Your Ben 10 Reboot Wishes

  • Based on all of the currently airing Cartoon Network shows, which one would you like the Ben 10 Reboot to be like?

    Adventure Time
    Regular Show
    The Amazing World of Gumball
    Uncle Grandpa
    Steven Universe
    We Bare Bears
    The Powerpuff Girls
    Pokémon: XYZ
    Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
    Teen Titans Go!
    The Tom and Jerry Show
    Sonic Boom
    Transformers: Robots in Disguise
    Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!
    Lego Nexo Knights

    I would want it to be like Steven Universe. I just watched the start of In Too Deep last night and thought it was amazing. I would much rather Ben 10 be like Steven Universe rather than something like The Powerpuff Girls or Teen Titans Go!

  • @cooljay7 I'd rather want the Ben 10 reboot to be more like Ben 10 and be what Ben 10 is supposed to be. If the Ben 10 reboot was more like Steven Universe, I'm not going to watch it but instead I'd rather watch Steven Universe. If the Ben 10 reboot is more like Adventure Time, I'd rather watch Adventure Time instead. This goes for most other viewers as well. If the Ben 10 reboot is less like Ben 10 and more like Steven Universe or Adventure Time or (and for the love of god hope not) is more like shows such as Teen Titans Go! and/or the Powerpuff Girls 2016 show, it's going to piss a lot of viewers off and further turn them away from the Ben 10 reboot and thus hurt the reboot even more. The Ben 10 reboot has and needs to be what Ben 10 is supposed to be. It has and needs to be Ben 10. No other show but Ben 10. That is what the Ben 10 reboot should and needs to be more like.

  • I agree, I just thought this might be something interesting that could kill some time until something gets revealed.

  • @cooljay7 I honestly like it to be like Steven Universe, but not exactly like it. I rather see a different take on the series and it's characters. Something new and different that will make the Ben 10 reboot stand out, like giving supporting characters screen time and development (villains too), really great story arcs, Ben learning and growing through out his experiences as a hero better as well. I just like to see a very interesting take on the series to help flesh out the characters better.

  • @cooljay7 True. Agree.

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    I hope that its something that we can all enjoy. I don't want to see a ben 10 show fail so hopefully it doesn't fail. I want them to explore some new characters, new aliens and i want it to be a overall action oriented show but a little comedy couldn't hurt. I just want it to be something that i don't have to be embarrassed to watch with other people (because that was the case with omniverse). I want some good character development, Stories that actually make sense, and believable character choices.

  • Another question: Would you be fine with a Ben 10 show in the style of Samurai Jack?
    Obviously I'm not taking about the reboot, just a new show in general.

  • I would be fine with that, but I think that the show would need more dialogue. I feel like the story of Ben 10 would not be able to tell a story by only visuals, like Samurai Jack did.

  • @cooljay7 Not really. Like with my previous comment, if Ben 10 was in more of the style of Samurai Jack, I'd rather watch Samurai Jack instead. For me, I watch Ben 10 because I want to watch Ben 10. That's pretty much another problem with one show being more like another instead of just being it's own show; especially in regards to a known series. It causes an issue where the show experiences an identity crisis, which is certainly something that will turn viewers away. Just something extra that I wanted to mention.

    If it's for the purpose of a parody, it'll be a little more reasonable and acceptable to do but parodies are more suited for comedies and in regards to Samurai Jack, Looney Tunes already did a parody of that show and Ben 10 isn't meant to be a comedy series.

    That's just my thoughts on this though.

  • @cooljay7 Genndy Tartakovsky doing Ben 10 would be pretty awesome thinking about it now.

  • Do you want them to give Ben a different origin story, the same, or no origin story at all?
    By origin story I mean the day that Ben found the Omnitrix.

  • @cooljay7 Well here's my options for how a reboot of Ben 10 should be made. It can be a reboot that acts as a sequel to the Original Series (basically a reboot of Alien Force), more specifically the Ben 10 Hero Generation sequel show that Man of Action never had the chance to make since that CN decided to screw MOA over and replace them with different sets of writers and exploit the Ben 10 series just to make a quick buck off the toy lines. The other direction is to make the full reboot but don't use the same premise as the Original Series. Don't do the summer road trip premise because that was already done before. Instead take a different and more original approach for a full reboot in regards to the story. Have Ben acquire the Omnitrix in a different manner and/or have a different setting and/or just overall do something with the story that is more different and original to that of the Original Series. Don't make a rehash of the Original Series much like how the current Ben 10 reboot basically is based on the premise of the reboot. Take a different route with the story, characters, setting, etc.

