Why is there so many Villains in Bellwood

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    So during the Original Ben 10 series the entire show was about Ben and Gwen going on a road trip with Grandpa Max around the USA. Whilst Alien Force to Omniverse is all about stuff that happens mostly in Bellwood which is Ben's home town.

    We had Villains like Ro-jo, Kevin, Dr Animo and Vulkanus. Those were some of the villains from the original series that lived away from Bellwood. Then in UAF and Omniverse they were written like they lived in Bellwood their whole life and that's was before Ben 10 became a public superhero in the first episode of Ultimate Alien.

  • @npzman Yeah, that seems like a pretty good question to ask.

  • @npzman I think that it was more for the sake of nostalgia for the OS fans to see returning villains, which sacrificed some of the continuity. It really made no sense why all of Ben's villains were suddenly all near home town when actually they lived all over the United States. I'm fairly sure that Kevin lived in New York as a kid, while Bellwood was originally located in California (which I'm pretty sure is as far away from New York as you can get). I think that later on they retconned Bellwood to be near New York which is the only way in which it could be explained why Kevin's mother and stepdad lived so nearby.

    I do think that the concept of Undertown in Bellwood was a good idea and set up the Ben 10,000 future nicely but yeah Ben's villains should not have all been located near Bellwood . I think that the revelation of Ben's identity in UA would have realistically drawn in some villains looking for some revenge, but other than that I agree with you.

  • @coreofthesun I don't think Bellwood's location was ever retconned. More like there isn't an official confirmation in-universe as to where Bellwood is really located at. The evidence points to the southwest area of the US, most likely somewhere in California. There's just no official confirmation of this.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Fair, I guess that it's a similar deal to the location of Springfield in The Simpsons where they keep it vague as to where it is, often using contrasting location evidence to further throw people off.

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