its a lot of new villains.

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