    For me, I'd rather prefer taking the route of making a reboot that acts as a sequel to the Original Series. I'd prefer the route of rebooting Alien Force and mostly try to do a better job at what Alien Force was trying to do. I'd rather prefer allowing Man of Action to make the Ben 10 Hero Generation show that they never got the chance to make. To take the series down the path that Man of Action intended for the series to take with Hero Generation. Even adapt elements of the Little Moments and Breaking Point Ben 10 fan fiction stories that "shadows59" wrote for the sequel reboot as well. In my opinion at least, I don't think there's really that much that can be done anyways with a full reboot of the Ben 10 series. Hell, I find that there would be a lot more potential with making a Ben 10,000/Ken 10 series (more preferably a Ken 10 series). My plan for the Ben 10 series would be to make a reboot that acts as a sequel to the Original Series and takes the Ben 10 series down a better path and direction than what Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse did. I also have to take into consideration of my Ben 10 video game idea so maybe I can have the sequel reboot act as part one of Ben's transition to becoming Ben 10,000 while my Ben 10 video game idea would be part two. Maybe. Either way, I would follow the sequel reboot show up with a Ken 10 show. The Ken 10 show will place a focus on further developing Ben 10,000 and his son Ken as well as wrapping up the Ben 10 story and bringing a conclusion to the Ben 10 series. After the Ken 10 show, no more Ben 10. I would cut it off right there. No sequels. No reboots. No remakes. No more Ben 10 video games. All of that. Provide a satisfying ending to the Ben 10 series and end the franchise on a high note. That is what I would do with the Ben 10 series.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I thought that Alien Force was great. Alien Force and Ultimate Alien were my two favorite shows in the Ben 10 franchise.

  • @cooljay7 That's fine. You decide on what you like. I just don't like Alien Force and Ultimate Alien that much. There's a lot of problems with those two shows that really holds them back. Alien Force can be arguably good but at best it's an average show. As for Ultimate Alien, it may be one of your favorite Ben 10 shows but I find it to be the worse in the series. The writing is so bland. After season 1, everything just really went downhill. I find season 1 to be the best part of Ultimate Alien and even then I found it to be pretty average and I really did not like how it ended; especially with the way that they just pulled a 180 on Ben and just made him out of character. After season 1, everything was just boring and felt like it was going nowhere. There was so so much filler episodes in Ultimate Alien. The final fight and ending wasn't even done that well. Overall, Ultimate Alien felt like it was nothing but a filler show. In fact, everything after Alien Force just felt unnecessary and out of place for the series. Almost like it wasn't how the Ben 10 series was supposed to go with its direction. Either way, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse have many many problems that really holds them back and if I was in charge of the Ben 10 series, I'd rather make a reboot of Alien Force, have that reboot as Man of Action's Ben 10 Hero Generation, and just take the series down the path that Man of Action intended for the Ben 10 series to take. In my opinion, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse was just not the direction that Ben 10 was supposed to take and Cartoon Network really screwed the series up with those three sequel shows. Again, this is just my opinion on the series.

  • Quick question--Was anything revealed about Cartoon Network at the Turner Upfront today??
    Because I was looking to see if anything was revealed and I don't even see Cartoon Network being mentioned at all. Maybe I just missed it; please let me know.

  • Ben 10 Fans

    The weird thing is, we were supposed to get something today from CN about their Upfront, nothing has really been posted.
    Yet strangely, Adult Swim's has been posted just a few days beforehand about their 2016 schedule, so there has to be something CN's going to post.
    I guess we just gotta wait this out and see for ourselves where this is going.

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    Hopefully we get something.

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    @Ebomnitrix Is this what the upfronts supposed to show? http://www.turner.com/pressroom/turner-comes-2016-17-upfront-powerful-brand-portfolio-and-bold-moves
    Theres mention of CN but nothing about Ben 10

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    No, it's supposed to mean this:
    I explained this on the Englishboard what its supposed to be.

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    And we still havnt gotten that ughhhh. I need some news.

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